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This morning, Kay (our friend with breast cancer) left her Bible at church, so after church tonight, Steve and I went by her house to take it to her. I was just sitting here thinking about her and remembered some really ugly things her family has said and done to her.

Kay’s sister and brother-in-law attend our church, too. They have been attending for 3 or 4 years, but they won’t join. They are incredibly self-centered and everything has to be about them. Today they took Kay to lunch after church, and then drug her to their favorite grocery store – the HEB Central Market, which is a huge store that sells a lot of gourmet stuff. Kay drove one of those motorized carts so she didn’t have to walk, but she was just exhausted when we got to her house tonight. They don’t think about her….they only think about what they want to do. Cancer patients have extreme fatigue. She was so tired tonight, her voice was shaking.

Kay’s parents use to come to church, until her dad announced that he has never sinned, so there was no need for him to go to church. Her mom is also self-centered. Nobody has any illness worse than the things her mom has….at least in Mom’s eyes. When “Mom” got a blood clot in her leg, she had to have her children catering to her. But Kay had one, too, and her leg swelled up like an elephant leg. But her family was not concerned about it.

Kay also has systemic lupus. It is a life-threatening autoimmune disease. My aunt died from it. But Kay’s mom told her she doesn’t have it, because if she did, then she’d be dead. Huh? Then she told her that it was just a made up disease.

Kay cannot drive herself to the hospital to be treated. She has panic attacks, and you don’t want to have those while driving in Houston traffic.  Her family says she doesn’t have them, and this includes her son and daughter. Kay’s husband of 31 years, left her for another woman, and the son and daughter took the dad’s side. Her ex-husband told her that nobody would ever love somebody like her.  He was also physically abusive.

Her daughter told her she just sits around the house too much and she needs to get out more. Her son has taken her for chemo, but he takes her early in the morning before work, drops her off at the door, and leaves her at the hospital all day. She’s getting very confused all the time now, so alone is not the way she needs to be – to find her way around a humongous place like M.D. Anderson. I won’t leave her there anymore….we saw how easily she can get lost. The reason Sonny Boy didn’t take her last Wednesday was he said he just couldn’t take any more time off work, since he just got back from a cruise.  But he works for their father, so if he really wanted to take off, he could do it. He speaks very ugly to her. The other day, she told him something about her treatment, and he told her to “quit jacking around with me.” She didn’t understand what he meant, so I had to explain to her where that expression came from.

But these aren’t the worst things, eventhough they are extremely uncaring.

Last year, another relative of theirs died. The whole family went to the funeral. Kay had just been diagnosed with cancer. It had already spread all over her body, because she ignored the signs of the breast cancer. Kay’s mom was not pleased about having to be at a funeral. So she told Kay, “Too bad you couldn’t  go ahead and die, so we could just have a double funeral.”

What kind of mother tells her daughter something like that??

They don’t love her. So it’s our job to do it. It just breaks my heart. That’s the reason I’ll go and take her for her treatment each month now.


After church this morning, Brandon, Rachael, Beth, Steve and I went to lunch at Casa Ole. We hadn’t been there in a while.

Steve is preaching tonight.

Beth is gone to Walmart to take one of the “Dorothy ribbons” she made to Doug.

Our new printer is so purdy. And boy does it print well. And fast. Great for printing more wedding pictures.


7 thoughts on “Preaching and other stuff

  1. Ephesians 6:1-3  Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. 2β€œHonor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise: 3 β€œthat it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.”  This commandment does not end when we turn 18.  They also need to know that their children are seeing the way they are treating their mother and then realize that their children will treat them the same way. Our children do what we do.

  2. Oh my, my heart aches for Kay!!!  How can anyone be so unkind.  I am so glad she has you and your family.  It really helps me to see how blessed I am to have such loving and caring children and grandchildren.  The previous comment is so true.  Children will in turn treat you the way you treat your parents.  It is also sad to realize that her family doesn’t understand how much God loves them and that He died for them.  :heartbeat:  God bless you for your kindness!!!
    Hugs   Mema Joan

  3. :wave: Thank you for sharing your comment today on my site. :love:  That’s too bad that Kay’s family treats her unkindly. I am glad, though, that she has you to take her to the treatments each month. Well, I better get back to my project. I emptied out a whole cabinet of corning ware – bowls – whatever – and now I wants to wash everything down and get it ORGANIZED – AGAIN!!  :hammer: It better stay ORGANIZED – OR ELSE :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:  πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  4. πŸ˜† Carolyn, I did that a couple of weeks ago. It’s been my experience, though, that cabinets don’t stay organized. There is a little cabinet gremlin that gets in there and messes everything up. :hammer: πŸ˜† :heartbeat:
    Cathy, it’s a shame people don’t ususally bother to read that promise of living long on the earth, because the reverse would be true: if you don’t obey that commandment, things will not go well, and you won’t live long on the earth. But I bet an awful lot of people don’t even know that part of the verse exists. :heartbeat:
    Joan you have such a loving and attentive family. They love God and that’s why they also know how to take care of family. That’s a great blessing! :heartbeat:

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