Happy Birthday, Justin


We found out at the funeral that Jason had indeed become a Christian. The pastor said that he had known Jason only a very short time, meeting him at M.D. Anderson Hospital. That is the cancer hospital in the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

Sarah, his wife, had told some of her co-workers that Jason had “gone all Christian on me.” But today she did say that she knew Jason was in a better place. The pastor did a beautiful service. He said very little actually about Jason, but he gave lots of scripture, and presented the plan of salvation. She also gave an invitation of sorts, just asking people who did not know where they would go when they died, to come and talk to him. He also said that giving the plan of salvation was the request of the family.

Jason was a rock musician, and the pastor did say that the list of things he had done wrong in his life was long. But he said those things were all forgiven now. That brought a few tears to my eyes, because eventhough I did not know Jason, I had been praying that he would not die without coming to know Jesus. I got my answer to prayer today.


I have to take Beth to the dentist tomorrow at noon. She’s having pain in her left jaw, and I think she has an abcess.

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I’ll start off this post by saying happy birthday to my nephew, Justin. He is 22 today. Justin was the best man in Brandon and Rachael’s wedding last November. Well….I guess Brandon was actually the best man, or he wouldn’t have been the one getting married

I was there when Justin was born. I stood right behind the doctor and watched it all. It is absolutely amazing to watch a baby being born. My brother-in-law worked weird hours at that time, so I took the LaMaze classes with my youngest sister. Bill now owns an air conditioning/refrigeration business and Brandon works for him. He also owns a crane company. But at that time, he was just an AC technician who worked too late to go with her to the LaMaze classes.

Bill was there when Justin was born, but he stood at the head of the table. Most guys don’t handle it too well, actually watching the birth. I would have been delivering Justin if Dr. Bowman had just moved out of the way   I get excited about babies being born.

It was about midnight that night when Heather called and said they were heading to the hospital. We had just gone to bed, so I had been up all day. I got ready to go to the hospital, also, to spend another day without sleep. I wasn’t feeling that great anyway, so going without sleep was hard.

We did not know at that time, that I was pregnant with Bethany.

Justin was a 6 pound little bundle, and everything went pretty well. And I just cried when he was born. Surgical masks make great Kleenexes. It was only about 18 months after our Rachel had died, so it was difficult for me.

He was the cutest little baby, and has turned into a very handsome young man. Happy birthday, Justin!

Justin is in the center of these pics. His brother, Michael (on the right end) is getting married in December.

kidding around

Brandon,Justin,Michael 50%

Three of you commented on my last post about witnessing, and becoming a Christian at the last minute. I wanted to tell you about someone that really did wait until the last minute.

After my grandfather died in 1965, my grandmother had to go to work. She tried several things, but eventually worked as a nurse’s aide, first in a nursing home, then at a large hospital in the Texas Medical Center. Nanny was a Christian and was a Sunday School teacher at the church we still attend.

She was always telling patients at the nursing home about Jesus, if she thought they did not know him. She was also always showing kindness to many of the patients by treating them like they were her own family. There was a young man named Jimmy Ewing, who had cerebral palsy and was confined to a wheelchair. He could not speak plainly at all because his brain damage was so bad. His family lived in west Texas, so she use to bring him home with her sometimes, so he could have some family life. I was a young pre-teen then, and did get to the point where I could talk to him, and understand him.

But there was a woman in the nursing home, who had been very opposed to Christianity. This woman was very ill. Nanny tried to talk to her about Jesus, but the woman didn’t want anything to do with it. She fell into a coma, and was not expected to live. Nanny prayed, fervently, because she did not want this woman to die without accepting Jesus.

Nanny would pray by her bedside, as she took care of this woman. And one day, the woman came out of the coma. Nanny talked to her one last time about Jesus, and the woman did not fight her that time. She seemed to understand. But she died later that day.

We did not know for sure if that woman ever accepted Jesus. But Nanny believed with all her heart that God had allowed that woman to wake up one last time, and have one last chance to hear God’s word, because that was Nanny’s strongest desire at that time. And we believe that God honored her request because she spent her life trying to obey Him, honor Him, and tell others about Him.

I’m sure Nanny knows now, whether or not that woman ever was saved. Nanny died of cancer in 1972 – the same kind of cancer the young man died from that we are attending the funeral for today.

I hope that woman did accept Jesus during that one last chance that God gave her.

This is my grandmother, about 6 months before she died. I’ve posted this picture before.

Hazel Guinn 12-24-71


23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Justin

  1. Thank you so much for sharing what you did.  I was unaware that you lost a little one.  May god Bless you.  The pictures of the young men were adorable.   Wonderful story about your grandmother.  Many blessings for the rest of your day.  Oh, I haven’t watched the video yet, but will this evening. :sunny:

  2. Three handsome guys there! ….How wonderful that your grandmother prayed and shared Jesus as she worked with people in that situation!
    thanks for the love!  I need it.  The old countertop is off and the new one isn’t on yet.  And I’m dealing with Band Booster business on top of it all – and it’s the first day of school!

