Not an ordinary day

Carolyn, this is in response to your comment on my last post:

 mama rocks

Relaxing after a hard day’s work of walking on the computer keyboard and drinking my iced tea:

Midnight & Scamper

I pulled up the edit screen to type, and walked away from the computer a few minutes. Then I realized that I better get back to the computer, before the kittens posted something I didn’t want posted. They love to walk on the keyboard.

I’ve been vacuuming sawdust and washing things. But I got sidetracked for a little while. Nita called. We talked from 2:19 to 3:45  When she called, she said she’d only keep me a minute. That’s what she always says. I love that lady to death, but I really hate to get on the phone with her. I’m really not much of a phone talker, but I am when she calls. I have to be. I just try to remember she lives by herself and she gets lonely.

I will try to make it around to see everybody a little later.

Beth told me Brandon came to Walmart to follow Rachael home this afternoon.

I just finished writing a letter to the hospital where we took Beth to the emergency room in April. We have to pay 25% of the bill, which comes to a lot of money. They sent a letter threatening to place it on her credit record if the entire balance is not paid in 10 days. I’ve been paying a set amount each month. I basically told them they will get “X” amount of dollars each month and the amount is not negotiable. And that the threat will not get them the money any faster. I told them that if they contest the amount, I will start contesting unnecessary charges on the bill that made me angry, and we’ll just tie this up a while.

I love doing things like this


So far, today has not been boring.

Around 12:30 or so, I was trying to clean up in the kitchen some. I called Rachael to see if she would like to have this heart shaped hanging rack I had hanging on the wall, since I wasn’t going to put it back up. She likes anything heart shaped. She was at Walmart. She still comes here to our Walmart, eventhough it’s 20 minutes away from where they live. There is another Walmart closer, but she likes our store better.

We were talking, and all of a sudden she said, “Whoa….I just saw about 5 Ethans walk by. You usually don’t see that many Ethans all at one time.” That cracked me up, and I told her I would have to post that. So E….now you know there are at least 5 Ethans in this area

She said she was coming over after she got through shopping. But in a few minutes, she called me back and asked me to stay on the phone with her. There was a black guy in Walmart, stalking her. She thought at first she just saw him on several aisles because he had to buy things on the same aisle she was on. But she said she thought he was talking on his cell phone. Then she realized he was actually taking pictures of her, and she heard him say, “That’s so fiiiine.” Then when she saw him on another aisle again, he told her not to worry – he wasn’t really stalking her. He asked her where her husband was, and said he shouldn’t be letting her shop by herself, looking so fine.  That’s when she really started to worry.

She said she was trying to get to where Beth was, and tell her what was going on. When she did, they called a manager and told the manager all about it. Seems this guy had been harrassing one of the employees this morning. When they looked for him, they couldn’t find him. He just disappeared.

I told Rachael to make sure one of the men walked with her to the truck when she left (even if it was Manuel ) I guess he’s close enough to a man. Beth was also going to walk with her. Rachael wanted to make sure this guy was not going to follow her over here.

He better not.


21 thoughts on “Not an ordinary day

  1. She was so shaken up, she probably didn’t even think about it. She never did come over…I don’t know if maybe she is waiting for Beth or not.
    Joan, I think that’s exactly what happened. He disappeared and they couldn’t find him. We were praying.

  2. That’s scary when someone is stalking you………. :hammer:  I call my neighbor across the street every once in awhile…but, I never get to talk. She talks for one hour straight. All I have to do is make a little sound now and then. Of course, Mrs. V. will either be 85 or 86 this October. She was born and raised and lived all of her life on this same block. She has pictures of when it was nothing but dirt roads. Her mind is very sharp!! She always tells me that she could have been my mother. She is quite the character!!! I appreciate her and someday, I will miss her. She’s a faithful friend. :wave: ~Carolyn

  3. I’ve never had anyone stalk me, but then I’m not young and cute. :giggle: But once when I had my apartment (I was about 21) my neighbor came and looked in my livingroom window. I said something to him about it later, but he denied it. But I know he did it because I saw him. And my eyes were not bad then πŸ˜†

