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I’m experimenting with changing the background pictures. Just remember to hit Control A to read the comments. The picture is more visible on the comments pages.
If you want to see what our weather is doing, and see coverage of the flooding, go here. They just said that for the first time in 50 years, every major river system in the state is almost overflowing now.
The kittens got big enough to constantly climb out of their box in the garage, so last night I moved them into our utility room where I could put up barriers and let them run free. I leave the door open going into the garage, with a barrier across the door, so the mamma cat can get in and out, but the kittens cannot. Beth said they are out there playing WWE right now. They are pouncing on each other. They are so cute.
A couple of days ago, one of them climbed over the edge of their box, and landed right in the water dish.
They are all 3 little girls. *sigh* The black one is Midnight, the one in the middle is Wheezer (she breathes heavy and wheezes when she gets scared) and the one on the right is Scamper.
Kittens 4
And this is the mamma, Lady, keeping an eye on the little ones:
Thank you all so much for your prayers. I appreciate it so much. You all know just how powerful prayer is.

I’m pretty tired. Emotional things take a lot out of you. I’ve always prayed for God to send my kids the ones He wants for them, and to keep away the ones He doesn’t want them to have. And it’s always been my desire to fall in love with their mates just like I love my own children. We love Rachael just like she is our own.
There were many times that I did not think Brandon and Rachael would end up getting married. Much prayer went on before that wedding ever happened. I prayed for God to give each of them the kind of love for each other that would make a marriage last for a lifetime. I think He’s done that. And it will continue to grow more and more. You who are married understand just how that works.
Making a lifetime commitment can be a scary thing. There is so much that is unknown about the future. That’s when a Christian must trust God to bring about the very best that He has. What can be better than the maker of the universe, the very designer of love and marriage, taking control of the lives of a man and woman who love each other? His plan is perfect. It’s humans who mess it up.
And I am praying for that kind of love for Bethany and the man God has in mind for her. Someone who will think she hung the moon. And someone who has the same basic beliefs she does. Someone with the right type of maturity. It will be very interesting to see what God brings about. Sometimes people are tempted to think it will never happen. But God is in the miracle business.
I do not ever want to interfere with her dating. She has been afraid that we will find fault with everybody she meets. Not so. When everything falls into place, and God gives us a peace about that person, we will know that’s the person God has sent. And we will love him like he is our son. 

“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek Christ first to find her.”




5 thoughts on “More thoughts

  1. As a mother it is very hard not to interfere in the lives of our children. And sometimes they have to learn from their mistakes.
    I love this picture too!!! Very nice!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. :heartbeat: OH how I love kitties!! You’re right, emotional stuff does take a toll on you. I get panic attacks from time to time and whenever I have one, I sleep for days afterward. Worrying is a full time job for me! I lived in fear of my parents hating every guy on Earth, but once the now-hubby came to meet them, it was smooth sailing. Parents just know sometimes I think — I don’t know what kind of superpowers they have but I hope to have them someday, too!

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