On the moderator page, it keeps track of the total number of pictures, videos or posts that you rate. I just passed 7000 tonight.

A lot of my pictures on here have been messing up today

Beth has the Mad Lib up.

Real Life Adventures 10-8-07

My brain is too tired to post much.

Rachael  made a video at the air show, and Brandon put it on YouTube. Here’s Shockwave:


I decided to study a little history. Here’s an article on the WWII bombing raids in Ploesti, Romania. The Commemorative Air Force did a re-enactment of that raid at the air show.



8 thoughts on “Video

  1. :wave: I could really do something with your first statement, but since today is Monday, I’ll be nice. :sunny:  Xanga has been awful quiet!!  :sleepy:  Makes me want to fall asleep. :sleepy:  I watched your video…:goodjob:  Well, I’m at a loss for words….soooooooooooooooo….:wave:  Bye by….. :heartbeat: ~Carolyn :love:

  2. πŸ™‚Hi,  I am so happy you had a great time at the Air Show.  I think that is so “cool” hearing the jets fly over at the church.  WOW!  By the way other week went to the local airport authority luncheon.  “tweetie” has met with him and email and then was told who he is.  He is General Patton’s grandson.  We were talking about Angel Flight and then I stopped and looked at him (he looks just like Patton) and thought WOW!  He has written several books that I will have to check out.  Take Care, Sharon 

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