New Kittens

I forgot to tell you that the kittens have a good Baptist foundation. I put the Baptist Standard down in the bottom of their box.
We might be eating relatively low carb, but we’re not eating bad. Tonight we are having rib-eye steaks, baked potato and salad. Steve can have the potato as long as he eats it with protein and fiber. He’s doing really well controlling his blood sugar.
Please pray for Steve’s cousin, Debbie, in Ohio. She just emailed and said she was in a car accident, and they had to cut her out through the roof. The insurance company is going to total her car, and she is hoping for enough insurance money to get another car. She was not seriously hurt…just bumps and bruises.
silver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glitter
5:15 p.m…..I just heard on the news that Ruth Bell Graham, wife of Billy Graham, died today at their home in North Carolina.
silver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glittersilver glitter
3:15 p.m….I am having such a fun-filled afternoon. I’ve been working on throwing away stuff we don’t really need. Our house is full of such stuff. And I’ve tried to rearrange some storage. Then I paid bills online. Now I’m headed out to the post office and the grocery store. Such fun.
Prov 12:10…..10 A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal,  NIV

Update Noon…..I went out to the garage and all the kitties are still in the box. The mom was not in there, but I left her some food. We have dry cat food on the front porch, but some of the other cats fight with her when she comes up there. Yesterday Beth brought out a paper plate with canned cat food on it, and she loved it. Mom must have just been in there, though, because the kittens were quiet and not crying for food.
Yes, Lauryn….I’m sure we will adopt them. The mom has already been here several months now. She tried living across the street under a storage shed, but she likes our garage better apparently. She’s kind of skittish around people, but the kittens aren’t. Mom is not much more than a kitten herself. After she gets more comfortable with us, the first order of business is to get her fixed.
I like the name Midnight. Many years ago, we had a Midnight. He was a stray that stayed here. One day I found him very sick in our back yard. I picked him up and put him in a box in our garage, just outside the kitchen door. I didn’t want the other cats to bother him, and I knew he would not last much longer. The next morning, he was dead.
We have had some cats poisoned, and that may be what happened to him. Our former neighbor (he died about 3 years ago) use to put antifreeze in the street along the curb. He hated cats. He even threw one of ours against a parked car one day. But cats have amazingly been living much longer now, since Richard died. 
Beth’s happy. When she came home for lunch, she said her paycheck contained her bonus. It was pretty nice. Aaaaannnnd…..I’ve lost 5 lbs already this week.
12:50 a.m….I know anybody with any sense is in bed sleeping by now. But I’m a night owl. And I’m waiting for my sleeping pills to kick in. They are starting to, so I’m not responsible for any typos.
I was just watching a commercial for Rozerem. It is a sleeping pill. They said one of the side effects of this drug is drowsiness. A side effect? Isn’t that THE effect you’re going for with a sleeping pill? Do they have to say that for all the people that might take a sleeping pill before they get in the car to go somewhere? What is the world coming to when you have to warn people that a sleeping pill will make you sleepy?
Ethan did a post a long time ago, about how much air it takes for stupid people to breathe. Boy I wish I had saved that.
Steve and I were standing out by the car tonight with the garage door open, and I heard the unmistakable sound of tiny kittens meowing  Animals come to us from everywhere.

We have, let’s just say, a lot of stuff in our garage, and I could not see where the sound was coming from. But I eventually found it….in the back corner behind some wood we were storing there. I ran in and called for Beth. She’s always wanting more kittens. I told her I heard kittens in there and she came running.

She and I started cleaning out the garage. Most of that wood is now gone. We found 3 little kittens and their mamma. The mother has been staying here a while – just a stray that started hanging around. But we did not see her often enough to know she was pregnant. We keep our garage door open a little at the bottom, so the cats that stay outside can get in there for shelter. She got in there and gave birth.

I can’t believe we didn’t know they were out there, but I’m not in the garage all that often. I try to stay out of there. It can be hazardous to one’s health.

We fixed a box for them in the back corner of the garage. They didn’t really want to stay in there, though. And I don’t know if the mom will move them or not.

But I got a few pictures – the best I could get in the dark. The overhead light wasn’t working and all we had was the flashlight and the flash on the camera. I hope to get better pics later:

Kittens 2
Kittens 3
Meowwww….let me out!
Kittens 1
You know she had to love on one:
Gray kitten
And here’s the mom:
She was sitting on a box under the bandsaw in the garage.

