Beth is wearing her new prescription sunglasses to watch tv and look at the computer screen. It cuts down on light and glare and makes her eyes feel better. She’s worried, though, about working all day tomorrow with her eyes uncovered. She said she would look like a moron wearing sunglasses all day while she works. Steve told her to go back to crafts and get a dowel rod, and paint it white. Then when she’s scanning items, she can act like she’s reading Braille.

We don’t think Manuel would ever catch on.

And Beth, you could use that dowel rod on Neal, when he starts the lecherous old man routine again.

desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2     desert heart stone tiny 2

I wish I had my camera with me a few minutes ago, on the way back from Walmart. I saw a couple on a Harley and they had their dog with them. A chihuahua….and he was dressed for riding a Harley. None of them had helmets on (I would love to see a helmet on a chihuahua.) But the dog had on a Harley t-shirt, a cap with a visor, and doggie goggles. That was so cute.

The doctor doesn’t think Beth has anything seriously wrong with her eyes. She has irritated spots in both eyes….he said it’s symetrical, and is in the corneas rather than actually inside the eyeball.  But he doesn’t know what has caused it. He gave her drops to put in them 5 or 6 times a day and a gel to put in at night. That will be difficult, since she has trouble putting stuff in her eyes. She has to go back in 2 weeks.

Pumpkin pie blinkie

Xanga is still having trouble, and the comments won’t post. You have to click “comment box not working” first, and then type your comment.

I want to answer you all so bad, but I’m waiting. I definitely want to give Beth a chance to answer. She should be home for lunch shortly. Some of you are right, and some are wrong. Some have not recognized themselves. A couple of you have guessed someone that isn’t even in there. Carolyn said 7 & 8 look a lot alike…and they do.

When I answer them, I’ll post the full picture I used. Some are more recent pics, and at least one is several years old. yeah…I did that to see if it would be less recognizable.

And Laura….I laughed at your comment. It does seem kind of creepy to see all those eyes staring at you!

I thought I would see how many of you can recognize eyes. All but one of these people are on my subscription list. I have tried as hard as I can, but some eyes just can’t be disguised. Or maybe it’s because I know who they all are.  I’ve gone back repeatedly and cropped again. I think Beth will get almost all (if not all) of them. (Some are smaller  because I didn’t have larger pictures to use.)

Who do all these eyes belong to? Answers are up, along with each pic. Click on it to see the full-size picture. And yes I swiped pics from a couple of you. Most I already had.

1. eyes 1  Bethany (Singing4God8692) Bethany 3-29-07

2. eyes 2 Cindy Cindy & Steve 3-29-07

3. eyes 3 Carolyn (Razehell) Carolyn and Dalip

4. eyes 4 Connie (daisymae81)  Connie and Paula

5. eyes 5 Paula (heyheypaula) Connie and Paula

6.  eyes 6 Steve (Singing4sDad) Steve

7. eyes 7 Brandon (kopfjaeger)Brandon

8. eyes 8 Rachael (sweetheart011982)Rachael

9. eyes 9 Ethan (etool_deux)  ethan7

10. eyes 10 Carolyn (justicemom) PaulaBeth,Carolyn,Paula

11. eyes 11 Merrilee (Auntie_M_710) Merrilee

12. eyes 12 Renee (carrensey) Renee

13. eyes 13 Cynthia (cynrita) Cynthia Hill

14. eyes 14 Christy (xiolagood) Christy

15. eyes 15 Melissa (melissamurr) Cindy and Melissa 3/12/07

All are fairly recent pictures, except for Ethan’s. I used a really old one, to see if it would be easier to fool Beth. I should have known it wouldn’t.  See the slide show on the left for newer ones.

Carolyn, I thought it was funny that you thought Brandon’s and Rachael’s looked alike because people use to say they looked like brother and sister. I use to tell them they were probably cousins. It tends to gross people out when they think about dating a cousin



35 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. :sunny:  Good morning Cindy ! It was  so longs…. that I havenΒ΄t  visit your site.  Good works !!!!….. all of them are very beautieful eyes .   Hope you have a wunderful Day !  Love in Christ . Tip

  2. :heartbeat: The longer I stare, the more I’m UNSURE… ha! I am being hypnotized by the eyes! ha!I know that Carolyn and Renee have to be in there somewhere, but I’m not sure… here’s what I have so far:1.Pretty eyes… I don’t know…2.You??? Pretty eyes whoever they belong to…3.Is that dad?4.Me5.Paula6.Larry8.Bethany?10.Carolyn?11.Merrilee12.Renee’?14.Christy (easy)15.Melissa (easy)Geez… that was hard… I’ll have to come back and see how bad I did! ha!Hugs!

  3. The trip was great..I’ll hopefully post about it tonight!
    All I got was #4 Connie, and the last two Christy and myself, respectively!
    :question: The rest were kinda tough since I’ve haven’t been a good blogger lately. :oh-no:

  4. Ok here goes nuttin:1 Beth2 You3 Me4 Connie5 Paula6 Me again? (going on the shape of the glasses more than the eyes)7 Brandon8 Rachael9 Ethan10 ?11 Merilee12 Renee13 Paula Beth?14 Christy15 MelissaI wouldn’t have gotten Christy but did see it when Connie said it.

  5. :hammer: Well, Plan A did not work, so now on to Plan B. :wave: Well, I’m back! I’m glad I wrote it doen on paper before I first try commenting, so now it won’t be so hard to do. :heartbeat: The EYES have it! πŸ˜† I do have a change in ideas….so that’s good. Okay…here goes: #4 and #5 look somewhat alike – but #5 is our dear friend’s HeyHeyPaula’s eyes + #7 and #8 look a lot alike, but one is brown and the other is blue — Here’s the change—I think #7 is your son’s and #8 is Bethany’s + #10 is Carolyn’s + #11 is Merrilee’s ** and, I know who is behind those smiling eyes of #3. :heartbeat: :wave: :heartbeat::so-cool: Now, the way to submit this is first highlight and copy it so that if it doesn’t take–I only have to click on ‘Comment Box Not Working’ and PASTE it there. Hope it works the first time. This was fun, although I do not recognize everyone… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. LOL, yeah I think mine are pretty distinctive.I think it may be more that you recognize the picture as a whole that it came from, like the angle and such that it was taken at, not necessarily just the eyes.

  7. It’s killing me to not be able to answer all of you. I’ll answer later this evening. And I thought I’d give Beth a chance before I answer. Some were right….some were wrong. And some of you don’t recognize yourselves. That’s funny. And I guess it’s almost unfair that #3 is so small, but it’s the biggest pic I had of that person.

  8. I counted several times before and still got 11, but I just got 12. I don’t know what I missed the first time.
    I’m wearing sunglasses right now to look at the computer and TV. This is annoying.

  9. :yes: :yes: This was fun! :yes: :yes:  What are we going to play next???? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I really thought #7 and #8 were Brandon and Bethany… Oh well, it’s still in the family with Rachael. I’m happy that I got me right. πŸ˜† :ROTFL: πŸ˜† Way to go, Cindy!  :wave:

  10. Yeah what y’all didn’t realize is that my comment was in reference to Cindy’s comment of it possibly being too EASY to figure out who is who – I was just saying that if she HAD used mine I’d be easy to spot. But she didn’t use mine

  11. I’ve got some areas that I’d like cropped!  At least until I’m done with all the WW! :yes:
    Too funny!  I do think smiles should be next on the list!  Butch is taking an instructor’s course this week and was a computer hog last night.  Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll get to post some pictures of our trip.
    Have a fantabulous day!

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