9:40 p.m…There’s just something that seems not quite right about making coffee in the bathroom.  But I don’t have a kitchen sink right now.

I thought I’d show you the lights over my kitchen sink. First….I like to use things in unusual ways. I have an antique wooden kitchen drainboard that Steve put legs on and made a coffee table. The lights over my sink are 3 cobalt blue colanders that Steve wired up for lights. I even wiped the dust off, just so I could show them to you. That’s a garden window behind them, full of blue glass bottles.

Kitchen lights

The potrack behind the lights is an old meat scale, with a cast iron weight on it. I have another pot rack by the stove that is a different kind of meat rack….it’s a hog rack. Freshly butchered hogs were hung on the hooks.

Three years ago, we put in this slate tile floor in the kitchen, with mosaic tiles where it meets the wood. The mosaic pieces are tumbled marble:

Finished floor

kitchen stars

In case you haven’t guessed, nearly everything in my house is blue. We even had blue carpet, until it just looked too bad. So when Steve was gone on a business trip several years ago, I pulled up all the carpet in the living room, and put down wood parquet tiles. There are many pictures of our house in the photoblog “Our Home” album.

Update 2:30 p.m….We just got home a few minutes ago. After the workday, we went to Home Depot to pick out a new faucet for the kitchen sink. We got this one. But we didn’t pay that much for it, so don’t have a heart attack when you look at the price. It was much cheaper in the store. It goes along better with the antique look of my kitchen. (Update 4:45 p.m….I also ordered this outlet cover to go on the electrical outlet right above my sink. I don’t like most outlet covers you can get in the store. This is slate, and it will go with all the stone and ceramic tile I’m using.)

Then I stopped by the animal clinic to visit Tigger. He is feeling better, but his bloodwork still shows that his kidneys are failing. They are going to keep him over the weekend, to keep giving him fluids and antibiotic shots. They are not open on Sunday and Monday, but Rachael will go by and take care of him. We’ll stop by after church tomorrow.

Right after I walked into Petsmart, a lady in the parking lot got hit by a car. They took her to the hospital in an ambulance. She wasn’t seriously hurt because she came into Petsmart to wait while the ambulance was coming. But she was skinned up pretty bad.  

I posted a long comment on my previous post about the excitement in the neighborhood Thursday night. We’ve had lots of times when the police were called out here for various things. Some of the families who live around us have been pretty good entertainment over the years.

It’s working on the kitchen time.

It’s Caturday.

And we have the monthly church workday. Then we’ll come home and work on the kitchen.

Here’s a tip for any of you who might be thinking of a do-it-yourself kitchen makeover. Do not get an arthritic knuckle wedged between a cast iron sink and a countertop. It doesn’t feel good.



8 thoughts on “Caturday

  1. :yes: :yes: :yes:
    I forgot to mention…..the countertop to the left in the pictures is wood. I wanted that old-fashioned farmhouse feel in my kitche, with a wood countertop. So I put down pine boards and then cut ash trim to go around it. And the sink doesn’t have doors under it. It just has a curtain, which many farmhouses had.
    Going to bed. Have to be up at 7:30 for the workday.

  2. Thank you. Rachael will check on him in the morning, and then after church. Then she’ll go back tomorrow night. I really appreciate her doing this because it saves us a ton of money.

  3. That’s hard work you’re doing there… when you do it yourself, there’s a feeling of great satisfaction. :goodjob:
    I finally read your profile at the Titus page… I saw a familiar face there, a picture of the beautiful lady in blue. šŸ™‚
    Have a blessed Sunday Cindy :sunny:

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