I told Beth that I didn’t know what we would name another black cat. We have had so many black cats, and have 2 others now, that we have gone through every possible name for a black cat. One we even repeated. That’s why Rerun is named Rerun… more black cat, and we didn’t have a name.

So she suggested Rerun the Sequel.




21 thoughts on “New Kittens

  1. HOW PRECIOUS!!! Why do you have it protected? I DO think that baby kittens are SO precious…. and then they grow up! Once they grow up . . . well, it just depends on their personality, I think. I’ve seen some persnickety, mean ones, and some sweet, gentle ones. Congratulations on your new babies! :goodjob::so-cool::love:

  2. Thanks! I have it protected just till midnight. Then I’ll make it public. That way I can update the time stamp and make it a Thursday post. I just gave you a sneak preview 😉


  4. :heartbeat:Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!  I just love the little babies!!!!  Makes me want some more…. but, Charlie would probably not go for it…
    We still have our two kitties, Obi and Ani… oh and our Possum, Luci…. yes, Luci is still with us; he comes in the garage during the day to sleep… ha!
    Lotsa fun!

  5. I knew of a possum that lived in my neighbors shed against our block wall — when she had babies, I named her Mathilda. Possums like our backyard because we have orange trees. I’m happy to hear that you let the possum sleep in your garage. I LOVE all the kitties!! Name the mama — Lady in Black — I bet the babies do not like to be boxed in. Well, I’m soon off to :sleepy: ~ Carolyn2

  6. Hi, Carolyn…..I just walked out in the garage about 45 minutes ago and she still has them in the box. She was nursing them. It won’t be long, though, before they can get out on their own.
    We’ve always had lots of possums here. We’ve had them living in the attic. Several years ago, a mamma possum got up in the attic, through the eaves that were open on the back of the house. She had little tiny babies up in the ceiling where it slopes down from the 2nd story. They came sliding out into the flowerbed below. We picked them up and put them in a box on the back deck. When we came inside, the mamma possum came and put all the babies in her pouch and on her back, and walked off across the top of the fence.
    It’s a zoo over here  :yes: :giggle:

  7. What about “Panther”? =) I’ll have to swing by after work tonight and check them out. I told Brandon I wished we could have a kitten starting out in our new place it would be so nice to have a kitten again let alone a pet in our place. I miss that part. Last night when you called Brandon and I were home eating pizza and marble slab (hot fudge sundaes, whip cream, cherries and peanuts) When we were finished eating we were so tired and full we couldn’t move, lol. So we just watched tv =)

  8. Your cat pix and my pregnancy hormones made me cry haha! Please tell me you’re adopting all of them and the momma! And I am formally submitting my request for you to name the momma cat Midnight :heartbeat:

  9. :sunny: What sweet babies. They are so cute. I love the pixs. Everytime we had cute little babies we ended up keeping them. I hope you are having a wonderful day.
    :heartbeat: Blessings!! :heartbeat:

  10. Hey, dinner sounds fantastic! What time will it be ready??? I’ll be right over!!! LOL — Saw you were at my site today, so I thought I would stop in to say HELLO!!! I love you layout! And you kitties are adorable!!!! 🙂

  11. WOW   two different churches    THE  BAPTISTS   NEED   THE Presbyterians  and the Presbyterians need the BAPTISTS   We visited a Baptist  church   and Loved it the other Sunday   I was a amazed to see women wearing slacks with cute hair styles etc  My last visit to a baptist church had everyong going door to door  proclaiming the King James Version, and wearing dresses only     I KNOW 20 christians NOT attending church at all and I talked to an old friend from another church that said the same thing         What do you believe about what is happening right now in the life of believers?

  12. Hey didn’t make it over there last night cause I didn’t leave work till 9:30pm last night it was crazy we had 3 walk ins and an emergency who was a crazy and lively yellow labrador till we sedated it to clean it’s wounds, lol. He has thunderstorm phobias. Then on the way home driving the truck I could get the headlights to turn on so after about 20 mins of messing with it Brandon met me at the gas station and messed with the wires some more. About 10:30 we gave up on the lights and I just tailgated him home hoping we would make it without getting pulled over. It’s DARK outside with no lights at 10:30 at night, btw. We’re both hoping and praying that even though I close reception yet again today that we’ll get out on time and I can drive him in the daylight. See you sometime =)

  13. Hi, Sharon….We are Southern Baptist. We’ve been wearing pants to church for nearly 40 years. There are so many different types of Baptist….I wonder if maybe the ones you knew had a more strict belief.
    Rach….we will be gone to the Bible Study tonight. We leave about 6:15.

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