Urgent Prayer Request

Please put my cousin, Jill, on your prayer lists. We just found out that she has Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She will be 40 years old on December 21. She was a Christmas baby, so her middle name is Noel.

Here is an article on Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Jill has 3 kids: Thomas is 22, getting married, and expecting a baby soon; Kaitlyn just turned 16, and Patrick just turned 15. Her husband, Tom, just got back in July, from a year in Iraq. His picture is on the left side of my page. Jill’s brother, Ross, finished a year in Afghanistan back in February. He is also on the left of my page.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer is different from what we think of when we hear ‘breast cancer.’ It is extremely fast growing, and there are no ‘tumors’ as we think of them. The tumors can grow in sheets rather than lumps, and be undetected. IBC can be mistaken for an infection, and go longer before it is diagnosed. There is only a 30-40% 5 year survival rate.

This is Jill at my parents’ 50th anniversary party in December 2005:


By the way, the only center in the world dedicated to the treatment of Inflammatory Breast Cancer, is at M.D. Anderson Cancer Institute , in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. This is the IBC Clinic at M.D. Anderson.


26 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request

  1. Thank you for letting me know about this very urgent prayer request.  I will be fervently praying for healing and peace for precious Jill. Blessings for your family.

  2. Thanks, Carolyn and Scott. I don’t really know how Jill is doing. My mom talked to her mom  (they are sisters) tonight just before she called me. But I know her kids are not taking it very well. Patrick, the baby, has always been Mamma’s boy, not to the point of being a sissy, but he’s just really close to her. Now she said he just clings to her. He has always been such a good boy…no behavior problems and a good student….but when his daddy was in Iraq for a year, he started acting out. He and 2 boys he shouldn’t have been hanging out with, vandalized a house, and Patrick got arrested. So Jill was homeschooling him this year, because she didn’t want to put him back in public schools. I don’t know if she will be able to continue that or not.
    Tom, her husband, was supposed to take a job in Laredo, doing border patrol. He is in the Army National Guard. But I’m sure that’s on hold now, because she is in the very best place to get treatment for this. Kaitlyn is an honor student, and was supposed to be going into a special program for gifted students at Harvard, but eventhough her grades were good enough, they put her on the waiting list because they only had so many spots, and no place for her. My aunt said that now she knows it was for a reason….Kaitlyn needs to be here with her mom.

  3. I was almost 11 years old when Jill was born. I am closer to her mom’s age than her age. So, just like with her brother, Ross, I was the one who took care of them when they needed a babysitter. My mom kept them while their mom worked and I was in school. You grow up and get married, and kind of go your separate ways, but when we were younger, we were very close.
    Jill was 17 when her oldest was born, and he was born 6 weeks early. I went with her when they moved her from the hospital close to us, to a hospital downtown with a neonatal intensive care. She wanted me there because I had lost Rachael just the year before, and she was born 11 weeks early.
    My youngest sister is just 2 years older than Jill, so they were more like sisters when they were little. They did everything together.

  4. I’ll be praying, too.  :brokenheart:
    Thank you for reporting the porn to John and getting them removed.  I won’t hardly look at the Xanga home page because of what I’ve seen on there the one or two times I have bothered to scroll down the page.

  5. :(This is some bad stuff… I will certainly be praying for her… I had a best friend that died several years ago of this same thing… Yes, we need to cover her in prayer.. and her family!

  6. Hello,  I am sorry to hear about this.  I hope and pray Jill and her family will be okay.  By the way I am not familiar with that type of cancer — will educate myself on that.  Please take care, Sharon

  7. You know I was thinking about this… a very unusual number of people this summer that I know or know through other people have been afflicted with cancer. It’s kind of bugging me how many. Two good friends of mine have lost parents to them… one after a long battle and one after a very short but severe bout. Another friend of mine has had both parents deal with, fight, and beat it… mom had breast cancer, and dad had prostate cancer, the latter of which was successfully treated with surgery, and just got blood tests back saying he is completely clean and clear (Praise God).Anyway… sorry to be glum… just was realizing how many people just this summer I know. Praying so very hard for your cousin and for her family.

  8. I am adding her to my prayer list. I am really sorry to hear this too. but I guess it is good that hubby is home to help be there because she will need to have the support of her family to help her get through this!
    Thanks for letting me know about your prayer request too…I swear I have the hardest time getting on here during the week!
    Take care and please let Jill know that I am keeping her in my prayers!

  9. Thank you, TJ. I will let her know.
    Scott, don’t worry about being glum. Cancer just is a fact of life in our world. It’s scary and it’s rough to go through, but it’s more and more prevalent all the time. My grandmother (who was also Jill’s grandmother) died of cancer in 1972. I posted her picture a few days ago. I have another cousin on the other side of the family who has had cancer 3 times – first Hodgkin’s lymphoma, then a brain tumor, then thyroid cancer. He came through them all. Our pastor’s wife had surgery for breast cancer 11 years ago this October, and is doing fine. And we’ve had so many other friends and family who had cancer of one type or another.

  10. :heartbeat:GOD IS ABLE! :heartbeat:I pray that He will give the doctors wisdom on how to treat this cancer in the best possible way. I speak PEACE to the family and especially to Jill. I pray that they will be drawn closer to the Lord. Blessings ~Carolyn :heartbeat:

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