Home Alone

A corsage for the bride-to-be:

Holly's corsage

11:00 p.m…..The shower cake:

Holly's cake 2

Holly's shower cake

8:30 p.m….Steve just told me that I would probably want to sit down before he told me something…..Rachael managed to get Brandon to eat spinach!  And he liked it. It was actually a dish with spinach in it. When he was really little, he use to eat stuff like that. But when he got big enough to realize that green food usually meant it was good for you, he wouldn’t hardly even enter the same room with it.

Rachael…..I want to see that with my own eyes

7:00 p.m…..I just thought I’d give you a helpful tip…..when putting eggs in a cake, remember to break them open first.  

Beth needs help. NOOOOO…..I mean with the Mad Lib.


I am home alone today, at least for a while. Well….I probably should take that back….the cats are all here, so that’s hardly alone.

Steve went with Brandon this morning to the B-17 hangar, to help with some remodeling. They are tearing out the meeting room to repair walls and floor. Steve is going out of town Thursday, and won’t be back till the following Thursday.

Beth left to go see her friend, Myatt. He worked at Walmart until July, when he went into the Air Force. He surprised his family by coming home from San Antonio this weekend, but he told Beth ahead of time. He called this morning to say he was at Walmart.

I have much to get done. Tomorrow afternoon is Holly’s wedding shower, so I have to get the cake done, and make chicken salad for sandwiches. I’ll put the chicken salad on butter croissants. Mmmm! I also have 3 corsages to make, and somewhere in there, I have to practice music. I have to sing tomorrow in church.

I’ve posted this before, but that’s Myatt in the gray t-shirt. That’s part of the garden department gang. And Emily, the girl holding the baby, just found out she’s pregnant again. Barb, the girl on the right, had her baby, and Larissa, the woman on the left, doesn’t work there anymore. That’s Jonathan in the back next to Beth.

One of these days, I’ll have to get a picture of Manuel to show you. I promise you’ll laugh….that he ever thouht he had a chance with Beth. He reminds me of a neanderthal man….the kind that would club a girl and drag her home by her hair  And I don’t mean his looks….I mean his personality.

Garden dept


15 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Cindy,
    And I thought I was busy. Since going back to work my life isn’t my own, LOL.
    God bless you. Have fun today.
    Cynthia :heartbeat:

  2. Cynthia…..I have noticed you haven’t been on Xanga as much, since you went back to work
    Thanks, Jimmy. It seems like they’re already married because they have been together for many years. We tease them about it. But now they’re making it official. She’s going to be a nurse and he will be a police officer, both very soon.

  3. 😆 I was reading on a website about AF basic training, things to bring with you when you come, and it said for guys not to bother with combs, because after the first day, they weren’t going to have enough hair to comb anyway 😆

  4. 1. Does that mean you made a cake with an egg (shell & all) in the cake batter? :laugh:
    2. I really would like to see a picture of the famous Manuel. (Can he really be that bad?) :question:
    3. I did contribute to Beth’s latest Mad Lib.
    4. Mmmm … your chicken salad sandwiches sound so yummy!! :yes::love: :wave::heartbeat::sunny:

  5. 😆 It means when I was putting the eggs in the batter, my hands were slippery from previous eggs, and I dropped a whole egg in the batter. At least it wasn’t cracked, so I just pulled it out, cracked it, and poured it in. I hope Holly isn’t reading this! 😆
    Steve went to help Brandon and Rachael. They were out shopping and couldn’t get the truck started. It was the battery, so he jumped it and then followed them to Auto Zone to get a new one.

  6. 9 pounds?  wow!  That’s a LOT of baby!!  My cousin was telling me today that one of the ladies she took care of at the hospital (she’s a nurse) delivered a FOURTEEN pound baby.  I told her–that’s no baby, that’s a CHILD!!  lol!

  7. ryc: My tooth is just fine. I have a temporary cap on it for 2 weeks–then I go back and get the permanent crown.  It wsn’t all that bad. I don’t mind going to the dentist. Just sit down – relax – and open WIDE!!  :yes:  Have a beautiful time at the shower tomorrow. Everything looks wonderful!  :heartbeat: :wave: :love: ~Carolyn

  8. What beautiful work …. everything is fabulous!  I hope you’ll get pictures of the shower.  My hubby used to have to travel for work and I hated it.  I’m sure you’ll miss Steve too!  Did you really throw the eggs into the cake batter whole :ROTFL:  Many blessings for a beautiful Lord’s Day. 

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