Lots to do today


*Sigh* I’ve been on the go for several hours now, and I am getting too old for this. Hush, Melissa. And my family. Normally I would want you to be agreeable, but not this time.

I met Rachael at the automotive shop at 8:20 this morning. We decided we needed some breakfast, so we went to Whataburger. But we stopped by Walmart first to see if Beth wanted anything.

I pulled up to the door of the garden department and asked Dorothy (the door greeter) if Beth was inside. She said yes, she was at the register, so Rachael went inside to see what she wanted to eat. But Dorothy asked me if I was Beth’s mother and I told her yes. She said, “You raised a good one.”

I am so glad that everybody Bethany works with, likes her. Even the managers like her.

Prov 22:6……Teach your children to choose the right path, and when they are older, they will remain upon it.  NLT

Well, I’m actually not that glad that Robert likes her. Manuel’s given up, praise God. Robert may have, too.  He’s not text messaging her 107 times a day now (that’s an actual figure for one day, not something I just pulled out of the air.) However, we don’t know if he’s driving by the house at weird hours. He could be sitting down the street watching her come home in the afternoons. He gets off work at 2:00 and she gets off at 4:00.

After we ate and took Beth some food, I took Rachael to work. Then I went back to Walmart to do some shopping. I wandered around that store for an hour and a half. You spend more money that way. I kept forgetting things, and would have to walk back to the other side of the store to get it.  But I did meet one of our church people there. She was wandering, too.

We have to do some more moving/cleaning tonight. It’s the last night Rachael will be able to do it. She has her oral surgery in the morning at 11:00. She’s nervous, so please pray for her. If you go here, you can see what she’s having done. Her upper right wisdom tooth is not completely through, because it is growing into the side of another tooth. It’s causing her some pain now.

Time to put away all the stuff I got at Walmart.




20 thoughts on “Lots to do today

  1. I hope the stalker gives up on Bethany.   I had a stalker for a long time.  I don’t know what makes people that way.  It gets kinda scary, depending on how bad they are.
    Hope your daughters surgery goes well.  Wisdom teeth are a pain any way you have to deal with them.
    Have a good rest of the day !

  2. Thanks, Penny. I think he’s pretty much given up, but only time will tell. And Rachael, the one that’s having surgery, is my daughter-in-law. That’s her in the background picture.

  3. I’m not your typical shopper. I’m so miserly when it comes to spending money. I have no problem donating money or buying gifts, but for some reason when I go to actually purchase something for myself or the house, I can’t do it. It’s like a complex or something? I will walk around the store, even put the item in my cart!…. and then guilt trip myself into putting it back because I really don’t “need” it. It’s awful. I think it’s a matter of practicality. If I’ve gone this long without whatever it is, why do I suddenly need it now?Now, the dentist… there is somewhere I HATE to go!! I really, really, REALLY hate the dentist. First of all, it hurts to keep my mouth open for that long (eventhough it’s usually open half the day yammering). Secondly, I’m very afraid of being numb… I can’t stand it… so I try to avoid going. I’d rather get a cavity drilled sans anesthesia. I also hate the X-ray pad things they put in your mouth. I have a small mouth and they never trim them up for me, so I end up with cuts in my gums and cheeks from the stupid things. And the worst part (tied with the novacaine part) is that awful awful awful gritty, grainey fluoride crap they use when they polish your teeth. GROSS! That stuff makes me throw up… sometimes literally. So yes, I hate going to the dentist. I need my wisdom teeth out really badly, but I just hate the thought of going to an oral surgeon… or heck, any place that wants to fuss with my mouth.

  4. :laugh: I had my wisdom teeth out several years back. I was eating supreme pizza that night. Now, I had to cut it in really little pieces to eat it, but I wanted really bad!
    I also do without a lot of things because I don’t want to spend the money. But sometimes I splurge. I haven’t had a dishwasher for several months now because I didn’t want to spend the money, but I finally broke down and ordered a really good one. Since it’s a special order, it won’t be here till July 27.

  5. When my dryer went out a few years back, I did without one for 2-3 years also. I would hang the clothes on the line…. finally I decided it’s time to get another one.  Ya know…Why suffer? 😆 😆   When I was reading your post, I thought of…”It’s been a hard day’s night….da da da da da da da………… :hammer: :yes: :wave:

  6. Cindy,
    On your post you have I :heartbeat: Wal*mart, LOL. I use to love going there until the last time I worked for them. The company has changed so much. The original owner, Sam Walton, was a christian. The company has changed so much (and not for the good ) :heartbeat::sunny:since he died.
    God bless you.:sunny::heartbeat:

  7. :ROTFL: *shaking head at Carolyn* 😉
    Hi, Cynthia….I know Walmart has changed from what it originally was. But I still shop there. Bethany works there. I like our store, although I’m sure there are things the company itself does, that I don’t agree with.

  8. :wave: Hi Cindy!! great comments you left at my site, it made me really joyful that God is also working on thousands of Catholics… I was feeling discouraged :brokenheart: lately  for all the world news I’ve been reading and watching; and what you’ve said blessed and encouraged me. Thank you. 🙂
    Thank goodness that Texas have a lot of Walmart stores… In Cali, they’re far in between. I don’t even remember if we have a superstore there.
    I’ve finally got a chance to online talk with Carolyn. She seems very nice and down to earth person. :goodjob:
    Have a blessed week….

  9. :oh-no: oppppppps… that’s my other  Xanga site… I forgot to sign out 😆 :laugh:
    You deserve 4 props from me anyway! :goodjob: Anyway, I’ll join my grandson for his afternoon nap. :sleepy:

  10. :wave:  *** I am a very nice and down to earth person. ~Carolyn *** :wave:  Oops, I think  Aubrey is talking about another ‘Carolyn’. 😆 😆 😆  Ohhhhhhhhh welllllllllll

  11. Yes….she’s actually Pureza. She was signed in on her other blog. She was talking about JusticeMom. 😆 But I’m SURE she would say the same thing about you :giggle:

  12. I feel like I jsut spent the day with you! lol I actually love wandering around Walmart. I did just that a few days ago. I bought some flowers for my pots out front. It looks so nice out there now!
    Thanks for always coming by and checking out the slideshows…and thank your for the encouraging words…
    I am watching Jayden right now so I just have a few min. but I wanted to say Thanks!
    I do pray that wisdom tooth will not give her any more problems…both my kdis will be dealing with that soon…

  13. 🙄 I have no idea what you’re talking about!  I’m thought you were my age…:flirty:…41, ahem…31!
    It’s always wonderful to hear good things about your children…for me at least, I realize I’m not messing them up as badly as I thought!  ha!:whew:

  14. :sunny: I will be thinking and praying for Racheal in the morning. Having oral surgery is no fun but we are glad there is something they can do for those mean old wisdom teeth. I know it makes you proud of Bethany, as it would any mom when we get a compliment on our kids. But the stalker might have to go that is kinda scary. We have a little bit of that to deal with and it was no fun.
    ~~Blessings & Hugs!!~~ :love:

  15. Thanks, Merrilee. Rachael is nervous because she’s thinking about her thyroid surgery she had about 7-1/2 years ago. She got very sick from the anesthesia. But I told her this won’t make her so sick, because they are not using a deep anesthesia. They are only using conscious sedation.
    Thank you for the sweet comment on Bethany. It does make me proud. She is liked literally by everybody she works with now.

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