7:00 p.m…..I just got home about 1/2 an hour ago. I went to the post office, went to get my nails done, and then to Walmart. Steve and Bethany are both working till 7:00 tonight. It’s gonna be pizza for supper.

Walmart is setting up their Christmas stuff in the Garden Dept. where Beth works. When I walked in, she had this, “I’m gonna kill somebody,” look on her face, and pointed to a shelf overhead, right by the register. There is a huge vinyl blow-up decoration that plays music…..LOUD! It was driving her crazy. And it’s only September. If she has to listen to that thing for 4 months, she’s gonna be up there with a knife, cutting it to little pieces. You can hear the thing half way down the main aisle. It’s annoying. One of the guys stopped it while I was there, and they thanked him for it. I thanked him, and I don’t have to stand there at the register for several hours a day.

One of the girls that works with Beth was looking for some guy that was stuffing shirts under his shirt. The worker that was up on the high shelf, could see this guy doing it, thinking nobody could see him. I don’t know if they ever found him, but I imagine he got out of the store.

My youngest sister, Heather, has taken over the paperwork for the estate of my great-aunt, and her husband. Tommy died in Aug 2000, and Faye in April 2006, but Tommy’s estate was never probated and put into Faye’s name. Neither Tommy or Faye had valid wills….there were messed up wills with no signatures, that aren’t valid. Tommy had a good will years ago, but we cannot locate the lawyer who wrote it up, and Tommy did not have a copy. This was a man who was president of a savings and loan and owned an insurance company. He was very smart. He invested a lot of money. He knew business stuff. He was a well known business man in this area. Everybody knew him. Not everybody liked him, but they knew him.  But in his later years, he and Faye both destroyed their minds with alcohol, especially after their only son overdosed in 1991. Ronnie was facing prison for drug dealing, so he killed himself.

To show you how much Tommy’s mind was gone, he use to walk up and down the sidewalk in front of their house…..naked *shudder*

My mother was the legal guardian of Faye (her mom’s sister). She never would let us help with all the legal paperwork…therefore, it’s in a complete mess. Tommy had a lawyer on staff of the savings and loan, who has tried to help with it, but he’s getting old and feeble. And forgetful. He’s actually a very, very distant cousin of Faye.

The court-appointed lawyer, assigned by the probate judge to get Tommy’s estate transferred to Faye, was getting very aggravated at Mamma because she wasn’t doing things the way she was supposed to. So finally he sent her a letter saying he was turning the whole thing over to the state. So Heather got a lawyer, and decided to take matters into her own hands. So the court appointed lawyer is willing to let her. He told her that he had been afraid to turn everything over to our mother because he didn’t think she was competent.

So there is an heirship hearing on Sept. 20 in court, to get the heirs of Tommy established and get things put in Faye’s name. Then we have to submit the list of Faye’s heirs. My mother never took any pay for taking care of Faye and Tommy, or their estates. And she even paid many bills out of her own money. So we are going to try to get that reimbursed to her. She didn’t keep good records. After everything is in Faye’s name, then we can get Faye’s house sold, and off our hands. It was such a nice house when they bought it in the 60’s, but it fell into terrible disrepair over the years. Tommy let everything go to pot.

So we have to send a letter to every heir in the family, telling them what is going on. One of them is a vice president for Wells Fargo Bank, so I know he doesn’t need the money. There isn’t a lot of money, because Tommy blew millions of dollars before he died. Faye had diamonds and furs that were stolen by hired household help, and by Tommy’s girlfriend. It’s just a mess.

My mother is in bad health and the stress of this has made it much worse.

The moral to this story is….do not die without a valid will!!!

3:15…..I’ve got lots to tell you later, but I have to run some errands. I just got off the phone with my sister. We are trying to straighten out some family inheritance stuff. She and I are going to court on Sept. 20, for an heirship hearing on my aunt’s estate. Our mom was my aunt’s guardian before she died, but Mamma just can’t keep up with all the legal work anymore.

I’m going to try to make it around to everybody today. I didn’t make it yesterday. Had too much to do.

In case you ever need to know, it is very difficult to type on the computer with a kitten draped across your arm.

