11:30 p.m….In the morning, I have to meet Rachael at the automotive place. The lights on their pick-up truck won’t come on. There’s a loose wire somewhere, because they use to be able to jiggle the wiring and they would come on. But now they won’t. So I’ll meet her there in the morning and take her to work.


3:40 p.m…..I almost got the front yard mowed a few minutes ago. It’s only got a little bit left. But the mower died. It’s got gas and it’s been primed. But it wouldn’t start again. I pulled that cord till the rotator cuff problems in my right shoulder screamed at me. But no luck. So I said to heck with it. If anybody complains about our partially mowed yard, they can just mow it themselves


That, and it’s just too darn hot out there.


My arthritis is really bad right now. I have both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, as well as fibromyalgia. Helping with the move has really aggravated it. The middle knuckle on my right ring finger is so swollen, I can’t get my ring off. And when you touch that knuckle, it feels badly bruised. It’s not bruised – it’s just the inflammation. It also won’t bend.



Rachael called a few minutes ago and said she just talked to the girl in the office at the apartments they have been living in for the lat 7 months. She found out that their apartment is fixing to have some major remodeling done. They are going to repaint, replace carpet, put in all new kitchen cabinets, and replace the washer.

They might have stayed if they knew all this was going to be done. They could have signed another year’s lease for only $50 a month more than they have been paying.

But there are bonuses to moving. They get a bigger living room area and bigger kitchen. They actually have a yard. They personally know the landlord. Not to mention, it’s saving them about $500 a month. And the AC works in the new place. Brandon was one of the techs that put it in, so he knows it works.

And in a year, they plan to try to buy a house.



18 thoughts on “Apartments

  1. another kitten?! I’m praying for the kitten!! A bigger kitchen is worth a lot in my opinion. I think the quality and size of the kitchen would make or break a potential house for me. That and the bathrooms. Anywhere there is running water. Our old house had a fantastic kitchen and I miss it sorely. We’re in the market for a new home in the near future, hopefully this winter… and you’d better believe the kitchen will be the biggest thing I look for!

  2. I think that’s acutally where people spend the most time – in the kitchen. If it’s cramped and there’s not enough counter space or storage space, it can be miserable. I think apartments need to be designed with one huge open space for the kitchen/dining/living area. Like the great rooms in older houses.

  3. RYC: we plan on using the pack’n’play as her Bassinette for the first few months. Then after that we can take that part out and it can be used as a playpen of sorts. The changing table thing on it is removable so I think I’ll only put that on when I need it.

  4. One thing that’s saving them so much is that their utilities are paid, at least up to a certain point. If their light bill goes over $200, then they pay the extra, and things like that.

  5. I have a new-found respect for all things joint-related. I was “lucky” enough to get pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel and MAN does it HURT!! Obviously not nearly as bad as chronic arthritis, but it does hurt. I hurts to hold the toothbrush even! And the swelling doesn’t help matters.

  6. You know…sometimes it is best to just move on! Oh well. I love this picture that is on your back ground too!!!
    Have a great week!!

  7. Hey there.   I heard yesterday where they have started using a new drug to treat fibromyalgia (sp?)  it’s called Lyrica.  You might want to check it out if you haven’t already heard about it.
    Like your background, it is so pretty…..Have a great Thursday !!

  8. Lauryn….it very well might hurt as much as chronic arthritis. My mom has had carpal tunnel, and it hurts her pretty bad. She also has rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and I believe fibromyalgia. She was never diagnosed with it, but she has the same symptoms as me.
    TJ….I think that is the best thing. I don’t think the management would have done the major remodeling with them still in the apartment anyway. They remodeled the bathrooms before they moved in. Now they are remodeling the kitchen and carpet, before the next tenants move in. But their maintenance still stinks, even with the remodeling.
    Penny….thank you. I will read up on it.

  9. Alright funny girl…your on my “list”! :question:  I’ll have to figure out what my list will be for, but you’ll be on it! :ROTFL:
    BTW, congrats to you and hubby on the weight loss!  Way to go!

  10. Thank you, Paula. Love you much. :heartbeat:  We did not do any moving tonight, so I’ve rested up, and I took my Plaquenil, ibuprofen and Vicodin. I’m still in some pain, but not nearly like I was.

  11. :ROTFL:  Melissa, Melissa…….:nono:
    I’m actually not doing too well on the weight loss right now. But as of last Sunday morning, Steve was at 9.5 lbs lost. He’s only weighing once a week. So I figure by this weekend, he’ll probably be around 15 lbs.

  12. I tell you what!…. knowing how to fix a car is quite a racket!! Bryan has an uncle who started a business fixing snowmobiles in his garage (word of mouth type thing) and then people started bringing their cars…. and he cleans up! And he’s actually FAIR about it! Imagine the crooks out there, what they’re making. A few years ago, I spent about $500 getting a tune up, new brakes, etc… and about a month later I needed the oil changed again (we drive to Chicago and back) so I brought it to a local Jiffy Lube. The moron came out and said “oh… ma’am… your brakes are DANGEROUSLY bad!!… I wouldn’t even recommend driving home!… We really need to change them NOW!” and I was like, “yeah ummm nice try, they’re BRAND NEW a month ago!!”

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