Bethany’s happy

4:20 p.m…..Arrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!  I got ready to go run errands. Put on my good clothes, had my make-up all done, and my hair curled. It looked pretty good. I went to HEB to get some groceries before the Bible Study tonight. When I left the house, the sun was shining. When I walked out of the store, the bottom fell out of the sky!  I got drenched. My hair looks like I just got out of the shower. My mascara was not waterproof, and not nearly as much of it is on my lashes.

I got home, just 2 miles down the road, and it was not raining. So I put some stuff in the garage that I didn’t want to get wet, and started to bring in groceries. Got in with the first load, and thought it was going to be ok. I could get them all in. I set the bags down…..and the bottom fell out again  I am beyond not happy. There is still a trunk full of groceries, some of which should be in the freezer. And on top of that….one of the kittens ran out the door as soon as I opened it. At least I know she ran in the garage, so she’s in a dry place.

Steve just got home. He’s wet, too. Beth should be here in a few minutes. She has to park far from Walmart when she’s at work. She’ll be drenched, too.

I’m so tired of the rain. I’d like to have a day without it.

The good news is that this pair of pants is fitting looser than they use to.

12:30 p.m….Beth just came home for lunch, with the mail in her arms and a huge grin on her face. I knew that meant she just got her next check from the trust fund. So she just left again to go put it in the bank. She can pay off her car now.

She got a compliment yesterday from a customer that use to come in CVS all the time. She had not seen Beth since she worked at CVS. Yesterday she told Beth she was “looking all skinny.” Beth’s been losing weight on Weight Watcher’s, and has gotten into some skirts she couldn’t wear for a while.

I just missed a good photo opportunity. Beth was sitting on the couch eating lunch, and the cats were trying to get her to share. Midnight fell off the couch, and was hanging on her leg.  


Stupid cat.

Lots to do today and then Bible Study tonight.  


14 thoughts on “Bethany’s happy

  1. LOL!  I’m sure that was a very cool place to get.  πŸ™‚
    I have pictures of my 5 baby kitties, but just haven’t posted them yet.  Benny said the cat was going to go if she started doing this every time.  I don’t think his grandkids will let him do a thing.  πŸ˜‰

  2. :yes: Me, too. Steve’s dad set up a trust fund for the kids for their schooling and living expenses involved with school. It’s one of the few nice things he did. They get $10,000.00 a year for 4 years. His dad is gone now, but a cousin’s husband is a lawyer, and they are the trustees of the account. His dad set up all kinds of hoops that they had to jump through to get the money, but since he’s gone, John just said to send him a letter from the school saying they are enrolled and he’ll mail a check each year. She has one more to go next year.

  3. we all are going to be skinnier too i have lost 5 more pounds from where i was 2 weeks ago yayyy go me!!!:wave: and also im here to remind you of heart beat monday almost forgot that part sorry 😦

  4. When we first moved to LaPorte in March 1985 I about went crazy.  It was gray every day for SIX SOLID WEEKS – and the wind blew.  I grew up in Lubbock where the wind blows, but the sky is rarely overcast for a couple days at a time, much less for SIX WHOLE WEEKS!  I really did just about go crazy.  So, I’m sorry that it’s still raining there!

  5. It really has been strange this year. It’s not at all normal. But we’ve had rain nearly every single day….for weeks. The grass needs mowing about every other day. It doesn’t get mowed that often….it just needs it :giggle: I don’t usually mind rain, as long as I can stay dry. But you can’t really plan anything with all this water. Wehn we tried to bury one of our dogs, the hole would fill with water, as soon as Steve would dig. It’s been unbelievable.

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