Day 5 – It’s almost over

Update midnight: We just got home. After the program was over at 8:00, we ate pizza and our young adults and youth gathered in the youth room, and just got really silly. Brandon was singing, and he and Dave (our youth/music minister) were reciting lines from Monty Python.

Tonight at the end of the program, we gave Bethany flowers and a Walmart gift card. Beth, Rachael and Steve all took off work this week to teach VBS, but Bethany doesn’t get paid for it. So we wanted to at least pay for some gasoline that she used picking up Candice and Jordan, and driving to the church every day.

Ok…here’s the Pie in the Face video. You will have to shut off my music player in the left column to hear it, or go to the video blog.


The script problems on here seem to be fixed….at least for the time being. Thank goodness.

When we got home from VBS today, we discovered that one of our dogs had died. Curly was one of Sandy’s puppies. She would have been 8 next month.

The last day of VBS went well….almost. We were doing the pie in the face thing and everybody was excited. We had both Steve and Chris taping it. We thought. Neither one actually got the whole thing. So we did it over. The kids didn’t mind that at all. I think they were even more excited the second time.

For the whole week, we averaged 67 students and 27 workers. The girls won the money game big time. They brought in 80 lbs. of coins. The boys brought in 30 lbs. That’s the biggest difference we’ve ever had.

It was pouring down rain early this morning, but it let up later. Then about 11:00, it started again. It is supposed to rain the rest of the weekend.  

We have the Family Night Program tonight, followed by a pizza and pool party. Pool as in billiards, not swimming. Here’s a few pictures while I am trying to upload the pie in the face video.

Beth is egging on the kids so they will scream “pie in the face” louder. Andy cheated by wearing a garbage bag. Beth didn’t wear one when she got it last year.

Dead man walking

Beth and Andy

Beth with her boys: Nathan and Erick, with Joshua and Zarian making bunny ears. Earlier in the week, Joshua told Beth she was his #1 girlfriend, but as of today, she was demoted. She’s in the #5 spot now

Beth and her boys

Nathan Cheung comes to VBS every year, but he was not there this year until today. He was on vacation. Last year when the boys were winning, he told Beth, “You goin’ DOWN!” We let him hit her in the face with a 2nd pie because he was so excited about her losing. Today he said, “Attention Walmart customers: We have a loser on aisle 7!”   We know where his family shops.


13 thoughts on “Day 5 – It’s almost over

  1. Cindy,
    It’s so good to know how much the Lord has blessed your VBS.
    I am so sorry about the passing of your puppy. It always grieves me when a beloved pet passes.
    God bless you.
    Cynthia :heartbeat:

  2. Y’all had lots of VBS fun and made good memories for those kids.  I know God will bless the seeds planted this week!  (Maybe he’s watering them with all that rain – hehe!)
    I’m so sorry about Curly.  Do y’all know what happened?  Had she been sick?
    Have a good weekend,

  3. Hi, ladies…..
    Maybe he’s watering them with all that rain – hehe!
    Renee….I think you’re right! πŸ˜† Yesterday, the storm had passed just to the east of the Houston area, but was expected to swing back around and sit over us for a couple of days. But right now, it’s not raining.
    We don’t know what happened with Curly. She had not acted sick at all. When we got home yesterday, the other Timon and Pumba were whining in the back yard. They are her brothers. When Steve went out there to see what was wrong, he found her lying up against the fence, dead. We also found a dead possum a few feet from her.

  4. ryc:  :mad:maybe you should put the dead possum on the neighbor’s porch – or ring his doorbell and ask him if he might know anything about it and your dog

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