Cartoon Day

Check out Get Fuzzy. 

The plan as it stands now, is to drive up to Decatur for the funeral early Thursday morning, around 3:00. Bethany and I were planning on going, but Steve just called and said if he works late the other days, he can probably take Thursday off and go, too. He didn’t really want us driving up there by ourselves.

So I will go to the church business meeting Wednesday night and then come home to try to get a little nap. There’s probably not a lot of chance of that, since I don’t sleep well, even when I’m supposed to be sleeping.

Paula hasn’t had much chance to respond to comments on her site, so I was thrilled when I got a message from her last night. (EDIT: I got another one today.) She’s got far better things to do than message me, but she took time to do it anyway.

Trouble, one of our dogs, decided last night that he was not going to let a little fence stop him from being a free dog. So he broke out the gate at the side of the house. But he decided he did want to be in the house, so he tried to open the front door. Our oak storm door use to have some little “gingerbread” decorations on it. Not now. He partially removed them. And he didn’t do a very neat job.

Last night, once again, I dreamed Ethan got married. That’s the 2nd time recently. But once again, I don’t know who it was. I just saw him with a wedding ring on. E….is there anything you haven’t told us yet? (On second thought, nevermind.  Stupid question….)

This is going to be cartoon day on my post:


Zits 7-10-07

Mother Goose & Grim:

Mgoose 7-10-07

And, Real Life Adventures:

Real Life Adventures 7-10-07

Real Life Adventures 7-9-07



19 thoughts on “Cartoon Day

  1. Y’all be safe and please give my condolences. I only have “spoken” to Paula once or twice, but she seems very nice and I’m sorry for her loss.
    also, Bad Dog!:hammer: Shame on him/her!

  2. I will, Renee. I’ll give her a hug for you. Wish you could be there.
    :yes: Bad dog. He’s a him, and part of the problem is that he wants the her that’s inside. :hammer:

  3. Christy….yes it did. On the way back the AC just quit. Not fun. But it’s working good now! :yes:
    Lauryn…..those things always attract attention. Especially when they get half deflated nd the gorilla looks like he’s leaning over taking a nap.

  4. :ROTFL: “He wants the her dog that’s inside.”  :ROTFL:
    I would love to be able to go, but I have to run billing that morning and I just don’t see how I can.  You guys have a safe trip and if you have time to stop in downtown Dallas, pop in and see me!

  5. I love Zits & Mother Goose and Grim. They are a couple of my favorite cartoons. πŸ™‚ God bless you Cindy. When you see Paula, give her a hug for me.
    Cynthia :heartbeat::sunny:

  6. I’m glad that you guys are going; and I’m glad that others are going. As you said, you’ll be giving Paula lots of hugs, from lots of people…. just add one more hug to the others for me. Wish we were closer so that I could deliver hugs myself! However, it is over 1000 miles from here to there…. so I’ll just have you deliver it for me! I enjoyed the humor, too….My dad & I share comic strips back & forth regularly . . . just something special between us. πŸ™‚ Muchliest love & hugs ~ cj:love:

  7. holy smokes that’s a big baby!! If I deliver at term (the full 40 wks) and she still follows this current pattern, I estimate her to be 7.6 lbs and about 19.5 inches…. her weight is right on and her length is two weeks behind and those are the average measurements for 40 and 38 wks, respectively. I was only 18 inches when born, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was, too, but according to u/s (which can be off, of course) she is set to be a little longer than me.

  8. I had them different sizes….Brandon was 8lbs/1oz and 20-1/2″, Rachel was 2lbs/14oz and 15″, and Beth was 9 lbs and 21″.
    My aunt was a 10lb. baby. And when I took Lamaze classes with my youngest sister before her first was born, there was a girl that had a nearly 11 lb baby the first time, and the second was 12 something. Glad I’m not her.

  9. Ohhhh, your background doesn’t go with your comment colors.  You can’t read the comments hardly at all.
    Please give Paula a personal hug from me.  I actually thought of going to the funeral myself, but I’ve got Rylan and Haylee that day.  I am going to be going down when Candi has her baby so I think I’ll plan a special one on one visit with her then.
    RYP about Paula sending you a message, I felt the same way.  I know she has so much going on and so much to do, but with the kind of heart that this woman has she still takes the time to message people. 
    I will be praying for you as you travel.  3 am?? How far is your drive?  Please be careful.

  10. :sleepy:Getting ready to go to bed… I’m praying that you will have good rest, safe trip, & blessings on the whole family for showing support to Paula. Muchliest love ~ Carolyn :love:

  11. Yes, Cindy… I’m praying for you all to have a safe trip. BTW – I didn’t know that you ever had a day that you didn’t post something at least once! πŸ˜‰ Today was a tough one on Paula…. been praying for them throughout the day. Muchliest! :love:

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