Dave Ramsey seminar

7:00 p.m….Dinner is pork chops cooked in cream of chicken soup, pasta alfredo, and green salad.

Soldier’s Widow Gives Birth to Baby Girl  (A Houston area soldier’s wife gave birth to their second child just 3 weeks after he died in Iraq. The soldier was the son of a Houston Police officer.)

Leaf garland

Back in the spring, Brandon organized a financial seminar at church. He purchased the video series from Dave Ramsey, and we had one lesson each Sunday night. But he and Rachael like Dave Ramsey so much, they are going to a live seminar tonight. I am so glad our children are getting the chance to learn the things about finances while they are young, that we had to learn the hard way.  

This video is one of the weekly lessons we had in our seminar:


And here’s one Brandon will like: 


12 thoughts on “Dave Ramsey seminar

  1. Thank you so much for the info on the mercury.  I looked on the internet and tried everything they suggested…finally, I used an index card, put it in a baggie , and tossed it in the garbage. It was fun (even though I’m all grown up), playing with it through the baggie 😆  Blessings.

  2. I think the stuff I got from D. Ramsey on the radio plus the love and prayers of  my church family probably kept me out of bankrubtsy a few years ago. God has blessed and I have a wonderful job. I do wish that I had learned a few lessons like this before I got myself in trouble. Good to know, God does not leave us when we goof up.

  3. THE DAVE RAMSEY CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME!!!! Now Brandon and I are even more excited about paying our debts off and saving up for a raining day or just to have fun and say WE’RE DEBT FREE!! We both can’t wait till we can call on Dave Ramsey’s radio show and scream those words lol =) I can’t wait till we can see the guy again he’s really good and down to earth. If you have heard of him you’re missing some VERY good, life inspiring information that ANY one can do. I also enjoy listening to him on the radio during my lunch when I can.

  4. Make sure he sees that video when he gets home 😉 😆 I’m so glad you guys had so much fun. I am so proud of both of you for getting things paid off and saving. That’s something we never did, and I cannot tell you how much stress it puts you under. :heartbeat:

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