We have a cool front coming! I can’t wait. We were talking about it last night, and I commented that it’s rare for us to have a cool front in September. But I remembered the year I was pregnant with Brandon, 1981, we had a cold front come through in September. Our company, Houston Lighting and Power, was having a barbeque and game night at an outdoor place in Friendswood called Camp Manison. Camp Manison is no longer there….it’s been built over and now there are huge, expensive houses sitting on what use to be one of the prettiest outdoor places around here. It sits right on a creek. When I was in the youth group at church, we would sometimes go down there for hay rides.

But once again, I could remember a detail about that night…26 years ago….but I can’t remember details from 2 days ago. I can remember what I was wearing that night. I had just bought a new maternity top – it was beige knit with chocolate brown trim and brown buttons – and I was anxious to wear it. And it was almost sleeveless – it had very short little cap sleeves. So of course, that night a cold front blew in, and we were not expecting it.

My sister sent this in an email this morning:




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  1. As always, it’s so wonderful to hear from you Cindy!  I am so jealous…a cold front..maybe, if you’re getting an early one, we will too 😀   I hear it’s gonna be in the 90’s tomorrow with a heat index of 102 :oh-no:  Loved the picture and poem from your sister..so precious.  Oh, loved the pics of Bethany…she’s is beautiful and has such a glow about her.  You are truly blessed.  Have a great day and night and many blessings your way.  Any news on how Jill’s doing? 

  2. I am soooo excited about the coming cool front!  Can’t wait!  When Olivia was born (9/21/94) I remember that the first cool front of the year was on the day we went home from the hospital…on the 24th.  I left the hospital in short sleeves and Livi in a onesie…had to hurry into the car and bundle her up a little better.  Since then (about 10 out of the last 13 years), the first cool front comes right after her birthday.
    By the way…
    “Our company, Houston Lighting and Power”

    Wow, I had no idea you guys owned Houston Lighting and Power…you guys must be loaded!!  :ROTFL:

  3. you guys must be loaded!! 
    :yes: Did I forget to tell you that? The 9 mm is always loaded! :ROTFL:
    Jill, I will see if we can blow this front on over your way. Our high temps have come down some….high 80’s to low 90’s, and the heat index is way down. No more 117 this year! Yea!!
    I have not heard any more on Jill, so I think I am going to have to call my aunt, Krista, to find out. Usually my aunt talks to my mom and tells her, but apparently this isn’t happening. Krista was already so down because their brother, my uncle Roy, has brain cancer and won’t live much longer, and now her daughter has cancer on top of that.

  4. Forgive me, Cindy, but 😆  “… I could remember a detail about that night…26 years ago…but I can’t remember details from 2 days ago.”  Hmmmmmmmmm, WHAT does that tell you? :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: (Naughty Carolyn :hammer: ) :love:

  5. Camp Manison! I remember our church having get togethers out there! Any time I drive over to Baybrook Mall from Alvin, I *always* glance to the left and think of what a beautiful park it was. Now it’s “Azalea Trails” or “Terrace” or something like that, isn’t it? With lots of big houses . . . oh, well . . . :sigh:

  6. I wondered if you knew about Camp Manison! Yes, there are several big subdivisions built there now. I had not been there in a long time, and we went to a friend’s house one day, and I realized that that neighborhood was built on Camp Manison. I just hated that. It was such a neat place. And there were so many memories there from when our church youth group went there.
    You come all the way up here to go to Baybrook? Isn’t the Lake Jackson Mall closer?

    You know, Christy…I typed that, and then got up to put pizza in the oven. I just sat back down and started proofreading, and noticed it. I added a word so it sounded better. And then I heard “you’ve got mail”. When I saw it was you leaving a comment, I knew you had already seen that! And I knew I was gonna hear about it. 😆 :heartbeat:

  8. I see someone else is watching out for you, too! :sunny: Way 2 go, Christy. :wave: I hope your sister can get everything straightened out and have the estate settled.  RYC: To me, salvation is the most important prayer on behalf of Kevin…. not just to get well and be on his happy way again – but to come to a saving faith in Christ Jesus. Then, he will have EVERYTHING. :yes:  Good night! ~Carolyn 😀

  9. :eek:Ya know, you can still have a valid will and someone will try to contest it… it’s crazy… and the lawyer’s will let them do it… of course… geez!
    I feel sorry for my Bethy… music for the next 4 months and annoying music at that… I would be going nutso, too!
    You all have a great night!

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