Here’s what my kitchen sink area did look like. We don’t have the cat anymore. That’s Sugar. She loved to drink out of the faucet.

Sugar in the sink

So today, I tore out the tile:

Kitchen tile

And here’s what it looks like now. It’s kind of a mess, but I did save most of that blue tile.

tearing out the counter

We just heard on the news about a couple in Rogers, Arkansas who just had their 17th child. Somebody needs to tell them how that happens. They live in a 7,000 square foot house. The news guy said he doesn’t see how they could have enough alone time to have 17 kids. But I had a great-great-great-grandfather who had 26 kids, with 2 wives. No, he didn’t have 2 wives at the same time – one died, probably from having kids. Then he married another woman with the same name, probably so he wouldn’t have to remember a new name.

They didn’t have tv and computers back then

We went to see Tigger and he seems to be a little better. He has his little kitty IV running to give him some fluids. He did have an obstruction, a large blood clot. Beth helped Rachael x-ray him. The doctor said she is going to put him on antibiotics for 2 months. He’ll be in the hospital overnight and Rachael will bring him home tomorrow.

We went to Home Depot and got all our building supplies, and then to Walmart to do a little grocery shopping. Pizza’s in the oven

We had to get extra tile to replace the tiles that broke on the countertop. I couldn’t find any more like we have, so I am going to do a star quilt design with a different tile, in a sea of cobalt blue tile. At least that’s the plan. I don’t know how many more blue tiles I’ll break trying to chip them off the countertop. We’ll see if this works  It should because we did a similar design in the tile by the front door, and on the countertop at our pastor’s house.

Beth’s boyfriend, Manuel,  was talking to me outside the garden department. Beth told me something he said that cracked her up. I’m gonna post it since she hasn’t been posting much lately.

Manuel: There’s Bethany. She makes my life worldwide.

Beth: Worldwide?? You mean ‘worthwhile’??

Manuel: Yeah, a little bit of that, too.

I’m just looking at a medical bill I need to pay. It really irks me to have to pay for a pregnancy test for Beth the night we went to the hospital, when we told them it was not necessary.  I know what they were thinking…..and that irks me, too.


Tigger is at the vet right now. Rachael came by at 9:30 this morning to pick him up and take him in with her. That’s an advantage of having a daughter-in-law that is a vet tech.

She called and said he has a very bad bladder and kidney infection. It got bad enough last night that I really didn’t think he was going to make it. He was having trouble walking, controlling his muscles, which is what happens when the kidneys can’t filter toxins. The kidneys shut down.

This morning he started bleeding…..bad. So I’m glad he could get in today. Rachael is putting him on IV fluids because he is very dehydrated. They are going to do x-rays to make sure there is no blockage. Then they’ll put him on an antibiotic. They are going to keep him overnight, so he can be kept on fluids.

Beth is gone to see him right now. This is Tigger back in April:


Beth worked a few hours this morning. She volunteered because they needed a cashier today, and she didn’t get paid for taking off to do VBS last week.


15 thoughts on “Tigger

  1. I hope tiger gets to feeling better soon. I don’t like it when my fur babies are sick and under the weather. I hope all is well there. Take care and have a good weekend.

  2. Thanks, Merrilee. We have so many fur babies, there is always at least one who isn’t feeling well.
    We are working on our kitchen this weekend. Much to be done. Hope you have a good weekend, too. :heartbeat:
    I am jealous of that Paula Girl….getting to meet Carolyn! :goodjob:

  3. RYC: I know I would love the meet Carolyn too. It is fun to finally after posting and chating on line. We should have gone with Paula to see Paula-Beth. We could have helped with the nursery. Can’t wait to see the pixs. Take care & have a good night.

  4. :heartbeat: I hope Tigger is having a good night’s sleep. :sleepy:  :yes:  I don’t like to see an animal suffering. He’ll be happy to get back into his own bed. :goodjob:  Have a pleasant weekend. ~Carolyn :heartbeat:

  5. RYC: David is doing ok. He isn’t loosing everything he eats now, as long as he takes his medicine. He goes back to the doctor the 9th of this month. We will see what is next then.  Thanks for asking.

  6. ugh.  what a mess!  I pray y’all can get that done this weekend – it looks like a big job! 
    I decided not to replace my countertop, even though it’s not my favorite.  I don’t want to spend the money.  Also, instead of building an island out of stock cabinets from Lowes, I bought one from them that they put together for $20 that is about one-third the cost of the other.  Here it is:
    here’s my new faucet: http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=127572-330-026-4DSS&lpage=none 
    and new sink:  http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=43589-834-7145.854.345&lpage=none  But it was on sale for $178
    And we got a Lowes card and got 10% off of everything!

  7. Oh, yeah….I like all those! :goodjob: You got a good deal on the sink. I forget what we paid for ours, but it was somewhere in the $350 range, and that was a very long time ago….like over 15 years. I can’t remember exactly. I decided to get the single bowl sink since I don’t usually do dishes in the sink. But I need to get another faucet. Our leaks. We forgot it today. And the stinkin’ sprayer hose leaks….again. I don’t think you can buy one that doesn’t leak.
    Our base cabinets are Mills Pride, that we got at Home Depot. You just put them together. But Steve built our upper cabinets.
    We got all that blue tile years ago on clearance. It was a good deal. I love the blue color. I had intended to special order a cobalt blue sink and put it in a white countertop. But we found the blue tile for a steal, so I decided on the white sink. It was much cheaper than the colored one anyway.
    We’ll get it done….probably most of it tomorrow. As soon as he gets the new countertop cut and fit, then I can start setting the tile.

  8. I forgot to mention that the counter under the tile had gotten wet and was falling apart. The cast iron sink is so heavy, it was making the counter sag. This one will be much stronger.

  9. I thought it looked like your board had gotten wet.  Your sink is unique and pretty.  I like the single bowl, but for me 2 sides is more practical.  The shape of the left side of this one accomodates pot handles.  And it came with the fitted cutting board and strainer!  woo-hoo!
    That cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors too. 

  10. I’ve seen your sink, and I like it. The reason I decided on the smaller one is because the way I designed the cabinets, we didn’t really have much room for a double bowl. And I liked the very deep bowl on this one. Then on top of that, I don’t do dishes in the sink, so that’s how I made my decision. That cutting board is a neat idea.
    I’ll take lots of pictures as we progress.You knew I would, didn’t you? :giggle:

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