Storm death

E…just wanted you to know I thought about you today when I saw a Korean man in the grocery store. And yes….it was HEB.

I got this from Carolyn’s (JusticeMom) site:

If you want to take this quiz, just use the parts that are in red; my answers are in blue.

1. There’s husbands and then there’s Steve (Sorry Carolyn….how can yours be the best when mine is?)  

2. Subscribe to Carolyn (JusticeMom) because she is encouraging and always works God’s word into her posts. 

3. I love a good book because  it is an excellent way to learn. I’m not much of a fiction reader, unless it’s the Left Behind series.

4. My favorite position is sitting in front of the computer with a cup of coffee.

5. I need to quit playing bubble shooter so much.

6. I need to start throwing out junk.

7. And as for this weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting more done on my kitchen remodeling.

yellow star

6:10 p.m….We just got home. We left at noon to pick up an oven and cooktop for a lady at church. Steve and Brandon installed it. Then Brandon had to go to work for a little while.

The lady they installed it for is Nita. She is so funny. She’s 82, but you would never, ever guess that. She looks much younger. We tease back and forth a lot. So Brandon was telling her that his gas line installation did not include any guarantees that there would be no explosions. She was really giving him a hard time, but she’s gonna regret it when she wants a hug at church tomorrow  He threatened to give her a sweaty hug today.

Nita is the lady that prays for Ethan when he’s in Iraq. But she can never remember his name, so she just says, “God protect the bomb guy.” She said God knows his name  This is Nita, in January 2006, on her 81st birthday. She sang at church that day.

Nita on 81st bday Jan 2006

Now it’s time to work on our kitchen.

Thursday, I posted about 2 men who were in the Randall’s Grocery Store not far from us, when the roof collapsed. One was killed (a vendor making a delivery) and the other was hurt seriously, with many broken bones. He had been an employee of the store for 13 years. He uderwent emergency surgery and was in intensive care.

He died Thursday night. And this morning, we found out he was the husband of a girl that grew up in our church. Her family left our church in 1993, but we’ve seen them often since then.

According to the church member who called this morning, they would have been married 2 years in December. Please pray for Joy and her family. Her husband’s name was Daniel Witt.

Beth is concerned that the vendor, a Coca-Cola employee, could be the guy she knows that delivers to their store. We have not heard his name yet.

And it’s raining again.


24 thoughts on “Storm death

  1. I was on pins and needles reading your post about Nita I thought you were going to say she was one of the storm deaths…I am sad to hear that anyone died and sorry that those two guys died. what a tragedy for them and their friends and families.
    Thanks for stopping in and watching the slideshow! 

  2. Cool answers! And most of them are right, . . . well, I’ll give you the first one, since it is for Cindy! πŸ˜‰ Actually, I’d love it if everyone felt that way about their own spouse! :yes: Thank you for your sweet endorsement, too. Please pray for Mike. He’s having horrible toothaches today; when it starts up really bad, he just has to lie down so that the pain becomes less intense. {{{hugs}}} Carolyn :love:

  3. HEY!!! I just thought of you and thought I’d step in to say hi. I never get on xanga any more… Sorry that I disappeared. I got very busy with the music ministry that God put on my heart. We are doing super well too. I’m also engaged! Wedding is June 7, 2008…still got a while to go. Your kitchen is looking great! That tile stuff is fun…I’ve never done it, but it looks fun anyway. My parents recently got into making things with stained glass. If you’d like to still get ahold of me every now and then, you can reach me at my email: I’ve only gone MIA as far as xanga is concerned. I’m always available still at or at Thanks for standing up for me and more importantly for God all those times when I was on here!Your bro in Christ,page lynch

  4. Hi, Page….thanks for coming by. It’s good to hear from you. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. My son got married last November. This background pic is their wedding.

  5. :so-cool:It is really cool to come back here and read the comments back & forth. :yes::heartbeat:You have a real ministry to folk here in Xangaland, Cindy. :love:Muchliest:love:

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