September 11

10:35 p.m…..Beth posted the Mad Lib.

10:00 p.m….I completely forgot to mention it was my nephew’s birthday today. Jeremy is 28.

I’m cooking lasagna

And here comes the rain again.


we will never forget 


It’s been an interesting day. Last night I stayed up very late getting some church stuff done (I was up till 4:30). And this morning, I had to get right back to it.

Tomorrow is the monthly business meeting at church, and since I’m the treasurer, I have to do the treasurer’s reports and tell everybody how much money we don’t have  But I’m having to get those reports done today, since tomorrow is going to be full.
We have a lady at church, Kay, who has cancer. She is still taking chemo, but it is just to prolong her life. She has breast cancer, that spread to her lymph system, her bones, and now her brain. She has a very selfish son and daughter (both in their 30’s) who don’t want to bother with taking their mother to our cancer hospital, M.D. Anderson, just once a month for her chemo and doctor’s appointments.
She didn’t want to ask me since tomorrow is business meeting. And she didn’t ask me, but I found out from another church member (that’s called “networking” ) that she didn’t want to ask because I was too busy. So I called her.
I’m taking her out to the medical center at 10:30 in the morning. She has a bloodwork appointment at 12:30, a doctor’s appointment at 3:30, and chemo at 6:00 p.m. I told her I would stay through her doctor’s appointment, and then come back so I can get the reports to the church and stay for the first part of the business meeting. I’ve asked our pastor to rearrange the order of the service, so we can get the business done first, and I can leave to go back and pick up Kay. It’s a 30 minute drive to the medical center.
This is Kay, in July 2004, before she got so sick:
Then after the meeting is over at 8:00, we are having a surprise birthday party for Kathryn. She is turning 70 tomorrow. Her son, Mark, and daughter, Donna, are taking her to dinner before church, and will have the cake set up in the fellowship hall for the party after church. Kathryn is going to be so surprised.
This is Kathryn, at Brandon and Rachael’s wedding last November:



7 thoughts on “September 11

  1. Thank you, Sue. :heartbeat:
    I know I won’t ever forget. I watched it all on tv. Steve called me sometime that morning, because I was still asleep, and told me what was happening. My first thought was, “How could this happen in America?” Then I got more awake and turned on the tv. When I heard about the Pentagon, my next thought was of my cousin, who worked there.
    I am just a little nervous about what God will allow, to shake us up the next time.

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