  4. I hope I never see that guy again unless it’s reported on the news he’s in jail. I told Brandon I can’t remember the last time i was sooo scared and felt alone. I couldn’t find any walmart employees till I got to beth at the end. My phone was about to die so I wanted to call someone and have them atleast on the phone with me make me feel so not alone. Also is anything happened they could hear and I could give info. I can still see the man’s face in my head and it gives me chills all over again as well as makes me MAD that he got away with it and we couldn’t find him. Also I’m glad I’m safe and that my wonderful husband left his work to come bring me home. The whole way home I was looking at all the cars and drivers I hope I won’t be so paranoid but man it scared me so bad. They said if they find the guy they have my name and number and I can identify him. Brandon WILL be with me if that time comes. After Brandon came to get me I just wanted to get to my “home” and away from people who might of been him. I don’t know what I’ll do when if I see him again. I think I will report him anyways and get a pic somehow.

  5. I hope you do get a picture if you ever see him again. I know it was scary. I heard that Brandon wasn’t just concerned…he was MAD :steamed: He will probably get caught eventually because he’ll keep doing this to other people. I’m glad Brandon came to get you.

  6. :wave: ryc:  The last dog we had was named Spunky….that’s the word for today. πŸ˜† I’ll have to write about my experience with a stalker sometime. That happened about 29 years ago and at the time there was a guy going around in this general area the cops called the Hillside Strangler.  Bodies were being discovered along, what else, hillsides. I wasn’t about to be another statistic. It was one scary night. :yes: :yes: :yes:  Til then ~ Have a good night! :sleepy: ~Carolyn

  7. RYC – I like your opinion better!  Lol.  Seriously though, you are right, we can’t get her to repay it if she refuses and my mom will chalk this up to a lesson learned, but it just makes me sick at heart that the lady would do this to my mom, who lives on SS and transcription work.
    BTW – I like the sink backing.  Very cool!

  8. :heartbeat: SO glad to hear that Rachel is safe. :yes:I hope that the store/police pick up that guy!:steamed: I’m actually getting ready to turn off my puter for the night.  Took Mike to dentist, then to endodontist to have a root canal done. I’ve been going (except for a 45 min. nap mid-morning) since 7:35 ~ and I’m feeling it.:sleepy: Thanks for the prayers. Hopefully, this will be the end of the really intense pain Mike’s been feeling, so he can eat and sleep! :sleepy:. (Last night he only slept 5 min. at a time all night long. He’d swallow cold water, hold it on the tooth, & swallow. Fall asleep, & 5 min. later wake up from the pain, for another round.) Muchliest!! :love: Carolyn:love:

  9. :heartbeat:Hello there!!!
    The kitties are so sweet when they’re sleeping.. ha!
    Beth, Beth, Beth… I’m tellin’ ya, it’s the Pharmones… she puts off a scent that attracts men!  It’s too bad that it’s all the psycho men…. :hammer:
    I agree with Steve… start telling her that if some guy comes up and starts that kind of stuff to whip out her phone and take a pic and say, “thanks for the pic, I can show my police friend what you look like”.  Well, maybe not that last part… he may get mad…
    I don’t know… she’s gonna have to have someone walk her out every time… probably should anyway, late at night… I don’t ever go to our Walmart late at night by myself.  It’s bad enough in broad daylight; people getting abducted and all kinds of things… it’s just crazy out there…
    Poor Bet… I love you, Bethany!!!!!  
    I love the rock wall… very nice… great job!
    Have a wonderful and most blessed day… I bawled when we left my Bethany at school… I was okay until we all held hands in her and her roommates dorm room and the two dad’s prayed and started crying… yes, Charlie crying… he never cries… it just made it worse… we bawled like someone had died.. ha!:)  But, you know what?  It was the most special time and sweet time we have had together in a long time… very sweet spirit… I will never forget it… it’s all good!
    Love y’all!

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