Forgot to mention that my mother got a “new” car. It’s a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer. She’s been driving a 1987 van since 1987, and it has seen many better days. She has been in need of a vehicle that doesn’t break down and doesn’t leak, for a long time. It’s very pretty. I didn’t know it till she drove it to church tonight.

clean kitchen 

Dinner was good. There was a 3-way tie for first place: baked spaghetti, green bean casserole, and corn casserole. Mine came in 2nd. And we decided that on New Year’s Eve, the men cook. We have some men who really can cook. Our pastor always likes to make baked beans, and I give him a really hard time (you were surprised, right? ), telling everybody that he just opens a can of Bush’s Baked Beans and heats them up. Steve said he makes a mean cheese and crackers. He told them he’s bringing a case of saltines and a case of squirt cheese.

On the way home, we stopped at Walmart. Then I came home and mopped the floor by our front door and  vacuumed the kitchen. Then I unloaded the cabinet that got a new countertop, to clean inside it. It had dust from sheetrock and concrete board inside it. Had to wash all the dishes that were in it. We still have details to get finished on the kitchen, but Steve did get the trim on the countertop last night.

Tomorrow we have to go to the church and load up some firewood. Mark and Dave cut up a huge limb that fell out of our pecan tree in front of the church. Nobody but us has a fireplace, and pecan is good firewood.

Here’s a couple of pics from tonight. First, Brandon is getting a jump on Christmas:

Brandon & Andy

And I have no idea what Andy was doing here:

Beth, Andy, Brandon

Go here to read about Manuel’s big adventure

3:25 p.m….Just thought I would pass on a bit of wisdom. Don’t accidentally touch your arm to a pan you just took out of the oven after 1-1/2 hours at 350 degrees. It leaves a mark

Dave just called to ask if the oven at the church was working, and it is. He said theirs wasn’t working. I told him this was their chance to leave their casserole at home, since it wasn’t going to win anyway! Steve said there sure is a lot of trash talking going on here.  

Zits 8-16-07

Zits 8-15-07

Zits 8-14-07

Church was good. The video was good. People squirmed. Some cried. Those were reactions we were looking for. I usually sit in the front, but today I sat in the back, so I could gauge the reactions of people.  We’ll see in the coming weeks, just how much impact it had.

We did have a slight glitch in the show, though. The computer locked up, while Steve was showing the video. Herb told people he expected something like this to happen….Satan trying to keep the truth from being told. Trying to prevent lives from being changed.

In Sunday School, we had a special prayer session for the presentation today. Herb came over and prayed with us. We gathered 2 classes together for it. We asked that not only would things go well, but hearts would be changed. We normally have several children who are disruptive in the service, and they were quiet. Steve said he was praying for specific things, but he forgot to pray for the computer!  

But people said they got their toes stepped on. Andy said, “Ouch!” Mark said his got run over by a truck. Glenn looked at my feet (I have on sandals) and said, “You’ve still got toes!”

My King Ranch Chicken Casserole is in the oven  Chris stood up in church today and made an announcement: that all the other ladies need not bother to bring their casseroles, because hers was the only one that was going to win anyway. She told me that again after church, and her hubby, Dave, said, “She put REAL butter in hers.” I said, “Well….I put REAL sour cream in mine. So there ” We have a good time teasing each other.


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  1. :goodjob:Hey, I hope your “ouch” is okay.  I will admit it I have try to take out a pan without a mitten once or twice.  :lookaround: That casserole sounds great!! Save some for me. 😀 Had a great sevice at church today–was needed.  By the way I have had my toes “stepped on” many times.  Take Care, Sharon

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