It’s Caturday  again!


That’s my theme cat

And Ethan, hope I didn’t mortify you too bad with the bday post. You’ll get over it. Just go to your happy place. At least there was no silly string involved. 

VBS starts Monday, and I am so unprepared for it this year. We are meeting at the church tonight to prepare some craft stuff for the classes. I still need to pick up a few things at Walmart. I never feel totally prepared for VBS (there are always surprises), but this year is worse.



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  1. It is our job to mortify the younger generation, LOL. I’m just kidding.
    God bless you Cindy. Enjoy VBS.:sunny:

  2. Cindy,
    I am one of 5 deacons, and I have 22 adult members on my Deacon Care list. Only church members are on Deacon Care, and the deacons are responsible to keep in close contact with all on their list for prayer needs and encouragement to promote healthy “body” life.  We serve 2 consecutive terms then must have at least 1 year off before being eligible again. Over the 31 years I have been at the church our deacon board has varied from 4 to 7 members, and I last served about 12 years ago. Now that I am retired (after 39 years in public service) I am more able to properly handle the time-consuming responsibilities of a deacon, and Carolyn is a tremendous asset in that area. . You and Steve are among the few couples on Xanga that we have come across who seem to share your marriage in a way that encourages others while honoring our Lord. Thanks for your presence in Xangaland.

  3. Hey there So, I decided to peek at the Xanga front page (which I rarely do) and click on one of the featured bloggers (which I have never done before) and lo and behold I get this gal talking about the new harry potter book. Decided to take a look at a couple of her other posts… and *gasp* it’s apparently someone you know! I saw your picture on there and was like “I know her!” haha. So yeah, small Xanga world. It’s xiolagood.

  4. Ahhh gotcha That’s cool. I think I do remember Melissa’s name from your blog. No word yet on the job front though I may have a lead, through a friend of mine at the Medical University… so I’m praying on that.

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