Etool…..I forgot to tell you I thought about you yesterday. Well….ok….not just yesterday  But I had to stop at FedEx yesterday, and somebody had shipped a bunch of boxes of detonator cord. It made me think of you.

Update 3:50 p.m…..I made good time in my errand running. I left here at 2:45 and had to stop and get gas, because the car was dinging at me. Then I drove by Brandon and Rachael’s old apartment to check on something. From there I went to get the car inspected. I did not have to wait in line. Then I went to get license tags for Steve’s truck. I also didn’t have to wait in line there. All done in less than an hour. I was back home at 3:35.

Beth’s schedule is different this weekend. She usually works Monday-Thursday, which she is this week. But next week they put her Tuesday-Friday, meaning she has Monday off, giving her a 4 day weekend.

Update 12:40….I’ve gotta go get the car inspected and get the tags for Steve’s truck. I don’t want to. I wanted to stay home today.   I found the tag renewal for Beth’s Explorer. I guess I can shred that now

I like Mike!

My new dishwasher got here about an hour ago. It’s purdy. (EDIT: When I was little, I use to beg my mother to let me wash the dishes. We didn’t have a dishwasher then. What was I thinking??  ) And to answer Renee’s question, this is My new dishwasher It has the “Smart Dispense” technology that holds “an entire bottle” of liquid dishwashing soap, to dispense it according to soil level, water hardness, etc. But wouldn’t that just depend on how big that “entire bottle” is?

Xanga is at it again. I just found that some of my pictures are messed up. In fact, they aren’t even there. It happens sometimes. They’ll probably be back by the end of the day. I don’t know what they’re doing.


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  1. :wave: Hi Cindy!
    Dishwasher is a great invention… I don’t mind washing the dishes, but when there’s other things to do that are fun… 🙂
    I think Xanga is working on their new Themes…I’ve noticed some changes, which are good when I got a chance to blog. When I had my old website, it messed it up so much and I started wondering why. I still have the old site behind the new set up, but it’s no longer seen publicly, unless a blogger knows how to get to it.
    Have a great day Cindy. :sunny: We’re heading for some Filipino food! :love:

  2. I made that mistake when I was 7 or 8.  It was my job a LOT from then on  😡
    So, do you have a picture of said DW?  Mine gets here next Wednesday!  woo-hoo!:giggle:
    I’m heading over to Steve’s to see the mid-week Monorail Cat post.

  3. Thanks. When they come out with one that loads itself, I’m getting it! 😆 I never thought I’d pay that much for a dishwasher again, but I did. In 1987, we bought a Kenmore with all the touchpad controls and it was $700….20 years ago. I decided I didn’t need all the fancy stuff, and the next 2, we only paid about $600 for, many years later. The last one was a Maytag that we only bought less than 3 years ago, but parts on it kept breaking. We would replace them, and they’d break again. The Maytag before did the same thing.
    So when it broke the last time, I decided I would just wash by hand for a while and save for a new one. But it’s been a few months, and I am absolutely sick of washing by hand. I have so many other things to do, and it takes a lot of time. So I splurged. The one I really, really wanted was $1400.

  4. thanks for dropping in to check on me ~ yes I survived VBS and am doing pretty good ~ but Friday my parents came for the week end ~ my mom even went with me to VBS on Friday ~ Then we had friends come for the rest of the week end ~ and of course on Sunday we had the birthday bash ~ So as you can tell I have been running like a crazy woman for the past 2 weeks ~  But believe it or not I feel great and was not stressed out over any of it ~
    and By the way we put Maytag appliances in our house 6 years ago and every last one of them have had to be replaced ~ I hate Maytag!  (hate is a strong word) but I will never, and I say never buy another maytag ~ how’s that:hammer:

  5. Yeah….our pastor’s wife prefers sweeping the floor with a broom instead of a vacuum. Some people prefer the old ways. I am very thankful for dishwashers. During the time our dishwasher was out, I used paper plates as much as possible.

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