The Stalker

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Real Life Adventures 6-19-07
I just ordered Chili’s to go. Chicken club tacos. Mmmm…
In case you wonder what happened to Xanga yesterday….
 here’s the explanation.We were going through Xanga withdrawal. Some of us from Connie’s site were mass emailing last night. We thought we’d play top 10 by email
Just a reminder….Since my color comment boxes don’t work, just hit “Control A” to highlight them all, so the comments are readable against the background.
When Beth got home from work, she was having the same stabbing abdominal pain she has been having. I think they are going to have to increase her medication to stop it. She took a Vicodin, so hopefully that will help soon. Please pray for her. She was in tears from the pain.

Beth officially has a stalker.   Robert was at our house this morning when she was leaving for work. And it’s not like he just drove by after he got off work or something. He’s on vacation this week. Read about it HERE.  He’s a pleasant enough guy and so far has had good manners when he met Steve and me (although sitting outside somebody’s house is not good manners in my book!) I’m going to tell you, though, why I don’t see them together while trying not to sound like I’m bragging…..He is on the mental level of about a 15 year old. Beth’s mental age is far above that. Most people think she is much older than she is because she acts older.  
She can’t post about it on her Myspace because Robert is on there. He’s one of her “friends”, but I have a feeling he’s fixing to lose that privilege.
Renee has seen his Myspace. Remember, his has nearly naked women on it. So his page had just loaded on her computer when her teenaged boys walked in  They wanted to know whose blog that was! I told Beth about that, Renee. She laughed.
Remember back when he first started this, and when I posted about him, she said he wasn’t stalking her?  (Don’t tell her Mom’s intuition was right on target….)
So we’ve had Manuel and now Robert. I hate to even wonder what could be next.


The air conditioning was finished yesterday afternoon and it looks so purdy.   I am so proud that Brandon knows how to do all that, and do it well. He is the kind of person who can do anything he wants to do. If he doesn’t have instructions on how to do something, he’ll figure it out. He’s just like Steve and my dad.

I went back and added a final picture to the slide show, showing the finished product. I went down to the church yesterday afternoon, and cranked the temp down on that AC. It took it from 80 degrees to 75 degrees in 15 minutes. And it’s a 50′ x 80′ building. 





25 thoughts on “The Stalker

  1. Actually, he wasn’t laughing. His eyes got big and I’ve never seen him look so serious. I think he might beat Robert up…
    And sorry, I don’t count one visit that I knew about as “stalking,” so I stand by what I said. He wasn’t stalking me at first. But he was beginning to.

  2. ugh myspace is so so so so bad! Anyway, I like the extended family of the girl whose getting married… but cripes… she’s a greedy one apparently.

  3. Heh…I’ve seen some Xangas that are pretty bad, too. There were some porn photos making it into the “featured photos” on the main page. I messaged one of the guys at Xanga and asked them if they ever actually take a look at what’s making it up there on the front page. They are right out there for the whole world to see, including children. Wasn’t long before they were gone. I guess I better check again to see if any more have made it up there.

  4. oh man Chilis is so good sometimes…. but tey ALWAYS mess up our sandwiches! We get the Buffalo Ranch sandwich. Yet, eventhough the word “ranch” is in the NAME of the thing, do you think they ever remember it? NO! We usually get a quarter-sized bit of buffalo sauce on there, too. So now when we order, we specifically ask for extra buffalo and ranch on the side. *sigh* the thing has like three ingredients, how hard can it be?!

  5. Well, apparently it can be too hard for some people. They messed up our order tonight, too. We order the chicken club tacos with guacamole. It comes with beans and rice sides. So we substitute a salad and mashed potatoes instead of beans and rice. Tonight they gave us the beans and rice, plus the salads and potatoes. That means they charged us extra for the salads and potatoes. But I didn’t realize that until I got home.
    When I was picking it up, a girl that was taking an order, asked the boy who had taken mine, if fajitas came in both beef and chicken. She said a woman asked for fajitas and she asked the woman, “Beef or chicken.” The woman laughed at her, so she was checking with him to see if fajitas came in both kinds.
    *sigh* Good help is hard to find.

  6. Now you know (basically) why I deleted my MySpace account. Between friends and ads, it’s a pretty dirty site.Stick with Google News…nothing but good old fashioned war, rape, and murder there. :ROTFL:

  7. :mad:That little creep!:mad:  She’s not my daughter and I’m upset at this jerk.  I told her that your cop friend should probably pay him a visit.
    I’m really p-o’d

  8. Well, he’s not a cop anymore. I wish he was. He quit the DP police in April. Too bad, too. He looked really cute in a uniform :giggle: Isn’t that important? :wha: šŸ˜†

  9. Wow, kinda scary thing you got goin there with the STalker!  How old is this guy???
    I tried to join the Top 10 with the emails the other night when xanga was down,but stupid yahoo wouldn’t let me add all the email addresses to my TO section!  it kept giving me this ridiculous message, and I finally said to heck with it!
    Hope you have a FUN & FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!!!

  10.  Louis Ville. (Baseball Bat).   Cathy, is his nickname “Slugger?” :ROTFL:
    How old is this guy???   He is 24. But he looks 15. I also kept having a problem with that mass email the other night. There was one address that it kept telling me was not a valid email address. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, if Connie was able to send it. So I just had to remove that one in order to reply.

  11. I know this sounds creepy, but I found out htat online, you can find alot of things about people…even church members from myspace, facebook, xanga, friendster,my blogspot, etc,
    then they get upset at you for ‘knowing’ when it was public information…so I’m glad yu found out about this guy via myspace and how he’s like…
    I think someone should talk to him about his stalking face to face because that’s kind of scarey…

  12. šŸ˜† You’re right, Jimmy…..people don’t like it when you “know” stuff that they themselves put out on the internet. They put it out there for anybody to see. I’ve been to a few where they have made it private since I started reading. To me, if it’s public information, it’s not stalking. But sitting outside somebody’s house is.

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