10:00 p.m….Tired again. We spent the afternoon working outside again. Steve was working on another fence and I was cutting back more bushes and trees. Our yard looks like an overgrown forest. Beth washed her car, and as soon as she finished, it came a storm  We just finished watching The Great Raid.

Thomas, the oldest son of my cousin, Jill (the one with breast cancer) got married yesterday afternoon. He is 22. My aunt promised pictures. They just had a small ceremony at the courthouse with immediate family. The bride is expecting in December, and since Jill has cancer, she really wasn’t up for a big wedding. Jill will be a grandmother about the same time she turns 40. Her mother did a little better though….my aunt became a grandmother to Thomas when she was 36! The bride, Becca, has another son who is 4-1/2. He was born when she was 15. Thomas is going to adopt him. They’re my family….gotta love ’em.

When I met Becca, we were trying to tell her who belongs to who in our family. I showed her pictures of my family and told her there would be a test afterwards. She said, “What if I fail the test?” I said, “Then you’re out of the family.”  I guess we have to be patient. There’s a lot of this family to memorize.

I sent the “O-mazing Grace” video that Steve and Brandon had on their sites, to our youth/music minister and his family. Andy, our 15 year old pianist replied:


Leaf garland

I have watched all these Mike Huckabee videos before I posted them. But this first one is excellent. It’s long….about 42 minutes, but well worth the time it takes to watch.


 Leaf garland 

To read more about where he stands, go here.

Leaf garlandLeaf garlandLeaf garlandLeaf garland

It’s Caturday! 




And here’s Shadow Cat .

Pumpkin garland

If my maternal grandfather was alive, he would be 100 today. He died 42 years ago this December (1965). He was 58 when he died. This is my Gran (Roy Guinn) at 21, in 1928. I really see my nephew, Justin, in that picture.

Roy Guinn 1928

Gran was raised in a Christian home, but really did not get serious about his Christian walk until about 10 years before he died. But when he did, he really got serious. He was a deacon in our church, and taught a men’s Sunday School class. My dad said he was the best teacher he ever had.

Before he became a Christian, he smoked and drank. When my grandmother told me that, I just could not believe that about my grandfather. In a child’s eyes, he would never have done anything like that. To me, he was perfect.  (EDIT: As an adult, I understand he was simply human.)

I have many memories of sitting with him in church. I can remember our Christmas Eve service when I was about 4 years old. I sat between Gran and my dad, and wore a red and white velvet and organdy  dress. I still have that dress in my cedar chest.  


11 thoughts on “Caturday

  1. I love the kitties so much!! And the doggies too 🙂
    I applied at one place today and will probably pick up the pace looking for work next week.
    Thanks for your prayers, Cindy.
    God bless you. :sunny:

  2. Wow
    a handsome man he was; by the way, I like your last entry about your pastor and how much he does for the Lord…chaplain, etc. God bless HIm, we need more Godly men like that who can teach as a preacher for a sunday service, a theological lecturer, a chaplain, a bible study leader, informal counseling, youth lessons, etc

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