4:00 p.m….An interesting article on insomnia and depression.

Also interesting: positive people are happier. Duh! “If you can come to terms with past events, you’ll be better able to handle tough times down the road.”

I just looked out in the back yard, and our barbeque grill has been turned over on its side  That just proves I was out like a light sometime, because I would have heard that thing fall on the brick patio. It’s heavy, and its right outside our bedroom window. I guess it was the dogs. I hope it was the dogs. But they’ve never done that before.

2:30 p.m….Not feeling well. I believe I had a seizure sometime this morning. There is a large amount of time I cannot account for and everything hurts. I am having trouble staying awake (I feel like I”m trying to come out from under anesthesia) and light hurts my eyes. But nobody was here with me to see it happen, so I can’t say for sure.

I hate feeling like this. I had things outside I wanted to do. I really like using that chain saw.

Fall foliage

I don’t do much instant messaging now, but I did tonight. Or last night, technically. But I haven’t been asleep yet, so it’s still tonight. I  IM’d with Scott (srbinchrist) for about 2-1/2 hours  Haven’t done that since I use to IM with Ethan.

I’m not sure there’s anything we didn’t talk about. So if your ears are burning…..

Real Life Adventures 10-3-07


3 thoughts on “

  1. :love: wondering why my ears were red :steamed: this morning! lol:lol::grin:  JUST KIDDING!
    but it really is all about me, you know!  :ROTFL:
    I know you’re asleep now.  Another busy day awaits me, so I won’t be back til who knows when.
    love ya,

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