5:30 p.m…..Sewing’s done….house is clean (relatively speaking )….candles are lit so it smells good. Nobody’s here to spit on the candles.  I’m tired.

2:50 p.m….Wanted to take time out to show you this. Midnight is in a fountain in the front yard (it’s not plugged in right now), trying to get a drink of water. I actually snapped this picture a little too late, because when I walked out there, her whole body was down in the fountain, and all you could see was her rear end sticking up.


12:10 p.m….We now have our tickets to the airshow. They should be gold-plated for the price.

Leaf garland

Dave called and said the 2nd plumbing company he called is $2000 cheaper than the first. So they are already working on it. When he called the first company, he had called directory assistance to get the number. The plumbing company we always call is “Dover Plumbing”. Well, the operator gave him the number for “Dove Plumbing.” He never saw their trucks, so he thought it was Dover….just one letter off.

We’ve used Dover many, many times, and they know us. I’d say it was a mistake that he called the wrong plumber, but I know it wasn’t. Nothing happens in the life of a Christian that God doesn’t allow to happen. Calling the other company, even if it was by mistake, allowed us to see what another company would charge, and how a different company tried to make us have work done that didn’t need to be done.

Dover said the water heater does not have to be built up on a stand to bring it to code. There is already a slight elevation where it sits, so it’s already above ground level. It does, however, have to have a different vent on the roof. Several valves have to be changed in the house. The biggest expense is running a new line from the meter to the house. They are pretty certain that the leak is under the slab of the house, so they are just running a whole new line.

Everthing in the house that runs on gas has to be brought up to code in order for the gas company to reinstall the meter.

Ok, I have sewing to work on. And cleaning to do.


5 thoughts on “Plumbers

  1. :wave: I have homework to do for the Bible Study Fellowship I go to on Thursdays. Gotta get it done NOW because tonite I want to watch Deal OR No Deal. Have a cool day. ~Carolyn  :heartbeat:

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