It’s Caturday again. But around here, it’s always Caturday.
Happy birthday to Paula (heyheypaula) and Carolyn (RaZeHeLL) !

Happy anniversary to Lauryn (Sabrise) and Bryan!

We have a pet door going into the room where the kittens are, from the kitchen. Last night we heard Sandy barking. She had torn the cover off the door and was barking at the kittens. They were terrified. So I had to put it back, and then block the door with our large wooden kitchen garbage can.  

This is such a sad story. The article doesn’t tell all the details, but it was horrible when this boy was attacked. It was over a year ago in Houston. After the attack, he was left lying in the backyard of a home for something like 12 hours before he was found. He had been beaten, sodomized with a pipe from a patio umbrella (the end of the pipe was kicked with a boot), and left lying covered in bleach. He suffered horrible permanent injuries. He killed himself on Sunday. He jumped from a cruise ship out of Galveston, suffered traumatic head injury and drowned.
In response to Pureza’s sweet comment, I’d like to say this:

I love sharing my family. It makes people feel like they know me better. I have been criticized greatly for it, though.

I’ve been criticized for not posting strictly Christian messages or Bible studies, because I am a Christian. But I know I don’t go and read blogs of people who only post those things. Sometimes I have made whole posts on our Sunday sermons, but during the week, I usually don’t. But I do incorporate scripture into posts. It’s part of our lives. I think that is how people are more likely to listen….when you make it part of your daily life. And if people can’t see how God’s word fits into our daily lives, they are going to tune it out.

Some people do not like me posting anything about them, so for those people, I have quit posting, with the exception of the occassional mention of their names. There seems to be a great fear that there are dangerous people lurking out there to find out where we live and work. Nevermind that I don’t post our address or phone number. If I get to know someone well, I will share those things. If an industrious person wants them bad enough, they can get them anyway. It’s easy. But they just have to remember….we are armed

And of course, we aren’t dangerous people. I’ve met many of our Xanga friends, and none of them are dangerous, either. Strange maybe, but not dangerous   There are people on Xanga who have even survived staying at our house. Ethan excaped with only slight emotional scarring from being sprayed with 21 cans of Silly String    He had to go to his happy place, but he survived    

Silly string Oct 9, 2004

Poor guy   We probably caused PTSD.

(Sorry, but I just have to pick on you sometimes.)



16 thoughts on “Caturday

  1. :heartbeat:RYC: Diabetes runs on both sides of my family as well. My mom had it really bad..insulin shots twice a day. So far, Praise the Lord, none of us, her four children, have it and none of our children have it. God is good and I am grateful.
    God bless you. Enjoy your baby kitties. I just love them.
    c. :heartbeat::sunny:

  2. I love those worship songs… oh hi Cindy! :wave:
    :yes: I enjoy my Tagalog moments with Carolyn. Thanks much for introducing her to me. She’s such a blessing. And you are, too.. I love your being so family involved. You’ve given me and the rest of your Xanga pals a glimpse of your great family… I like that. :goodjob:
    Have the best weekend full of God’s blessings and :love:

  3. Cynthia, we are fortunate that none of us 4 girls have diabetes….yet. My youngest sister’s older son is the only one who has developed it.
    Pureza…thank you so much for the compliments! You are very welcome for the introduction to Carolyn. I knew she would love getting to know another Christian from the Philippines.

  4. :ROTFL: Sorry bout that!  I had to go get Olivia out of bed (she had taken some benadryl for allergies) and Savannah snuck in here and picked out some of her ‘babies’.  Histerically laughing she says “just look at my precious little babies”!  That’s what she calls the emoticons.  Too cute!
    Strange people??  I resemble that remark!  And how come I didn’t get a silly string treatment?  Is that reserved only for good looking military personnel? 

  5. And how come I didn’t get a silly string treatment?  Is that reserved only for good looking military personnel? 
    :ROTFL:  Yes!  :ROTFL:
    I’m afraid the restaurant would have frown upon us shooting silly string in there! Although everybody else would have probably joined in.

  6. And I’m very glad you had a good time. I don’t want to hear about it  :p  :ROTFL:
    So on Savannah’s babies…..was the last one crying because she knew she wasn’t supposed to do that? :giggle:

  7. You know…I enjoy the devotions and all but sometimes you just want to read about the lives of your friends.
    Anywho….I hope you are having a great weekend!!!

  8. No, I think she feels sorry for it because it’s sad…and she wanted it to feel like it had been wanted up there on the screen!  Actually when I came into the room, she almost ran into me she was running so fast, light in her eyes and her little hand trying to cover the grins and giggles from her mouth!  Of course she started laughing and stated “go look what I did mommy…I made a surprise!”  “Tee hee hee!” :ROTFL:
    And don’t worry…no details! :shysmile:

  9. I enjoy your posts, Cindy. Since we are to live our lives 24/7 as Christians, I think that this is exactly the way it should be…. no pretense… sharing our faith, sharing the reason for our Hope, sharing Scripture, sharing family, fun, friends,  fotos, frases (alliteratively of course!) . . . 😆 :laugh: :lol::wave:

  10. :sunny: Hey, sorry I haven’t been by. With hubby on vacation this week he kept me very busy in the yard and trying to stay above the water level of all the rain. I love your posts with what all is going on in your life. I feel like we get to know each other better that way even if we have never met in person. And we all love it when you share your photos.  
    RYC: We had a beautiful day today. Sunny and warm all day. Tomorrow is supposed to be more sunshine and warm temps. Hope everything is good there.
    ~~Blessings & hugs!!~~ :love:

  11. Thanks for the happy birthday song!  :heartbeat: You have a very lovely voice.  (I wonder how I knew that. :what:)  I appreciate your kindness. :wave: ~Carolyn :love:

  12. I for one adore your posts.  You are a very godly woman who shares her godly life with your readers and for that, I think you.
    God Bless!:goodjob:

  13. Wow….thank you all! :heartbeat:
    Merrillee….it’s hot and sunny here today. Steve’s out trying to work on his truck. It has to have the power steering pump replace and nothing is cooperating.

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