11:00 p.m…..In the survey on my last post, I said that I went to the prom twice….2 different years, with 2 different guys, but I wore the same dress. So I thought I would show you. This is me in 1973, with my boyfriend, David. I was 16. It’s hard to tell much about the dress. It was a mint green with a sheer white dotted swiss overlay. I made it for the prom in 1973.

Cindy and David 1973

And this is me in 1975, with Dale. He wasn’t a boyfriend, but we were in choir together. I was 18.

Cindy and Dale 1975

9:15 p.m….Wheezer is back down from the ceiling, we have umbrellas, Steve has new shoes, I got chocolate and all is right with the world.

Steve and I went to Walmart and Walgreens (after I woke Beth up so she could move her car.) When we got back, I went outside, back up on the ladder, to find Wheezer. I was calling her, but didn’t see her. Then Steve came out and said she had come back in the house. So she climbed back down through the inside of the wall, through the hole in the sheetrock, and into the living room. I am so relieved. But she could have at least told me she did that before I climbed back up on that ladder!

She doesn’t like to be picked up, but I picked her up anyway, and kissed her. She was hissing at me. I often get that reaction, whether I’m kissing the cats or my kids  Wheezer is now out front playing with her sisters and her Mommy.

The rain prediction is down to 50% for tomorrow, according to Dr. Neil Frank. He is our “chief meteorologist” on the CBS station, and also the former head of the National Hurricane Center. Dr. Neil loves Hurricanes.

But we have a tent to sit under, so the rain won’t be a problem except when we’re walking around. We also get breakfast, lunch, and a special parking area.


4:35 p.m…..I can see Wheezer up in the ceiling, through the soffit on the back of the house. So she’s still there. That’s good, because if she climbs higher and gets into the attic, there are all kinds of places up there she could get lost or hurt.

4:20 p.m….Steve’s working and has a lot to get done, so we just cancelled the Bible Study. So I’m fixing to go back out and see if I can find Wheezer.

1:25 p.m…..And now the bands of rain are moving over us,  from the storm in the Gulf. The Air Show is tomorrow, and there is a 60% chance of rain.

Leaf garlandLeaf garlandLeaf garland

We have a small problem. Or maybe a big problem.

Last night, I brought in the kitten that is not crazy about people. Her name is Wheezer. I just wanted her to come in for a little while, so she can get more use to being around people. But I could not catch her to put her back out. So she stayed in all night with the other 2 kittens.

This morning when Beth and Steve left for work just before 7:00, Wheezer was on the computer desk. I waited about 30 minutes after they left, and I got up. When I got in the living room, I could not find her.  I kept hearing funny noises in the wall, but that’s not at all unusual around here.

Wheezer managed to get in the wall, through a hole in the sheetrock under the desk. She climbed up through the wall and is now up in the ceiling over the living room. I saw her in there from outside the house, but I could not get to her. She would not come down.

There are 3 dogs in the back yard, and I figured she would not come down at all as long as the dogs were right under her. So I put them in their respective pens, and climbed back up on the ladder to try to sweet talk her down. I even put a can of cat food up in the ceiling. We have a sloped cathedral ceiling in the living room, so the ceiling is only the thickness of the roof rafters.

It was only about a minute, and Timon and Pumba were back in the yard  They wouldn’t tell me how they managed to do that, so I had to investigate. The chain link has been pulled up at the bottom of the gate, and they just went through the hole. So I had to figure out how to fix the hole. I found a piece of nylon strap on the ground and used it to weave the fence back together. I also drove a piece of aluminum pipe into the ground just outside the area where they made the hole. The dogs are big (German Shepherd/Chow mix) and I did not think they would be able to get through the hole and around the pipe. I got back up on the ladder, but I could not get her. She moved further up into the ceiling.

Trouble is in another pen on the other side of the house, and he is still trying to get out by chewing through the chain link. Just about 5 minutes ago, I saw Timon run through the back yard, meaning he managed to chew through the strap I put on their gate, and get around that pipe.

I don’t know how we are going to get Wheezer down out of the ceiling, short of taking the sheetrock off the inside. We need to do that anyway to replace the insulation.

I need a stun gun. That would keep those dogs from tearing the fence up.

The life of a zookeeper is not always fun. In fact, it’s downright frustrating sometimes.


18 thoughts on “*Sigh*

  1. Cindy,
    I am praying. I know what it’s like to be a zookeeper. I’m so grateful you are willing to take in so many animals. God bless you.
    Cynthia :love:

  2. we have been getting rain now for a week ~ my inlaws are in Jacksonville and are flooded!! They got 7″ one day and 8″ the next ~ I think they are getting rain right now ~  It is so windy out at times it feels like a small hurricane ~ Have a great weekend!:sunny:

  3. mmm…interesting problem.  I am not much of a cat person, I hope you can forgive me. I am not in favor of out right killing them for no reason, but I can live without them. Now give me a good dog and that is a whole other story. I think I feel the way I about cats because of the one that scratched me when I was about 8 and the next day it was dead on the carport and my daddy had to cut its head off and freeze it unitl he could take it to the health department on Monday to be tested for rabies. Fortunately it did not have rabies so I did not have to take the shots.
    Ok that turned into a personal novel. Goodnight.

  4. ๐Ÿ˜† Well, Cathy…..I’ll have to think about that forgiveness for a while. I just don’t know…….:lol: I have been scratched and bitten more times than I care to remember. When we found Cammy under the hood of Rachael’s Camaro, she was so scared. She bit both me and Brandon. She was hanging by her teeth from my thumb joint. The next day, which happened to be Thanksgiving, my thumb was so swollen, it was hard to do anything with my hand.
    Linda, I was beginning to think she did like it up there. In fact, she was asleep up there.:oh-no:

  5. :heartbeat: Guess what?  I went to the prom twice with two different guys (who were both just friends) and I wore the same dress as well! ha!  That’s so funny!
    You did a great job on that dress I must say… I didn’t make mine, that would have been a catastophe.. ha!
    That Wheezer…. :nono:
    You all have a great weekend!!! 

  6. Glad she is back down to earth. I did  not have a date in 1973, but I was writing letters to a guy from Alaska who was going to school in Canada and who is now living in Iowa and is a wonderful father of five. I think he chose the right wife. She is very nice.
    In 1975 I was probably writing letters back and forth to Charlie. I was in a small junior college in Winchester KY and he was in LA. I think I had a friend or two in college, but nothing serious.
    Glad Wheezer is back on the ground.

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