I took a few pictures today. This is their fireplace in the current apartment, after I cleared almost everything off of it. They’ll miss this because the new place doesn’t have a fireplace:
Beth was resting after loading a bunch of stuff in the car:
Beth resting
I was standing on their front porch taking pictures of the approaching rain. They have 3 balconies at the current apartment – one at the front door and one off each bedroom.
8:05 p.m…..I hurt. Everywhere.  I just got home at about 7:15, and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and update. After we moved 2 loads of stuff from the apartment, I went clothes shopping. I hate doing that, but I needed some more things to wear. I found a dress, a pantset a top, a pair of sandals, and a beautiful black and purple knit top that I knew would look gorgeous on Bethany.
I left the house at 9:50 this morning, stopped by Shipley Donuts to get a couple dozen kolaches, and headed to Brandon and Rachael’s. Mark was meeting us there at 10:00. When I got there, he and Brandon were already moving the dining table out of the apartment.
We made 2 trips in Steve’s truck, Mark’s truck, Brandon’s work van, Beth’s car, and one trip in my car. When they took the 2nd load over, I stayed at the current apartment to unload all the kitchen cabinets. They have some heavy furniture. The master bedroom is bare now, except for the mattress and springs from their bed. They have a huge oak bed, with a mirrored storage headboard. It takes up a whole wall. Then they have a dresser and a chest.
Mark had to leave to go pick up a car he’s buying, and when he came back, he brought reinforcements….Bruce.
The only thing left in the living room is a couch and the tv. We also moved the futon, the grill, their dining table and chairs, the matching china hutch and tons of other stuff. I packed up Christmas decorations, wedding decorations, and wedding presents. And washed dishes and scrubbed the stove. There are all kinds of fines they have to pay if everything isn’t spic and span when they leave.
My brother-in-law’s dad owns this new apartment, and I think he’s going to be glad to have them living there. It is a garage apartment behind his house, but it’s as big as the apartment they live in now. He has a shop on the first floor of the building. It has a very nice deck. They’ll have to have some furniture to go out there. Hmm….Christmas isn’t too far away.  When we got there with the first load, my BIL’s brother was there making some repairs on the deck.
When we were making the first trip, I was behind Beth on the feeder road of the beltway. She drives a Mustang now. So this beautiful blue brand new Mustang with a young guy driving, was in the other lane. He saw her, and kept looking over at her (believe me….I was watching him  ) We got stopped by the light, and she was first in line. He pulled up right beside her, looked over again, stre-e-e-e-etched his arms out, and put his right arm on the back of the passenger seat, all the time looking at her. She never saw him. It was really funny to watch. He was trying his best to show off for her and she wasn’t looking.
So when I got home from shopping, she was on the phone with Russell. I think she still is. He’s a police officer in Oklahoma.
She told me today that the other morning when Robert was waiting in our driveway for her to come out, and she told him to leave, he went down the street to a parking lot, and watched her drive out of the neighborhood. He probably thinks she didn’t see him. *Sigh*
I’m thinking she may need to go ahead and buy that engagement ring she saw at Walmart. It’s not that expensive. And maybe it would really send Robert a message.
It’s moving day. I just hope it doesn’t rain. It’s not looking too good out there. And they have a lot of large, heavy pieces of furniture to move.

I got an email from my sister this morning. They are home from their European cruise. They flew home from Barcelona, Spain. Tomorrow is her birthday….48.




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  1. Oh, Lord, please hold back the rain until the move is complete or show them an even better plan…Bless my friends.  In JEsus Name I pray–Amen!
    Love ya muchliest–Paula:heartbeat:

  2. A European Vacation! Oh how we would love to do this someday soon! Our dream would be to do a wedding  somewhere in Europe! A quaint church or  roadside villa or even a very old cathedral would be soooo cool!
     Happy Birthday to your sister!

  3. THANKS for EVERYONES hard work today helping Brandon and I move the majority stuff out of our apartment. I had to work all day but it was a WONDERFUL surprise to come home and see all the work that had been done while I was working. Thanks also for doing the dishes, that was a BIG help! =) And for moving all the BIG heavy furniture pieces! And also the small things it’ll make it so much easier the rest of this week moving the rest. Thanks again for taking the time out of your alls schedule to help move it means ALOT! Luv yah all =)

  4. Rach….I still have some boxes in my car that we can drop by the new place tomorrow. I didn’t make the second trip with the rest of them. I stayed at the apt. and unloaded cabinets. I also have a huge ivy for your new deck 😉
    Jimmy, my son and daughter-in-law are moving to a new apartment. They have to be out of this one by next Saturday.
    Kerri, my sister’s mom-in-law wanted to take them and my bro-in-law’s 22 yr old daughter on a European cruise. They were gone 2 weeks. They flew to London and then to Venice, Italy to board the ship, which was already part way into the cruise. They went to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, and France. She said it was fun, but she’s also glad to be home.
    Paula, thank you for the prayer. The rain held off till the last trip.

  5. Yeah, well I’m hoping to be at church tomorrow right right I feel like I may be getting the flu of some kind. I’ve been achy yesterday and then drained and sore/achy all over today. The more the evening has gone on I’ve been feeling worse, I took some DayQuil and hope it gets me feeling better soon. I’ll have to call the Oral Surgeon on Monday and let them know I may be getting sick and wether or not I just need antibiotics to take before the wisdom tooth surgery or I need to post pone it. I’ve been reading over my pre and post op papers for the surgery and I’m getting more nervous. I keep getting flash backs on my thyroid surgery and how it was to be JUST an outpatient which turned into a 3 day in hospital stay with not eating, pain, fever, iv’s NOT fun. You guys wouldn’t believe all the DO and DON’TS on my surgery list sheesh! Like I have to wear comfortable clothes with short sleeve, no jewelry, perfume, polished or fake nails among other things. I was like what kind of surgery is this again? lol Then I read the 13 possible problems that may occur during and after the surgery for the next 3 to 4 days afterwards. I’m NOT looking forward to this as much anymore. I’m glad Brandon is able to take the day off to care for me and the following days.And then all the other information that as funny as it is real similar to what we do for the pet patients at work. Well if you could just keep me in your prayers this week so I don’t continue to stress myself out.

  6. You’ll be fine. This is nothing like the thyroid surgery. Beth came through hers just fine. I had all 4 of mine pulled the same day, and was eating pizza that night. I didn’t have one that was growing sideways like you do, but one did break off down in the bone, so it was very similar.
    You do know they won’t let Brandon go in with you, right? They’ll probably let him walk back there, and then make him leave. Let me know if you want me to go, too.
    And you don’t have time to get sick 😉 :giggle:

  7. :heartbeat:Hope you all were careful not to hurt yourselves… although, moving and packing boxes and things can make a person pretty sore!
    Have a wonderful Sunday… get some rest!

  8. kolaches – What is that? I tried “Googling” it, but couldn’t find it. Poor Bethany, being bothered by boys. (Great alliteration, :goodjob:) So everything is moved into the apt. now? And you gals are feeling the worse for it. (soreness). Happy birthday to your sister!

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