4:30 p.m….Well, I’ve gotten a small break. My aunt isn’t coming over. But I’m still working on cleaning anyway. It’s just such a huge job. The kitchen is looking good, though.

I’ve been on the phone with both my sister, Laurie, and my aunt, Krista. We are concerned that my 70 & 71 year old parents, who are in terrible health, are planning to drive to Lake Charles, LA sometime soon. Mamma’s brother is the one dying of a brain tumor called a “glioblastoma”, and he lives in Lake Charles. They have not been over there in many years and don’t realize how bad the traffic is now and how much road construction is going on. Krista just made 2 trips over there and said it’s terrible. Daddy stresses out over traffic. He doesn’t like freeways. Mamma said Daddy drives and she navigates. That’s not good. (Beth just cracked up when I told her Nanny is the “navigator”. My mother was my navigator once going to visit a cousin, and if I didn’t know the area, we would have been in terrible trouble.)

Laurie and Ricky would take them over there. But my mother is resistant to having anybody go with them. So we’ll see if they ever actually make it over there to visit.

Steve and I are going to Nita’s this evening to put out some heavy trash for her. It’s the old stove and cooktop that Steve and Brandon replaced. Houston only has heavy trash pick-up once a month.

I found out my cousin, Ross, who is a cop when he’s not flying helicopters for the army, is not going to be a cop for long. He’s going to work as an off-shore helicopter pilot. It will be an immediate $5000 raise over what he makes now, with the possibility of raises in the future. He said he’s tired of being a cop, eventhough that’s all he’s wanted to do since he was a child. He’s been doing it for almost 20 years. But he said people don’t respect him, they get ugly and he doesn’t get paid enough.

We need to pay our law enforcement more. He has a bachelor’s degree, but makes very little money. It’s just ridiculous. The only thing that would make him stay where he is, would be if his department had a full-time SWAT team.  He’s an adrenaline junky.


Heather and I are going to court tomorrow for the heirship hearing on my uncle’s estate. After everything is put in my aunt’s name, then her lawyer will petition the state for Heather to be the administrator. He’s already told her we will have to go to court 4 or 5 more times to get it settled.

I have to straighten up my house. My aunt is coming over this afternoon. She’s bringing some things for me to sew for her grandson’s wedding on September 28.



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  1. Oh, you aren’t just joking! It’s a mess. :yes: That reminds me of what my grandfather use to say. Instead of “you aren’t just joking,” he’d say, “You aren’t just a woofin’!” :laugh: He had some strange sayings.

  2. How interesting, Have you ever been to Abingdon? This was my first trip, I have been wanting to go for a long time, and when thid opportunity arose, took advantage of it. It was a very enjoyable trip.

  3. :ROTFL::ROTFL: I know what you mean, Linda. I sit down at the computer when I need a break.
    And I did get a break. I am actually going to run by my aunt’s house tonight and pick up the stuff. We have to go to Nita’s house (she’s a little almost 83 year old lady at church) and do some things for her, so we’ll just stop by Krista’s on the way home. But I’m still cleaning. It needs it anyway. This place looks so bad right now.

  4. Cleaning…what a chore, but, as I have learned this past weekend, it makes one feel so good to accomplish this!  My dad is having surgery on his leg Wednesday.  He has a large hole near his foot that is a form of skin cancer….in a weird place.  He has had a awhile, but didn’t really think it was anything.  The dermatologist decided after a biopsy, that a surgeon should get it out.  So, I’ll be home from work Wed and Thurs.  I plan to continue my list of “things to do”, sewing and ironing.  I also want to get my paperwork in order and more oganized.  Anyway, many blessings and I’ll pray for your parents.  God bless, Jill

  5. :heartbeat: I’m glad it all worked out for you! :goodjob: Do you watch DEAL or NO DEAL?  The guy could have won $1 Million if he would have kept playing until the end……….Ohhhhhhh, I bet he’s 😮 😮 😮 SICK!!  :yes:

  6. :heartbeat:I hope you all have better luck than I’ve had with the uncle and the estate… it has been a pain dealing with my aunt and uncle over my grandfather’s estate… hope things go well…
    I was giggling about your mother and dad… reminds me of my grandparents back in the day; everyone used to talk about them getting out on the road and how scared they were for them… grandpa would always get lost.
    Have a great day… ttl!

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