Midnight: I just went outside. The temperature is cool and the wind is blowing hard enough that it was too cool to stay out there without wearing something warmer. I’m excited about fall weather getting here……finally.

On the way to church tonight, Steve and I saw something we had never seen in this area before…..a pink flamingo….flying overhead! Yes, a real pink flamingo. I wanted it. Don’t you think a real pink flamingo would look good in the back yard? It was really a bright pink, too. I wonder if he escaped from a zoo because that’s the only place I’ve seen them other than Florida.

7:25 p.m…..I got a better picture tonight of Mark and Jeremy with the swords. That’s our pastor, Herb, in the background.

Mark, Jeremy, Herb

And this is Bethany and Andy right after church tonight.

Beth and Andy

Pictures from church this morning. I don’t really know why Beth was making this face. That’s Mark beside her.

Mark & Beth

Our pastor made 2 swords and a cat of nine tails to be used in the Easter play. Jeremy is holding them up for pictures.

 Jeremy & whip

Jeremy and sword

I took one of Mark holding a sword to Jeremy’s throat, but it came out too blurred.

We went to Chili’s for lunch after church. Good food.


11 thoughts on “Church

  1. You had a good day! I enjoyed the pictures.
    I only went to worship service. I really did not  sleep much yesterday, so by the time I got off work and through the worship service, I was on my last blink.
    Hope you have a good week.

  2. Are you sure you weren’t doing any ‘nipping’ before going to church?  (A pink flamingo??)  :hammer:  I thought they were blue. :ROTFL::ROTFL::ROTFL:  I’m just kidding you.  It must have been beautiful. I wonder why it was flying all by itself. :heartbeat:  ~Carolyn

  3. πŸ˜† Carolyyyyyynnnnn………….:nono: πŸ˜†
    It actually was very pretty. Steve saw it first, and then I saw it. It flew right in front of us, and then turned around and flew back the other way again. Definitely a pink flamingo. But since our dogs have lobotomized the plastic ones in our back yard, the live one probably would not be safe. It looks really strange to see a big German Shepherd running around with a plastic pink flamingo in his mouth! :laugh:
    Cathy, the knee is getting better, a little bit at a time. The bruise is now more noticeable and I can feel the swelling in it, but it’s not as painful to walk.

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