  3. Wow, Renee….what are you doing in your spare time? πŸ˜†
    Jill, she was born and died the same day, Feb. 7, 1984. She was born with Group B strep infection, and it just weakened her lung too much because she was 11 weeks premature. I had the strep infection, which caused me to go into labor early, and she got it from me. Her name was Rachel Elizabeth, and we gave Bethany her name for a middle name when she was born 2 years later.

  4. Those 3 (Brandon & cousins) are very handsome . . . & so cool with the glasses!
    I have only seen one baby born; I was the substitute coach for a lady who was living with us with her little girl, while her hubby had moved further north up state because of a job situation. The birth was a very easy one, and when the little guy came out . . . I was moved beyond anything . . . what an awesome thing to see a little one born. I had already had my two sons, but I was in too much pain to be able to enjoy the moment in the same way.
    Such a cool story about your grandma . . . reminds me of my mom. Speaking of last minute conversions, my mom’s dad died at age 95 or something around that . . . & it wasn’t until the final month of his life that he came to Jesus. Thank God for His mercy to us all.
    BTW – I left you a comment RYC on my site — on Beth’s site! Muchliest……. Carolyn

  5. :yes: Thank God for His mercy.
    I was able to be there when Michael was born, too. I have always thought being a nurse-midwife would be a wonderful thing. But….I don’t want to go through the schooling necessary!
    Sue, would she be willing to go for somebody a little younger? πŸ˜† (Sorry, Justin!) Here we are fixing him up without his permission. Wait…isn’t that what aunts are for?

  6. Hey, I am still here. Hanging in there. We had a couple of hard days the end of last week, but things are looking up a little for now. It is still like being on a roller coaster. You just never know when the emotions will hit. I was extremely emotional the night before Paula-Beth went home. We were at my moms and I wanted to cry at her since she was leaving the next day. But I am sure we will deal with that for awhile. But it is so nice to know we have so many wonderful friends out there that care about us. Thanks so much for caring.

  7. Very good post. I love your story about your Nanny. I think that it is great when one can effect the lives of others even if it is at the last moments of life.
    Hope you have a great week.

  8. Cindy, she actually dated one of the football coaches last year who was 4 years younger than her.  I wasn’t thrilled about it but not because of his age.  Because she was missionary dating.  He was a Christian.  I just told Jenn we were conspiring.  πŸ˜†  She said, “And where does he live New Mexico?”  I told her she was close…probably Texas.  One of the 6th grade teachers, yet another male coach, has attended church the past two Sundays.  The first by invitation.  This past Sunday he came on his own.  He’s 29 and yes he would love to be Mr. Right but so far it’s not happening for Jenn.  I’m taking one step at a time.  First, the boy needs to accept Christ.  His religion exposure is next to nothing.

  9. She said he has to ask to be her friend.  She keeps it private to keep the students away.  She also said her friends no longer use xanga much anymore.  They use myspace and facebook.

  10. :wave: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :wave:  Nope, I’m going to stay right here on Xanga!!! (Aren’t you…..hmmmmmmmmm, I don’t believe in ‘luck’ ………. aren’t YOU fortunate!!! πŸ˜†  What a good report to read about Jason’s conversion. Wow! And Carolyn’s GPa waited til he was 95 — now, that’s what I call “Pushin’ it!”  One never knows WHEN that will happen. I want to be READY!!  AMEN!!! :heartbeat: I’ll come around again tomorrow. I’ll be anxious to know how everyone ENJOYED that clip at your church. I REALLY LIKE IT!!!!!  Well, Sister, I better be sayin’ GOOD NIGHT. :sleepy:  ~Carolyn :heartbeat:

  11. Praise God he got saved! 
    The countertop is on, but that’s all!  My coffee maker is too tall to fit under my upper cabinets now that the counter is a *normal* height!  doh!

  12. πŸ˜†  That’s funny!  And we know Jenn loves to travel.  Now, she has a youth pastor from a very large church here in town interested and trying to meet her.  He doesn’t even realize that the three of us were in a Pure Choice Abstinence Educators training together about 3 years ago.  She said, “Mom, this guy looks familiar.  What was that guy’s name from _____ Baptist?”  I couldn’t remember his name but as soon as I saw his picture I knew it was him. Let’s just say he probably won’t get a shot at meeting her.  πŸ˜†  Jenn said the other night that she is bored with all the guys in her life!  What we moms won’t do to help our girls find Mr. Right!!!

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