It’s a new week

9:15 p.m…..Whiskers is so happy when he is slung over Beth’s shoulder:

Beth and Whiskers 008 

Beth and Whiskers 007

Beth and Whiskers 009

I am so happy for Melissa! She has lost 30 lbs so far, and looks great. She posted before and “half-way” pictures. This is us back on March 12, when we met at a Mexican food restaurant near our house:

Cindy and Melissa 3/12/07

It has rained A LOT this weekend. But I hope the weather is good next weekend for the air show.

Apple line

After church, we went by our youth/music minister’s house to see a baby squirrel they have. They saved it from the dogs in the back yard, Little Squirrel lives in a dog crate in their family room right now. It’s a cute little thing.


Then we all went to Whataburger for lunch and had a really nice time of fellowship. Andy took a good picture of Brandon on Beth’s phone Maybe she’ll post it.

And on the way home, there was a guy driving behind Beth who was checking her out. After we passed him, he pulled up beside her to get a better look. He was probably thinking, “Cute….AND she drives a Mustang!!”  ROFL He drives a big red dually pick-up.

Apple line

Ps 118:24……24 This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  NIV

Leaf garland

1:00 a.m….I’ve been sitting here looking at pictures from Brandon and Rachael’s wedding last year, and thinking, we survived it! I had my doubts, but we actually survived  And now….in about 6 weeks….they will have their first anniversary.



24 thoughts on “It’s a new week

  1. My goodness!  I can’t believe it’s already been a year!  My how time flies!
    BTW…I put up pictures per your request! :flirty: I’m looking hot…(Olivia’s words…not mine!) :ROTFL:

  2. RYC: Yes I was trying to rip her head off, but you don’t know the torture she put me through. Would you believe we saw a SNAKE at David’s. I can run from his back door to his neighbor’s yard in less than one second and that is like 3 acres away.:yes:

  3. Great pictures and slide show on your site:goodjob:
    Thanks for your comments too…uh-oh, looks like a difference of opinion whether he can really sing that song!!
    Good to hear from you….have a blessed day….Mike

  4. A rubber snake would make me run. I do not not not like snakes. I am horrified of them. I told my teen girls last Wednesday night that if I had been in Eve’s place we would be in good shape today, because I would not have gone new that thing.:nono:

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