We’re home

You have to read THIS.
I’m adding a couple more pictures. This pic of the Xanga group is a little better. There’s a good picture of Paula in this one. I didn’t realize her face was hidden some in the other one, till after I posted it. When I was posting these early this morning, I realized that I had not gotten a good shot of Paula by herself or with her kids. I wish I had. If anybody has one that they took, I would love to have a copy.
The Xangans
We’re all there….just in a different order.
And this is Beth and Connie….the “windblown look”:
Connie and Beth-the windlblown look
Paula is in the background talking to a friend she has known since the 4th grade. That friend traveled all the way from Kentucky to be here. And I thought our drive was long!
Wanted to let you all know we are home. We got home about 10 minutes before midnight. I was going to wait till after some much needed sleep to post about the day, but I figured what’s another hour?  (Yes, Carolyn, I hear you. I’m going to bed soon.)

We left here at 3:30 a.m. and headed to Decatur. In case some of you don’t know where Decatur is, it is about 40 miles northwest of Fort Worth. Here is a map of the area.

We arrived about 15 minutes late because when we hit Dallas, there was a major wreck on I-45 that had traffic backed up for miles. We literally inched along for about 45 minutes. That took away the spare time we had accumulated. We were running ahead of schedule before that. Then we got on I-30, and there was another wreck.

The service was so special for the family. Paula Beth recorded a song, since it was going to be too difficult for her to sing it on the day of the funeral. Kaleb, Paula and Billy’s son, put together a slide show presentation of old pictures. The pastor told many interesting stories about Billy’s life. Paula told them in more detail at the dinner.

  There were a number of Xanga friends there. On Wednesday night for visitation, Connie (daisymae81)  took Christy (xiolagood), Debbie (Imameanmomsoyeah), Penni (kakekornertwo), and Gena  (BlessedXbyXGod).

Connie and Debbie came back for the funeral, as well as me, Steve and Bethany. But many in Paula’s family have Xanga’s too, and of course, were there. Paula Beth  (pbplays88)  and her husband Michael (blitzz5) are expecting a little girl in November.  Merrilee (Auntie_M_710) is Billy’s sister. Michael’s parents, Larry (lt1227) and Kenett (kt1227) were also there. Joan (memajoan) is Larry’s mom, and that’s Tara in the red sweater (Ditzidawn)

 Here’s some pictures. The first is the group shot of the Xangans at the funeral this afternoon. We all stayed and had lunch together at the church:

The Xanga Group

Paula Beth and Michael:

Paula Beth and Michael

Merrilee and Connie:

Merrilee and Connie

Bethany and Connie (with Paula and Debbie in the background):

Beth and Connie

And then Steve tried to get in on the act:

Beth, Steve, and Connie

Some of us had met before, and some we just met for the first time today. But some good friendships have been formed here. We have a bond that many people do not have….we are Christian. And we enjoy getting to know other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Right before we left the church, Paula took Beth’s hands in hers and said, “What is wrong with the boys you’ve been attracting?” We had to laugh. Beth said she has “I like psychos,” written across her forehad. She told Beth that she is even more beautiful in person than in her pictures.

Paula Beth asked Bethany if she drove her Mustang today. I think she wanted to go for a ride

While we were visiting with the family this afternoon, Carolyn (JusticeMom) called me and left a message on my cell phone. So I called her back while we were driving home, and we had a nice long, wonderful visit. She likes my Texas accent. I don’t know what she’s talking about

On the way back home, we stopped in Irving to visit a former neighbor. Hunter and TJ lived across the street from us for several years. TJ is in the Marines now. Hunter was the only one home when Beth called him, so we went by to see him. We had not seen them in almost 6 years.

Here is Beth and Hunter. He is going to be 18 in early September. Beth, Hunter and TJ were almost always together.

Beth & Hunter 2

And one of just Bethany:

Bethany 7-12-07



22 thoughts on “We’re home

  1. :heartbeat:So glad you all made it home safe.. bless your hearts!  I miss ya already!
    Great pics… Paula is hiding in the group pic… shoot! ha!
    Love the pics of me and Bet… I’ll have them on my blog, too…  ha!
    Hugs and love!

  2. glad you had safe travelingmercies im glad you all got to gether but the circumstances were not the best but i also am glad paula and merilee are doing good love shelly. also im here to remind you of heart beat monday love shelly.:goodjob:

  3. Glad you guys made it back safe and sound.
    We’re flooding here again today.  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ  Supposed to be a nice weekend :sunny: or so they say.  I hope they’re right.

  4. I’m so sorry y’all got stuck in traffic.  Yesterday morning I thought to myself, “I hope they didn’t go through Dallas.”  :hammer:  I didn’t even think about offering directions.  I’m glad that y’all are home safe and I hope you both get some rest today!  Steve is a sweetheart to have driven you.

  5. That’s really nice that you all were able to make it and be a good support system. Sorry about the traffic jam … that just figures!

  6. Oh, yeah…..we heard about him, Christy. We were laughing at Connie. I heard your window was locked. Ha! You just wanted a chance at that guy :hammer:
    Renee….we had directions everywhere, actually. I had printout out the directions from Google along with the map. And we had the GPS system. Dave, our youth/music minister, told us he always gets of 45 at Hwy 287 at Ennis, to go through Fort Worth. But that way was actually longer driving, according to how long it takes them to get from here to Decatur. So we chose the way the GPS system said to go. It would have been smooth sailing if it had not been for that first wreck.

  7. my brain has been oatmeal for months now…. I don’t even know what the next step for it is… complete mush!?

  8. :goodjob: wow, those are great pictures…. I’m getting a little more acquianted with your Xanga group via pictures :):so-cool:
    Have a blessed weekend…

  9. RYC: because he had not done the prep for the colonoscopy. This was a work in appointment. This doc really thinks it is his gall bladder, becuase he mostly throws up. Even before he finishes eating he is throwing up.

  10. Weird thing I just noticed that the pic of just beth at hunter’s house she almost looks like me in that picture it was kinda weird when i saw that and had to blink. Thought that was interesting. I love that picture of brandon and I it’s VERY hard to read the comments though so I have to highlight them to read them.

  11. Wow, can’t see everyone’s comments with this background…lol…maybe it’s just my eyes!  I am sure that Paula, Paula Beth, and Merrilee all appreciated the efforts of each xanga friend attending Billy’s funeral.  Oh how I wish I could have been there.  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ  Thanks for sharing the pictures. 

  12. Thank you so much to all of you who went in support of Paula and the family. I am Michael’s aunt (Larry’s sister). I live in Illinois and was not able to be there for them. It is so nice to know that they had good Christian support at the funeral. Thank you!

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