What’s the oldest thing I own?

10:30 p.m….In the morning, I am going with Rachael to a funeral. The husband of a girl she works with, died of cancer yesterday. The sad part is that this man did not have anything to do with Christianity until right before he died. His wife asked her co-workers one day if they believed in God.  They told her yes. We have doubt that he ever was saved. I believe he was only 35, and they have 2 sons. We are meeting one of the other girls she works with, and she will ride with us.

Matt 10:30…”And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.”  (That’s a link.)

Connie’s question yesterday was “What’s the oldest thing you own?” Lots of people said their Bibles that they got when they were young, or pictures of them when they were kids. I liked Renee’s answer….a piano that had been in the family for generations.

I can’t imagine not having anything older than things from your childhood. While I’m tempted to say the oldest thing I own is my husband, I don’t own him (can’t even train him )

I collect antiques. I have no idea how old some of them are. I have one table that belonged to my great-great-grandfather, and traveled by covered wagon from Tennessee to Texas in 1873.

But I guess some of the neatest old things I have are the buttons off my great-great-grandfather’s Civil War uniform. He joined just before he turned 15, which was too young. He had to cross into North Carolina to join, since everybody in his town of Greeneville, Tennessee knew his age or could easily find out. He was captured in his first battle, and remained in a prison camp till the end of the war.


I have tried to get Bethany to post about the events at her store on Friday afternoon, but she said she didn’t want to type it all. Three people, 2 guys and one pregnant woman, tried to shoplift a ton of stuff from Walmart. Baskets full. They got stopped, but it got ugly. One of the guys got a face full of concrete, compliments of Jonathan. There was much kicking and screaming of obscenities. And the woman tried to act like she wasn’t part of it.

John 3-16

If you are Christian and have not seen the video in my last post, you should watch it.


7 thoughts on “What’s the oldest thing I own?

  1. Hello!  I’m on the purple team in hearttbeat with you… and wanted to stop in and meet some of my fellow teammates.  I hope that you have a fabulous week in the Lord…..
    The wedding picture is precious.  Who is it??!!!
    Love and Hugs,

  2. Hi, Cindy.  Just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for the prayers r/t the loss of my sister in law.  Her service is on Saturday in Denver so we will be heading out early Friday morning.  Continued prayers this week would be greatly appreciated.

  3. My dad who liked one month being 87 when he died accepted Jesus only a few days before he died.  He was able to go to sleep in the Lord with peace and love on his face.  The difference was amazing.  I only wished he could have done it sooner, but am so thankful he finally did.  God is amazing!!!!! 

  4. The sermon yesterday was on witnessing, and I bawled the whole way through it.  “How will they see if we don’t show, and how will they hear if we don’t go?”  There are so many lost people in our town, but we miss so many opportunites to share Jesus and bring Him up in our conversations.  I really want to begin to be more watchful and alert in my conversations with others because I know I miss so many opportunites to bring up the name of Jesus…

  5. :yes: That could be, Jimmy. If it was last minute, we may never know.
    Joan, that’s wonderful. I’m going to post about something that I know about, regarding a last minute conversion.
    PB, we all miss so many opportunities. And the best way we can show them Jesus is with our lives. When they become curious about our lives, then they want to know about this Jesus we have.

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