Happy 4th


I have added another song to my player. It is the song that Steve used to make a slide show of Brandon and Rachael for their wedding. It’s called One Hundred Years. The songs are randomly shuffled, but you can click on any one that you want to hear. The link to the Chris Rice song, Come to Jesus, quit working, so I have to find another link.

9:15 p.m…..The rain has stopped and fireworks are going off all around. I have so many memories of going to see the fireworks when I was little.

red fireworkssparkle flagred fireworks

Happy 4th guys. Ours is a wet one here. I doubt there will be many fireworks here tonight. It has been raining for days, and many rivers are overflowing.
I wanted to tell you about an additional blessing that Brandon and Rachael got. They did not know that the “hold” money they paid to hold their new apartment for the month of June, was going to be applied to their July rent payment. So….not only was her surgery $150 cheaper than they had been told, and fixing the truck was about $100 cheaper than they had been told, but their July rent was $400 cheaper than they expected. And they were already expecting to save about $500 of their July expenses, because their rent is cheaper and utilities are paid. In fact, the rent savings alone, paid for her surgery.

Unexpected expenses hit everybody. But God provided a way to pay them. God is good, and blesses when you obey Him.

It’s still cloudy, but the rain is letting up. We’ll probably have fireworks after all.


Quote of the century, shared with me by Paula R:
“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek Christ first to find her.”
It occurred to me after reading and re-reading the above statement, how close to perfect that would make a relationship. God created a man and a woman to be together, in a perfect relationship. But sin messed up that relationship because it messed up God’s perfect picture.
God provided a savior, Jesus Christ, to wash away sin. He paid the price we should have paid. So if a man and woman have their hearts so tuned to Jesus that He comes first in their lives, their relationship will be as close to God’s perfect plan as it can be in an imperfect world.
And that would provide for a whole different kind of fireworks

fireworksz7039925fireworks 3fireworks 3 



4 thoughts on “Happy 4th

  1. Definitely great quote! :goodjob: How awesome the way God provides our needs in such creative ways! :sunny: I was tracking just fine with what you were saying until I got to this:  And they were already expecting :so-cool::grin: I was so hoping for an announcement!! :giggle: We had a rainy 4th as well, but I’m glad the earth had the water; it needed it more than people needed to be outside all day. :yes: Muchliest!:love:

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