8:40 p.m….Beth went to Walmart and came home with a new laptop computer  Here’s the specs. Go to her blog to see what she told us when she got home


Bethany and Hannah at the workday today. Beth is one of Hannah’s favorite people. (Yes, these pics look different. I just went back and cropped them.)

Bethany & Hannah

Beth & Hannah

1:50 p.m….We made it all the way to 1:00 p.m. before it rained today.

8:35 a.m….I’m headed to the church workday in a little while. I don’t think we’ll have a lot of people show up. It’s not raining right now – in fact the sun is even shining – but the day is still young  We are starting to have lower daytime temperatures now, thank goodness. The highs are in the 80’s now. And next week, we are supposed to have a cool front. I can’t wait.

Steve has to work on his regular job today, which is very unusual. He usually only works Monday through Thursday. But it will look good on the paycheck.

I rated a few blog posts this morning. Something that is really standing out to me, reading all these “risky” posts, is that so many lives are just empty. They have nothing that really makes them happy. I feel sorry for some of these people. I wish everybody understood the way to have a good life, that isn’t full of this hate, bitterness and emptiness.




12 thoughts on “Workday

  1. I am sorry you are getting so much rain. It would be really nice if you would share. We finally got maybe 2 inches. It hasn’t rained since the end of July. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND we had an small (3.1) earthquake yesterday morning.
    Have fun at the workday. I have a workday of my own here at the house. We are having house church tomorrow night at our house. Expecting 35-40.  MY house is TINY.  ‘Twill be fun.

  2. :ROTFL: Carolyn…..did you forget how to talk? ๐Ÿ˜† :heartbeat: :wave:
    Cathy….better you than me. I wouldn’t even open the door for any church members right now. Not the way the house looks right now. But that should be fun. We use to have that many people here for Christmas and Thanksgiving sometimes….all family.
    I would love to send you this rain. An earthquake? I didn’t hear anything about it. You would think we’d hear about one in Arkansas.

  3. We made it.  Watching Will march and on the sidelines was very emotional for both Bill and me.  He was in the band 30 years ago, before I met him.  It was hot and we’re both exhausted.  He has had to take an extra pain pill.  I don’t think we could do this very often even if we could afford it. 
    Beth looks beautiful!

  4. Yeah I saw! *jealous*Someday I will get a replacement machine. Sometime soon hopefully. My old one is sitting in a million pieces on my floor waiting for a new DC plug to come in the mail that I’m going to solder onto the motherboard. Even if it works though it’s just going to be temporary – I don’t feel safe using that on a regular basis for a long time.

  5. Oh those cartoons are too funny!!! It is supposed to cool off this weekend! Yay cause we have 2 weddings! That letter is too much I should post that on some of the photography forums! lol

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