10:45…..I just finished making a ton of chicken salad. It almost fills a 26 quart bowl I have. That should make enough sandwiches for everybody at Mark’s birthday party tomorrow night.

Pumpkin garland Pumpkin garlandPumpkin garland

I went to the funeral today and met Renee (carrensey). The funeral was for her husband’s aunt. It was different than what I am use to. It was an Episcopal service. I’m Southern Baptist, which is just about as far in the opposite direction as you can get. I’ve been to an Episcopal church before, but it’s been probably 35 years.

So here’s Renee and me:

Cindy and Renee

She said I should post that we were “thinking skinny thoughts” here…..dreaming of the days when both of us use to be skinny.

And Renee and her husband, Bill:

Renee and Bill

When Bill met me, he said, “So you are real.” I recognized Renee right away, and I even recognized Bill. I haven’t seen many pictures of him.  I found out that Steve is just one day older than Bill. And another man I met has the same birthday as Steve. Not the same year, but the same date.

In the service, I sat next to probably the shortest Asian man I’ve ever seen. He was shorter than me, and that’s short – especially for a man.  His wife was taller than him, and even she wasn’t all that tall. He even had trouble putting his feet on the floor when we were sitting in the pew, because his legs were too short. I can relate.

There was a very nice reception after the funeral, with lots of good food. We got to visit for a good long time. Both Renee and I felt like we were not just meeting for the first time. We’ve talked so long on Xanga that we already really knew each other.

The church is in one of the prettiest parts of Houston….on Memorial Drive. It took me 45 minutes to get there (only because I really didn’t run into much traffic). But on the way back, I took the long way. Memorial is also one of the most upscale parts of Houston. Most of Memorial Drive is in a forest, and runs through Memorial Park. That park area was originally the western edge of the East Texas Big Thicket. Much of it has been cleared for streets and buildings, but there is still a lot of forest there. And Houston is attempting to “reforest” the area. So I did some sight-seeing, and took Memorial Drive all the way into downtown Houston. It’s slow that way because it’s 35-40 mph all the way down Memorial, compared to 60 mph on I-10 (yes, 60, Ethan….not 90! )

I got home about 5:00.


11 thoughts on “Funeral

  1. I am sorry you had to go to a funeral.  But am glad that you did enjoy the drive.  By the way be sure to visit kowpatty‘s  site and read her post about the cake from Wal-Mart–this is just way too funny.  Take Care, Sharon :wave:

  2. It really is special to get to meet people you have sort of bonded with. I have done it with a Christian singles site as well as with xanga. There is just something that is different and fun about it.
    Hope you have a great worship experience tomorrow. God bless!

  3. Thanks, Linda. Yes, some of us know some pretty secret things about each other, and have never met. I just felt like Renee was an old friend.
    Sharon, I saw the cake! That’s hilarious. :laugh:

  4. Wow!! How neat that you got to meet Renee. 🙂 At least you’re keeping busy while your hubby is gone. :yes: Soon he’ll be coming home. Have a good night’s sleep…. :heartbeat:  ~Carolyn :love:

  5. Aw…. neat picture of you & Renee…. it really does seem that we know each other that we’ve been in contact with for so long over Xanga! How sweet of you to go there to support them. Praying for you just now. (I don’t like separation from my Hunny, either!) :love::wave::sleepy:

  6. Thanks, Carolyn….and Carolyn 😆 He told me tonight not to get my hopes up, but he could be coming home Wednesday instead of Thursday, as planned. Tomorrow, I’ll be busy all day…..morning church, then a baby shower, then evening church, and a birthday party. I’m gonna be all partied out tomorrow.
    It was so neat to meet her. Some day it will be you guys 😉

  7. 20 MINUTES??? Umm…..when you make that trip, how fast do you drive? The church was at Memorial and Eldredge Parkway. I took I-10 to Eldredge and went south to Memorial…..45 minutes.

  8. Woah.  There is NO way that’s a 20 minute drive!  What are they smoking?!
    I enjoyed meeting you, too!  I can’t believe my hair looked so flat in those pictures, though!  Ugh!
    The funeral was different.  I’ve been to 3 Episcopal funerals and they follow a liturgy.  Bill’s cousin, the girl, is a Episcopalian.  Everyone else in the familiy is Methodist and they didn’t really know what was going on either, I don’t think.  Aunt Luci didn’t go to church much but she was spiritual.
    You need to email me that *other* picture – unless you took it with my camera – HA.  I think I just remembered!  duh!  We got home at 5 am and I’ve only been awake since 10:35.
    See ya later – gotta run!

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