9:45 p.m….Dorothy, one of our church members, is back in the hospital. She has congestive heart failure and was hospitalized last week, but this time she fell. Her sister’s granddaughter just told me that they think she took all her medication at one time.

Brandon, Bill and Michael are putting in the new AC at church tomorrow. So I’m going down there to cook lunch for them.

5:40 p.m…..I just saw a story on the news that will make you cry. Read it HERE.
The rain we have had is nothing. There has been some serious flooding in North Texas.

trumpet sounds
Update 2:45 p.m….I just learned that there is a problem with Lauryn’s baby. She is 30 weeks pregnant. Please pray for her. If she gives me permission, I will tell you more about it. Her posts are protected.
I thought I’d post in pink today, since Lauryn and Paula Beth are both having baby girls.
You know how I said the other day that I don’t like people to just drop in? Well….a friend did just that today. She lives down the street, and I had not seen her in a while. But she stopped by to ask if I might be able to alter some clothes for her. So I’ve got sewing to do, in addition to the 2nd pair of pants for Beth. I only did one pair last night.
I have some errands to run shortly. Not much exciting right now.



12 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. I’ll pray for her baby and for the lady with congestive heart failure.. 
    We lived down there from ’81 – ’90 – I got stranded at a friend’s house in early 1990 in Deer Park.  If you say this rain is nothing I believe you.
    Our rain has been incredible.  It has rained nearly every day for over a month, except for maybe last week.  I’ve never seen this much rain in this part of Texas.  But.  I am not complaining.  Bring it on, God!  But please keep people safe.  Our part of Tarrant County is high and doesn’t flood.
    That was a sad story.  And it makes me mad when anti-war idiots call our soldiers all kinds of names – especially “baby-killers.”   Only nasty words cross my mind when I think of people who bad-mouth our military with those vile words. 

  2. Hi, Renee. We haven’t had nearly as much rain down here as you guys have up there. The news showed people on their roofs waiting to be rescued.
    Thank you for the prayers. I know they will be appreciated.
    And I definitely agree about our military. Our soldiers were feeding those kids, and brushing their teeth, while the “caretakers” at the orphanage were abusing them.

  3. RYC: Unfortunately, at the present, for some reason the church video tapes the sermons but does not also audio tape them.  Doug is in the process of trying to get the church’s website updated and to upload his sermons onto the it as mp3 files.  At our former church his sermons were on the church’s website and it made it so easy if someone wanted to hear it or listen to a sermon again they could do so without having to request a tape/cd.  I will check again with the soundman but the last time I asked about a sermon for Paula-Sue that was the answer I was given.  I ended up mailing her a Cd of Doug’s sermons from 2004.  I’m beginning to get a little frustrated over the church sign.  Doug’s name still does not appear on it as pastor.  I think this is totally rude and disrespectful.  He has been there since the first of March.  It also gives the appearance to the community the church does not even have a pastor.  Not to mention the website still has the former pastor listed on it.  Actually the website as a whole is outdated.  Also, the Daycare bulletin board in the S.S. hallway still has the former pastor’s picture on it as a member of the board and he is not.  Every Sunday when I walk past it I am tempted to just take it down and act like I don’t know what happened to it.  Is that wrong to have a desire to do so?  I just don’t understand because everyone is so nice and glad we are there.  Maybe they just haven’t thought of it but one would think when they removed the former pastor’s name from the church sign they would have had a new one made.  Doug said he wasn’t ever going to mention the church sign even if his name is never put on it.  Ok, I vented.  I’m going to bed now!

  4. Sue…feel free to vent. But they really might not have thought about those things. I’m with you, though, on taking down the picture. That would be easy. Are there certain people in charge of those things, or are they thinking Doug will take care of it?

  5. :cry:Thank God, thank God, thank God that those boys were found…. my Lord!!  It just angers me to see this!  Those stupid people who were supposed to take care of those boys… God have mercy…
    Thank God they were helped!!!  Welp, I’m gonna go cry some more….

  6. I wonder what kind of spin our wonderful media is going to put on the statement the one soldier made “It took every muscle in my body to restrain myself from not going after that guy.” I hate to think how David would have reacted. He most likely would have gone after the guy.
    Sue: Take the picture down, maybe then they will get the hint.

  7. I know, Connie. Praise God they were found. Now let’s pray that those boys hear about Jesus. It’s just so sad.
    I’m with you, Cathy….take the pic down, Sue. Hand it to someone and tell them, “I saw that you forgot to change this, so I wanted to save you some time.” They’ll get it.

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