The first night

Rachael called earlier and asked if I had seen the moon tonight. That was early in the evening. She said it was huge and orange. So I went outside and my neighbor, Tracy, was out there looking, too. Brian had called her and told her to go out and look at the moon. But it was too low on the horizon to see, because the houses were blocking it. By the time it got up high enough to see, it wasn’t orange anymore. But I told Tracy it was beautiful at about 3:00 this morning when I couldn’t sleep. She said she’s usually up at 3:00 too, so we should sit out in the front yard and drink coffee.

I went shopping tonight, for gifts for the baby shower. It’s so hard to make a decision while walking through Walmart’s baby department. Everything is cute. But I got these:

Baby shower gifts

See those squiggly things that look like snakes? They are baby spoons.

The little sleeper is adorable, and I couldn’t resist the hat and socks.

Baby's first Christmas

Here’s the front of the t-shirt:

If you think I'm cute 2

My grandkids will probably have more cute clothes than their parents know what to do with. In case I only have grandpuppies, there are some cute little doggie sweaters, too

And I missed 2 perfect opportunities to get pictures of Manuel tonight, but I didn’t have my camera with me. When I left Walmart, he was yawning, and I told him to stop that. He said, “Huh?” I said, “Quit yawning. It’s contagious.” He said, “Con-ta-gious?” Poor Manuel….there’s so much he doesn’t understand.


A couple of nights ago, Cathy’s church (chatcat42) took their youth to see a drama. It is called “Straight to Hell.” Cathy is the pastor’s wife, and she printed in the bulletin, “Our youth will be going Straight to Hell at 6:15. If you want to go, see Bro. Glen.” It got everybody’s attention.  I asked her if they went in the proverbial handbasket.

This is my sister, Laurie, and her husband, Ricky, last Saturday. His sister gave them a surprise 25th anniversary party….about a month after their actual anniversary. Laurie is the one that had the wedding shower at her house last Sunday.

Ricky and Laurie

You might like this cartoon.

I survived the first night without my sweetie. Although I did tell him to come home because the kitties don’t snuggle like he does. I called him about 3:30 this morning to tell him I was going to bed, and just wanted to say goodnight. He’s working nights on this trip. He said he was just fixing to go eat some sandwiches that had been brought for them. I actually didn’t go to bed till 4:00 a.m.

We are hardly ever apart, and I don’t like it when we are. He’s my best friend.

Beth came home for lunch and said she got a drink today,  got in the self-checkout to pay for it…..and then noticed that the guy in front of her was her ex. He’s the one that didn’t tell her he was also dating another girl at the same time he was dating her. And the other girl got pregnant.

She turned around and went to another check-out before he saw her. I can imagine how the small talk would have gone. “How’s that baby that you two were in the process of conceiving back when we were dating? And oh, by the way, the baby was born on MY BIRTHDAY!”

I never liked him anyway. And she said he looks stupid in a hat.

(Note to somebody in particular….I just saw your “C__________is in your wildest dreams,” and had to laugh. When you’ve been in my dreams, it was a nightmare. )  



26 thoughts on “The first night

  1. :goodjob:  What time did you wake up since you went to bed at 4AM?  I only need 5-6 hours sleep. :yes: Keep yourself busy and the time will just fly by. 😮  Listen to Gaither videos.  :what:  Enjoy your time alone. 😉 ~Carolyn :love:

  2. RYC:
    We’re suppose to get a Hobby Lobby next year.
    I understand all to well separations from one’s spouse. We’re retired military and we’ve had more than our fair share of separations.
    God bless you Cindy.
    C. :love:

  3. Cythia, I don’t know how you did it. Being separated that much would drive me crazy.
    Carolyn, which time would that be? I wake up all night long :ROTFL: But at 8:30 I got up and threw the cat out that wouldn’t let me sleep. Then I slept till about 10:30.

  4. Oh, and no…..I don’t enjoy my time alone. I can keep busy, but I live for the day he comes home. I just like to have him here, even if he’s sleeping in the recliner. I have been keeping busy. You can tell by looking at the front yard :giggle:
    I am fixing to go get my nails done, and then go shopping. I have a baby shower to attend on Sunday afternoon. I also have to make a huge batch of chicken salad for a birthday party. And tomorrow I am going to a funeral.

  5. I’m glad you survived the night or should I say morning :hammer:  I must, must get a lot of sleep, at least 7-8 hours or I drag.   I’m glad the kitties kept you company, but there’s nothing like snuggling with a warm hubby!  I wish we had a Slotsky’s Deli closer to me, my husband says they’re the best!  Many blessings.  Jill

  6. They are the best! :yes:
    I, too, need lots of sleep. I can go one or two nights on not much sleep, but if it gets to be a regular thing, I will have seizures. So to avoid them, I really need about 10 hours a night. That’s why I sleep late most days. People don’t understand that, and I’ve been given a hard time about sleeping late.

  7. :hammer: Oops, I thought you said, …and I’ve been having a hard time going to sleep…BUT. you said….and I’ve been given a hard time about sleeping late.  MY APOLOGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 😆 But I DO take medication to help me sleep. I have a sleep disorder. Sometimes I can stay awake all night….literally….if I don’t take it. And unfortunately, I have passed that problem on to my kids.

  9. Cindy, thanks for the suggestions for Ashley.  I’m sure she’ll get on later and check out my post to make sure I reported it all correctly, so she’ll see them.  Oh, and having grandbabies is dangerous to the bank account!  :yes:

  10. :yes:  I know it was dangerous to our bank account when Brandon was born. I couldn’t resist all those cute little clothes. I had learned to control it a little more by the time Beth came along :sigh:

  11. Yesterday was the day from heck.  Then, I went to work at 9pm and got off at 6am this morning.  I slept from 6:45 to 10:45 this morning.  And tomorrow I have to get up at 5 am to come down there.  I guess I should go to bed.
    There’s a fascination with the middle of the night.  But, last night, all I could do was keep forcing myself to keep going and get it over with.  As a result, Gift Wrap Wonderland at The Container Store in FW is up and gorgeous.  It took 20 of us 8 hours to get it done.  We were off an hour for supper at 12:30 this morning.  They bought Boston Market for us.  Anyway, it was TRES WEIRD being up all night.

  12. :yes: I understand. But I’m frequently up all night 😆
    When I saw you commented, my first thought was, “Renee….you need to go to bed.” I hope leaving at 6:00 will be enough driving time. It will probably take me 45 minutes or so to get there.

  13. 😆 I’m sure she’s asleep. She said she was taking a whole sleeping pill tonight, so she can catch up on the sleep she’s been missing. I haven’t even seen her tonight. I was gone when she got home, and she’s never been downstairs.

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