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I got this in an email today…..Michael Vick’s jury:

Michael Vick jury

Ok, ladies, the newest part of the counter is grouted and Steve is working on the trim right now.

grouted counter

Update 5:10 p.m…..Our pastor just emailed and said we need to show this at church. I can’t wait. We’ll be showing it Sept. 2.


I got this from Carolyn (RaZeHeLL). You need to watch it. It is long…about an hour. But it is awesome. It is well worth the time it takes to watch it. Don’t pass it by, thinking an hour is too long to watch a video. You would watch a movie that’s 2 hours, and not complain.

This is Paul David Washer, at the 2002 Youth Evangelism Conference in Montgomery, Alabama. I have been to several YEC’s, and have never heard anyone speak like this man does. Turn off anything else that will distract you from listening to him. This is awesome. He speaks the truth.

And after he spoke the truth, he was never invited back to speak again. He steps on toes that need to be stepped on. He would never be invited to speak at some of the country’s megachurches. 


9 thoughts on “Watch this

  1. RYC: Glad you understood that. When he first used that illustration I was like”wow”.  Hear is another illustration: Hold up a cup and say; I am going to set this cup outside in the rain. When it stops raining I am going to drink the water that falls into the cup. Those drops are the ones that are predestinated, the ones that fall into the cup.The saved are the ones that have falling into the cup.
    That is a good illustration, but I like the airplane better.

  2. Oh thank you so much for your prayers…I am feeling so much better now….whew! Rough there for a while!
    I am headed to bed soon so I will have to watch this tmw…sounds good!

  3. I hope you’re having a blessed weekend.  Love the looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the cartoon with Michael Vick’s jury.  I am looking forward to some quiet time with the video you posted.  :wave:

  4. Oh, no, Scott, you are far from the only person that feels that way. We’re going to show it next Sunday, and I know exactly how many toes it’s going to step on – the young adults (and hopefully their parents) who claim to be Christian, but have myspace blogs talking about doing drugs and having sex.

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