11:10 p.m…..I think I’ve found my Christmas present.

Pumpkin garland

Read Steve’s post concerning the trial for which he was on the jury. He was the jury foreman.

Did you know Canadian money is Looney? My cousin lives in Toronto and he’s kind of looney, but I didn’t know their money was, too.

Pumpkin garland

The doctor’s appointment went fine this morning. It was just a follow-up visit from last month when we were concerned about possible skin cancer. No cancer. Doctor wants to see him in a year.

We went from there to IHOP for breakfast  That is absolutely my most favorite meal to eat out somewhere. We looked for Carolyn (RaZeHeLL), but did not see her. Carolyn….you asked if you could join us, and then you don’t show up!   California is not that far away!

Steve had to get to work, so I came home, and Xanga was down for maintenance. I could not get any message of any kind on the main page, but when I finally was able to get on the moderator page, it said they were down for maintenance.

Later I went out again. This turned into a day where I did stuff for me. I usually don’t because I feel guilty, or I just don’t want to spend the money. First I went to get my nails done. Then I decided to see if the hair place had time for a walk-in. So I got my hair cut. It was waaaaaay overdue. It really feels weird now. Then I went to Macy’s to get make-up. I only wear Clinique, and Macy’s is the closest place that carries it. While I was there, I shopped for clothes and got 3 things.

Then I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. Bethany was already off work, but I checked out in the garden department. They had pulled a cashier from the front to check in garden, so I commented on that to the cashier, since I recognized him. But he didn’t recognize me. He said yes, he had to go back there to relieve the cashier that had to go home. I said, “That was probably Bethany.” He said, “Yeah, that’s her…..big, tall girl.” I decided before he said anymore, I should tell him that was my daughter

I was going to go out and cut down more trees in the front yard, but I realized when I got home, that all my work clothes were still in the washer…..wet. So if they dry and there’s still plenty of daylight, there’s an oak tree that has a date with a chainsaw.

Pumpkin garland

Steve has a doctor’s appointment this morning, and then we’re going out for breakfast


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  1. How fast do you think you can get here? We’re leaving now. šŸ˜† Tell you what, you go to IHOP there, and we’ll go to IHOP here, and we’ll think about each other šŸ˜† :heartbeat:

  2. What a fun, fun day.  First Steve’s Dr’s appt goes well, then IHOP…yummy breakfast.  Shopping is always fun, and getting a manicure and hair cut…more good stuff.  So glad you had a chance to do some girly things for yourself.  Blessings.

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