The Shower

9:50 p.m….Please pray for Anju…daughter of Carolyn (RazeHell). The fires in southern California are approaching their home.

Also, please pray for my cousin and his family. I posted pictures last January of a baby shower we went to for Yiting, wife of my cousin, Andy. Andy is once again abusing drugs, and has been violent toward Yiting and Amadea. Andy’s mom and step-dad are helping her and the baby, providing a place for them to stay where they are safe. I knew that Andy was acting strange at the baby shower, and I thought then it seemed like he was on something. Go here to see a picture of Andy, Yiting and Amadea.


We had a nice shower today. There were about 40 people there, give or take. She got LOTS of stuff. It was held at the home of my sister, Laurie.

Here’s the cake table:

The cake table

Holly with her mom, Francis, and my sister, Heather (the grooms’s mom). The photo in the frame on the table is Holly and Michael in Brandon and Rachael’s wedding last November. (Holly calls that their “practice run” down the aisle )

Holly, Francis, Heather

Holly and the grandmothers….hers on the left, and Michael’s on the right. My mother is 2nd from the right:

The Grandmothers with Holly

This is the 4 sisters….Laurie, me, Tammy and Heather:




Beth, Rachael and Holly:


My aunt, Krista (in the green) with her daugher Jill (in the peach). Jill is the cousin with breast cancer. On the left end is Jill’s daughter, Kaitlyn and the right end is Jill’s daughter-in-law, Becca. Becca is expecting my aunt’s first great-grandchild in December. Krista is my mom’s sister, and it’s their brother that has brain cancer.

Kaithlyn, Jill, Krista, Becca

And here’s Holly opening gifts:

Opening gifts

Next Sunday we are having a baby shower for Becca.


9 thoughts on “The Shower

  1. Nice shower.
    Drugs sure destroy a lot of lives and families. We had a couple in church (Joe and Jane), very active. Joe and Jane were involved in foster car. They had two biological children and had adopted two.  They also had 3 foster kids that they were in the process of adopting. Joe got back involved in drugs, Jane said he never totally quit. Shortly after Doug became pastor of the church. Joe pretty much went off the deep end. Full blown meth user. He left Jane and the 7 kids (2 biological +   2 adopted + 3 foster).  Jane worked hard for 1 year to keep the 3 foster but just couldn’t manage and had to give them up. Joe talked the oldest adopted girl into moving him with him, she was 17. He ended up in bed with her. When Jane found out, she went ballistic. Went to where he was living and pretty much beat the crap out of him, literally. Packed up the oldest girls stuff. Told them both that she is coming back to live with her or else she would contact the authorities and Joe would go to jail and daughter would go to a girls home in Fort Smith. She also told Joe, that he would never see any of the other kids again. The oldest girl is doing great now. She was being totally manipulated by Joe. The 3 that Jane had to give up have been adopted by a local pastor and his wife and are doing great. Joe has been arrested numerous times and it is just a matter of time before he is dead or in prison.
    Sorry for the novel, but I have seen drugs destroy many families. It is a hot button with me. Even in our little congregation drugs has affected 90% of the families in one way or another.

  2. Beautiful pictures.  Your sister Linda’s home is lovely.  Are you making the cake for the Baby Shower too? 
    Drugs, the very evil of our society. How sad  about Andy.  I will pray for him.
    Blessings for a great Monday.

  3. :laugh: Jimmy, they were never wild kids and were much more grown up at 13 than most people. But still, no 13 year old kids is ever really mature. Just better than some. But they have stayed together. And Holly has been part of the family for years now. Michael would have been in trouble if they broke up! πŸ˜†

  4. Jill, I am not doing the cake for the baby shower. Krista and Jill are taking care of everything for that.
    Thank you for your prayers for Andy. He was on drugs for many years, but got off of them. Now he is on prescription pain meds….not for any real pain, just for the meds. He’s going around to many doctors and getting multiple prescriptions.

  5. Cathy…..We’ve had many in our family on drugs. Andy’s life was in the sewer before, but he had cleaned up and tried to make something of himself. Now he’s back doing what he shouldn’t. My heart goes out to him in a way, because I know what his life was like when he was a kid. His dad physically abused his mom (my mom’s first cousin) and Andy saw a lot of it. Plus, his dad never wanted him…..he wanted a girl. The older brother, Bill, is married and is an eye doctor in California (as is his wife-they have a practice together). He was the favored son in his dad’s eyes. It’s kind of like he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. He also has some pychotic episodes.
    I know it can total screw up lives. A guy I dated when I was 19, ended up killing a store clerk during a robbery. He was on drugs when we dated, but I didn’t know it. One night we were on a date with my sister and her boyfriend, riding in the backseat of their car, and he passed out in my lap. That was the first I knew of anything. He had been in the restroom at the hamburger place we stopped at, and took something.
    Here is an article about him:  He is serving life in prison.

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