11:45 p.m….Sorry I didn’t make it around to see everybody tonight. I had a busy day, and then tonight, Steve and I were working on home repairs. Earlier in the afternoon, I was putting trim tiles around the window sill in the kitchen. Then tonight we were replacing some wood floor tiles that had gotten damaged. He has his electric miter saw set up on the dining table, so he was cutting, and I was down on the floor fitting and gluing down tiles. He also put up some more paneling and trim pieces.

Fall colors

You HAVE to go watch the videos on Brandon’s new post! Ethan, go listen to the first one. I won’t tease you anymore! I promise! At least not about this one thing   (He took off Xanga lock, by the way.)

Pumpkin pie blinkie

3:00 p.m….I am working on the post of yesterday’s sermon, but it might take me a while. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you, a miracle. Yes, miracles still happen. They happen all the time, but many times people just don’t notice them.

Our youth/music minister and his family live in a home owned by the church. Dave called me this morning and said he was going to call the gas company because he was smelling natural gas pretty strong. (Steve is the head of the Properties Committee and I’m the Treasurer, so people call us when things happen to the church property that’s going to cost money  )

I told Dave that their gas bill had been running high for several months, but I thought they were just taking more showers and washing more clothes. They are a family of 4, with 2 boys in the house. One of them is a teenager.

He called back to say the gas company pulled their meter because of a really bad gas leak. A plumber has to run new gas lines. Now, our men in the church know how to do that, but in the city of Houston, a licensed plumber has to do it, in order for the city to ok the gas company putting the meter back.

Dave said their dog, Spinaker, dug a hole in the back of the house, at the base of the slab, tunneling under the slab a little bit. The gas company guy said it’s a good thing Spin did that, because it was allowing the gas to vent to the outside, so that the house did not fill with enough gas, to cause an explosion.

Andy, their 15 year old, who is also our pianist, said, “Houston, we have a problem. There’s a house in orbit.”  I told Dave the problem would be that the house would be in pieces in orbit….and so would they.

The plumber did come out to see what they need to do, and had to go get parts. The house has to be brought up to code. Not only do they have to run a new gas line from the meter to the house, they have to replace some valves in the house to bring it up to city code (we’ve since decided to cap off some of the valves that are not being used.)

Stuff like this happens in the lives of everybody. But God will provide. God has already protected them. Their house could have blown up, but the dog dug a hole that allowed the gas to vent to the outside of the house. The gas company guy put his meter down in that hole and said the leak was very bad, and it was a good thing the dog dug that hole.

The gas company was able to get out there within an hour, and in the city of Houston, that in itself is a miralce. The plumber came out as soon as they were called. Also a miracle. Usually it’s the next day before they can come out.

The income for our church is not high. In fact, I had to use most of what we had in our savings to pay another large bill last week. But we know God will provide a way for us to pay for this, eventhough it will be expensive. It’s exciting, because now we know we need to watch for another miracle.

God will get glory and honor through the lives of His children. That in turn, shows to others the existence of God, and how He works. Hopefully, it causes others to know God.

God even used the dog. And it was not a coincidence.

Leaf garland

“I can’t eat these while you’re looking,”


“Mmm….they sure were good.”

Taz 5

That’s Taz. Brandon found her under a dumpster at a nursing home a couple of years ago. She was a tiny kitten then, and she was so hungry and thirsty. He fed her and gave her water out of the cap of his water bottle. And he couldn’t leave her there to die, so he brought her home. The cat in the window behind her in the first pic is Rita. We found her wandering the neighborhood during Hurricane Rita 2 years ago.

And that’s shrimp Taz is eating. I was cooking shrimp several night ago, and she was begging for some.


24 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. Looks like Taz liked the shrimp. Cute pixs. I have to admit I love my fur babies. They love us no matter what. Just wanted to stop by and say hello and see what is going on down your way. Take care and have a good day.
    Love ya!!! :heartbeat:

  2. What a beautiful miracle God provided! :sunny: I love it. What a blessing.  My nutty cat Maxx won’t eat any human food and when I give me canned cat food, I have to add water…cause all he wants is gravy!  Gotta love um.

  3. :ROTFL: I’m glad you caught that, Jill 😆 Taz has a finicky stomach, and usually all she can eat is tuna. But the shrimp did ok.
    I agree, Renee :goodjob:
    Linda, our kitties don’t have their own Xanga. They just like to type on mine.

  4. It is perhaps about time to update… gimme a day or two… waiting and praying on something that’s happening… had an interview Thursday… possible news there, I’m waiting to see if anything significant happens with that before posting. Pray please though… would be fabulous if I got this job.

  5. God always knows our needs and never ceases to provide them and to protect us–PTL!  I continually am reminding myself to “live in faith and not fear” these days…I just look back on this year and see all of the miracles God has brought into our lives and it amazes me..

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