Off to Limestone

Sue, you thought you could see a family resemblance between Brandon and Bubba. So I thought I’d compare pictures:

Bubba and Brandon

The one I really think Bubba looks like is his mother. Here’s Bubba, with his parents. Both my grandparents were 21 in these pictures:

Nanny, Bubba, Gran


I just found out how hard the moderator’s job can be. I’m rating some Xanga videos and pictures right now. This is the first time I’ve come across this video. It was of the terrorists cutting off the head of a captive, an American engineer named Eugene Armstrong. They showed every detail. There are just no words to describe it…..both the sight and the sounds. (EDIT: I just rated about a half dozen of them, including the South Korean man, Kim Sun-il, who was killed in 2004.) Tonight I’ve got to pray that I don’t see all that in my sleep. Or maybe I won’t sleep.


8:30 p.m…..Oh my goodness…..every muscle in my body hurts.

While Beth was gone, I heard LOTS of sirens going down East Blvd. That is a scary sound to a mom who knows her child is supposed to come home down that street. So I called her to see if she was safe. I told her I wanted to make sure her Mustang wasn’t on fire in the middle of East Blvd (that’s where her Explorer burned). She was sitting in Schlotzsky’s then.

Yeah….those of you who are laughing… just wait. You’ll do it, too.

So while I was outside listening to sirens, I decided to rake and sweep the street, sidewalk and driveway. It looks much better now. Tomorrow I am not going to be able to move.

Kathryn called me this morning to say she is planning a little surprise birthday party for Mark (her son) after church Sunday night. So I’m making some more chicken salad sandwiches.


6:15 p.m…..I’m resting from my day’s adventures right now. When I got up this morning, I started straightening up the house a little…..washing dishes, washing clothes, emptying litter boxes. I fixed some breakfast and made coffee.

Steve had to go to work this morning, before leaving to go out of town, and he came back around lunchtime to finish packing. After he left, I did a little blogging and then ran errands. I had to run to the post office. When I got back, I took the lawnmower in to the shop to get it fixed. Steve’s been working late, and hasn’t had time to fix it.

When I came home, I borrowed the neighbor’s mower and mowed the front yard. Then I got out the chainsaw  We have a scraggly little oak tree in the front yard that needs to come down. I say little….it’s probably close to 20 feet tall. But there are several trees battling for the space to grow in the front yard, and the oak is losing. So I started cutting. I only got one limb cut off, but that one limb is the better part of the tree. It’s pretty big. But the chainsaw bound while trying to cut a branch off that limb, and the chain jumped off. I tried to put it back on, but it wouldn’t stay. So I quit. There’s one more thing for Steve to fix when he gets home.  But it won’t take him long.

That huge limb landed on the sidewalk when it fell, so I pulled it into the front yard. I got the clippers and started cutting off all the small branches and twigs. I piled those up to dry for fireplace kindling. Yes, it’s a lot of work and fire logs in the store are not that expensive, but this makes me feel productive. There’s a ton of kindling and it didn’t cost anything.

Steve just called so I told him what I was up to. I think he’s probably afraid to leave on a trip, because I work on projects while he’s gone. Once when he was gone out of state, I pulled up all the carpet in the living room and put down a wood floor.

In a little while, Beth is going to run an errand for me. I need to go to our pastor’s house and our youth/music minister’s house, to get some signatures on some bank papers. I’m too tired to go. Then she’s going to pick up Schlotzsky’s for supper.


Steve left about half an hour ago. I really don’t like it when he has to go out of town. It takes away that secure feeling I have when he comes home every night. He’ll be gone for about a week, give or take. He’s planning on a week, but sometimes it goes over by one or two days.

I like security. And I don’t like change. I was just reading Paula Beth’s post about not liking change, and what she’s learning from finding out she has to have a c-section. I can definitely relate to that.

I cannot imagine having a husband in the military, being gone for 6 months or a year (or longer). TJ, my sympathies are with you. I will be praying for Billy’s safety.

Here’s where Steve is going….the Limestone Electric Generating Station in Jewett, Texas.


11 thoughts on “Off to Limestone

  1. I sympathize with you regarding your hubby going away, however, you have Beth to keep you company :love:  I’m kinda in the dumps today…don’t know why.  I guess it’s because I’m slow here at work.  I like to keep busy.  Oh, I started to read the Bible last night…first time. I’m starting with Genesis.  Do you suggest I read through from the beginning or do you have a special part I should read next?  Many blessings, Jill

  2. Hope the time passes quickly for you!
    I am at my parents house and on the last leg of the trip. Both navigators are with their husbands tonight. I think maybe the husbands miss wives when they are gone too.

  3. ryc:  the Rushings – that’s too bad.  My aunt’s father-in-law was, at one point, the head of the Accounting department at Texas Tech University.  Her husband is also an accountant and was once the comptroller of Kelsey-Seybold (no relation) Clinic.  That’s all I know about that.

  4. Hey there,
    What a hard working mom and wife!
    By the way, i too have wondered often when I was in iraq (or elsewhere with the Marines for that manner about those who are married and in the military…how do they go through that long departure and deployment?)

  5. Nah, I still think Brandon looks like him.  Brandon’s face is just a little fuller than Bubba’s.
    I really need to go to bed…Today I found the obits of Doug’s great-great-grandparents and also the obit of his great-great-great-grandmother who sailed here in 1836 from Germany with her parents.  Then of course I got to searching all the children I didn’t know of in the census records.  Well, need I say more.  You know how time consuming it becomes.
    Ashley is at it again.  I really should have posted the last two days events and haven’t.  Yesterday afternoon while in the OBGYN’s waiting room for her regularly scheduled appointment she decided to black out once again while sitting down no less.  There seems to be a pattern of this.  Brad has not been letting her drive since her head on collision when she blacked out the last time.  Go figure!:heartbeat:  He was sitting beside her this time when she did it.  The doctor sent her straight next door to the hospital where she spent yesterday and today.  She is hoping to get out Friday morning.  They have run many tests once again including EKG, MRI of her head, monitored the baby, and today they did an echocardiogram and are monitoring her heart for 24-hours.  All the tests have been normal.  So, she is hoping to get out in the morning at the end of her 24-hour monitoring period.  Hope is still breech with 5 1/2 weeks to go to her due date.  Once again the doctors have no clue what’s going on with the black outs!  Good news, their car is repaired and Brad and his mother will pick it up tomorrow.  I just don’t know why Brad won’t let Ashley drive it home…:ROTFL:

  6. I tried to find a picture of Brandon at the same angle as Bubba’s pic, but couldn’t. But there is a definite resemblance. The thing I think looks
    I know exactly how time consuming it is searching census records! I love doing that. I need to get back to working on some of my lines.
    I don’t know what you’re going to do with Ashley. Glad Brad isn’t letting her drive. If she keeps this up, they may deliver that baby early. She’s not all that much early now as it is.
    I’m excited about next Thursday. That’s when Paula Beth’s C-section is scheduled.

  7. RYC on Straight to Hell:  Sunday morning on the announcements I put, The teens will be going “Straight to Hell” Wednesday at 6:15. If you would like to go see Bro. Glen.  It definetly got some attention. 

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