Steve has explained life. Go read.

8:20 p.m…..Sooooo tired. Tonight I’ve been to 2 Home Depots, and Walmart, in addition to church tonight. I am trying to decide what I am going to do about the leg of the countertop where we do not have enough tiles to cover it. Right now it is wood, but I’m wanting to change it. Maybe. But I think I’m too tired to decide.

2:15 p.m….We haven’t been home very long. After church, Beth, Brandon, Rachael, Steve and I went to Skeeter’s for lunch.  Beth saw a friend there…one of the photographers who is anxious for her to move to the photo lab. She did a lot of his pictures when she worked at CVS.

But before that, we went by our youth/music minister’s house. (Ethan…remember Dave’s house where we went the first time you came over? That’s it.) They had just put down a new wood floor in the back room….one we had to rebuild the walls in just 4 years ago. Well…the men rebuilt the walls. The ladies fixed lunch that day.

They did a beautiful job on the floor and they wanted us to see it.

Well, I’m going to grout some tile. Sounds exciting, huh? We have church tonight, but we are finished with the Dave Ramsey financial seminar, so I don’t have to cook dinner for the crowd tonight.

Go to Steve’s blog to see a Final Salute.

12:30 a.m…The tiles are on the countertop. Tomorrow we grout. But that’s only part of the countertop. This is an L-shaped counter. We’ve only done the part the sink is on.

Since so many of the blue tiles broke taking them off the old countertop, I had to add some tiles of a different color (we can’t get any more of these). So the edges of the cobalt blue tiles are trimmed in gray slate.

Ok, Carolyn…’s a pic of the tiled counter. It’s still a mess, but we are several steps closer to having a sink again!  And I have to tile the wall behind the sink area, where the electrical outlet is. Taz is so glad to have her countertop back. This counter won’t sag….it is 2 layers of 3/4″ plywood, with 1/4″ of cement tile backer board on top of that.

tiled counter



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  1. Sounds pretty! I’ll look forward (patiently) :giggle: to the pix! RE: last post… I have been bugged by people before. I’m not much of a phone talker, either… at least not if I know I’m going to be on for long periods of time!! Poor Bethany! Y’all have a nice Sunday… Muchliest :love: Carolyn :wave:

  2. :ROTFL: Patiently?
    I tried to upload a pic tonight, but it wouldn’t let me for some reason. I think they might have just been messing with the servers again.
    You guys have a wonderful Sunday. Muchliest! :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

  3. :goodjob: ITs looking good! I know your be really glad when its all done. I read the post before this one, I feel for you with that Phone caller. Yeah, I wouldnt like to have someone phone me with that kind of rude attitude either. That is demanding, wanting to control people..:nono:.I agree with you about talking to her about that. That will make people not want to talk or be around her. I’m sure she has that problem near her home. She needs lots of prayers too.
    :sunny:Have a great day, i would come into your site more but my dial up is so slow when it comes to your site (download)…but know that the prayers are  gone forth to the throne room I think I counted 13 people praying for you this week! God is awesome!:heartbeat:

  4. So, I just read about the Dave Ramsey financial seminar.  I know you mentioned the financial seminar at your church before but I didn’t know it was the one from Dave Ramsey.  Doug and I attended a Dave Ramsey luncheon a couple of weeks ago.  He is coming to the Cintas Center at Xavier University on September 13th.  We already have 18 tickets for members to attend.  Doug is also seriously considering doing the financial university course at church.  I guess this is the same as what you just did.  Doug wants to know if you opened it up to the public at your church and how many couples attended?

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