Erin’s gone

5/17…Yes…I’m watching…. 

3:10 p.m….I just got a picture of Beth holding Midnight:


The center of circulation for Erin is just south of Midland, but it is still pulling a lot of moisture in off the Gulf. It’s not raining here right now, but there are clouds all around. Here’s Accuweather and here’s the Mega Doppler from our ABC station.

Here’s the counter where the blue and yellow star is going to be. The wall behind the coffeepot will also be the cobalt blue tile. Last night I actually made a little template of the tiles, and drew them onto the plywood, to lay out the star pattern, and figure how many tiles to order.

star counter

Last night I worked more on the wall behind the sink. It’s only partially grouted. It’s slate and tumbled marble pieces. I ran out last night, so it’s back to Home Depot.

sink wall

And yesterday, Beth caught Scamper snoozing:


She gets up on a shelf in the computer desk. It’s nice and warm there.

Tomorrow we are going to install a new oven and cooktop for a lady at church. She is a widow. She has 2 sons, but one lives in Austin, and the other is fairly useless for helping her. He has some serious emotional problems and is addicted to drugs.


14 thoughts on “Erin’s gone

  1. Beautiful baby kitty 🙂 Good progress on the countertop and wall.
    God bless you Cindy. Please send some rain this way, LOL.
    C. :sunny::heartbeat:

  2. You are such a talented lady!! :goodjob: RYC both on your last post and on mine: I’ve heard it said, “If the shoe fits, wear it!” :giggle::grin::laugh::lol::ROTFL:

  3. Oooh!  That’s gonna be pretty! 
    I believe it about Erin.  We got here (Lubbock) about 1:30 am.  We drove through a pretty heavy rainstorm out around Guthrie.  There was about an hour that was pretty tense.
    See ya later!

  4. I adore your looks so cozy and liveable.  I love all your precious animals….that’s just what I would like someday…to have a bigger home and have tons of animals..especially kitties!  Any news on Wheezer?  May God Bless you and your family and keep you safe during all these storms!  🙂

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