I went by Walmart to take some pictures, and Beth was sitting down on the job. She said she was on her break. Likely story.

Bethany sitting down on the job

Beth at work

While I was there, Myatt came in. He’s the guy that just quit to join the Air Force. So I got a picture of the garden department gang. On the back row is Jonathan and Bethany. On the front: Larissa, Myatt, Emily and daughter Cadence, and Barbara. Today was an all day baby shower for Barbara.

Sorry…there’s no picture of Manuel.

Garden dept

And here’s Beth and Jim the door greeter. He is the same age as my dad, almost to the day.

Beth and Jim

I was listening to the Vacation Bible School music and I started thinking about a lot of things. (I have to know the music so I can teach it to the kids. I’m not only the VBS director, I’m the music teacher. I will be multi-tasking big time during VBS.)

Have you ever wondered how in the world God can love you? I mean after all, we are not really sweet people. Not even the best of us. People might think so, but it’s because they don’t see what’s on the inside. God sees the inside. He knows every rotten thing we’ve ever done. He knows every awful thought we’ve ever had.

And He still loves us. He wants to welcome us as one of His family.

I was thinking about Paul. Before he was Paul, he was Saul. And Saul was a rotten, nasty character. He killed the people who wanted to worship Jesus. But God stopped him in his tracks, and turned his whole life around. He went from hating Christians, to teaching people how to become one.

Only God can change a life like that. And He does….every day. So if you have ever thought that you aren’t good enough for God to love, think again. You aren’t. But he loves you anyway. And He can work miracles with your life.

Paula-Beth (pbplays88) posted a link on her site, to the slide show from her father’s funeral.

Tribute to Billy Kent Rutherford

Only one more day till Ethan’s 25th birthday.


Today is my cousin’s son’s birthday. He is 23. There were 3 great-grandchildren born into our family in 1984: our daughter, Rachel (Feb); my cousin’s son, Bryan (July); and my nephew, Adam (Nov). My sister also had a miscarriage that year, just before Rachel was born, so there’s one in heaven besides Rachel.

I’ll be going back to run more errands in a little while….I’ll probably spend a good bit of the rest of today at Hobby Lobby. That’s a shame, huh? I’m trying to finish up my VBS craft supply shopping. It starts Monday, and I am running way behind this year.

I’m trying to get my VBS workers together Saturday night, to set up the rooms and do a few last minute craft preparations. We usually do it on Sunday night, but we have the financial seminar that night. I did not think to cancel it.

I’m thinking about running by Walmart in a little while. You guys need to see a picture of Beth on the job. Maybe I can get a pic of Manuel, too.   I never posted this picture before, but this is Robert. He’s the one that was the “stalker”. He’d show up at our house when Beth didn’t answer his text messages. He’s 24. I’ll share the picture, now that he’s out of the picture.



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  1. I could spend a day in Hobby Lobby, too! We don’t have one out here but we did have one in Oklahoma. That place was huge!! I got a lot of stuff for the wedding there. I found myself missing Hobby Lobby a whole lot the other day when I went on my exhausting search for puzzle glue. Never did find any… looks like I’ll be ordering. Odd thing to order, isn’ it!? As far as great-grandchildren, our baby will be one! We are lucky to have older relatives that take care of themselves (well, most of them do). The hubby’s family is young but they pretty much all smoke and drink so eventhough she will have great grandparents on that side, she could have had great-great grandparents if they took care of themselves. It’s a shame. It really bothers him that his family doesn’t seem to care about their health and wellbeing. RYC: I could deal with pitocin if I had to… but I dont want to be induced our of convenience for the OB’s office and that’s the impression I got. I asked the Peri today and he pretty much dismissed it… no reason to think induction at this point in his mind, I still have over a month to go

  2. Hugs & kisses Miss Cindy!! God bless you.
    The new shopping center/mall that went in down the road from here is suppose to get a Hobby Lobby in the next year!!

  3. 🙂 Hi Cindy… hope that you’re able to complete your task for Saturday night… hope the rain does not slow you down. It sure has been raining a lot. But I like it because it keeps the temp down somehow.

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    <TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width=”100%” background=”” height=250 UNSELECTABLE=”off”>I’m alive and well!!! And, after driving 8 hours today from Tampa to north of Atlanta, I’m going to bed! :sleepy:
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