I’ve always been good at remembering things like birthdays and anniversaries. Bethany is like that, too. So today I kept thinking it was the anniversary of something, but I couldn’t remember. It bugged me all day. I finally remembered a few minutes ago…..it was Sept. 22 last year when we met Connie, Christy, and Debbie in Texarkana.

8:25 p.m….Tired. I’ve been doing lots more tiling and grouting today. But it’s looking good. I have to stop at Home Depot tomorrow to pick up a few more trim tiles.

Love you, E.

Leaf garland

Go here to read about the experience of a man being shot down over Germany during WWII. Brandon is getting in the mood for the Wings Over Houston Air Show. We are planning to go October 6. We’re splurging and getting Eagle Squadron tickets this year. I’m telling myself it’s cheaper than a vacation  And we don’t splurge very often. With that ticket, you get a lot of stuff, including catered food and reserved seating and parking.

Brandon has also posted about getting to help work on a B-17 here. He’s going to help at the air show this year.

Here’s 2 of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds at the 2006 Air Show:

Thunderbirds 2006

Leaf garland

It’s Caturday!

Can you believe September is almost over?


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  1. Hugs and kisses Cindy! Play nice and have fun today with whatever the Lord sends you out to do. God bless you.
    Cynthia :sunny::heartbeat:

  2.   I love the Air Force Thunderbirds. We got to see them in Hillsboro, Oregon. We live in Longview, Washington so it only takes about 1 hr. to drive there. Also love the Blue Angels who were also in Hillsboro.

  3. Thanks for subscribing to me. My trip will take me up to New York and Niagra Falls, over to Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia and back to Louisiana and anything in between. I am suppose to be surprising Music Turned Human for her birthday, but I don’t think she comes here. She has probably figured it out. Anyway, just keep asking me where I am going and pretend you don’t know.
    Have a good time at the air show. Sounds like wonderful family time to me.

  4. I really can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by…October is just around the corner, which means that November is getting closer and closer!!!!
    RYC: I definitely will have some work to do in getting my body toned again.  I was really active before I got pg, and I haven’t been able to do near as much since then.  But, I’m just enjoying the growing belly and will hopefully get back into a good exercise routine once I don’t have a person jiggling around inside of me!!  lol  (DH and I were running in Chicago trying to get across the crosswalk in time and it was THE weirdest feeling!)

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