The Polks

11:45 a.m…..Headed out to the funeral. Meeting Renee this afternoon.


1:30 a.m…..It looks like my great-great-great-great-grandfather, Richard Polk, was a second cousin to President James K. Polk.  Here’s what I believe is my line, with the line of Pres. Polk in ( ).

1. William Polk, born 1700, Whitehall, Somerset Co., Maryland

2. William Polk, b. 1725, Carlisle, Cumberland Co, PA (brother Ezekiel Polk, b. 1747)

3. William Polk, b. 1760, Anson Co., NC (first cousin Samuel Polk, b. 1772, NC)

4. Richard Polk, b. 1777, Mecklenburg, NC, married Elizabeth Lemaster (2nd cousin, President James Knox Polk, b. 1795)

5. Joseph Lemaster Polk, b. 1816, TN

6. Laura Polk, b. 1844, Williamson Co., TN

7. Charles Polk Roberson, b. 1873, TN (my great-grandfather)

That William Polk #1 up there, was the son of William Polk and Nancy Knox, born in Donegal, Ireland. And there was a James Knox Polk in every stinkin’ generation of each family after that. That’s why it’s hard to keep them straight. In addition, Richard Polk married Elizabeth Lemaster, and his brother Joseph married her sister, Hannah Lemaster. And guess what? Nearly all the kids in both families had identical names.

I’m going to bed.

stalker mom

I don’t know why my relatives didn’t keep better records. I don’t know why I started working on genealogy tonight, because I need to be going to bed. I’m going to meet Renee and family tomorrow. I just got this urge to look up something, and once you get started tracing ancestors, there is no stopping place.

I don’t even remember what got me started on it tonight. But I am tracing my Polks.  But there were so many darn Polks with identical names, it’s hard to be sure you’ve got the right one.

James K. Polk and his wife Sarah Childress had no children. When I was little, the family talk was that we might descend from an illegitimate child of President Polk. But  I don’t believe that’s the case. And nobody in the family knew our Polk family line, because my great-grandfather, Charlie Polk Roberson, was kind of a black sheep. I’m told his father disowned him.

What I am finding is that I descend from generation after generation of cousins marrying cousins. That certainly would explain a lot.


3 thoughts on “The Polks

  1. Cindy, thank you for the prayers for Faith.  Please keep them coming.  She is still sick.  She slept well up until around 5 and has vomited twice since then.  I’m afraid we’re going to have to take her in.

  2. That is really interesting and I’m sure yourfind out more as you keep going on!:wink: Thanks for visting and joining with us for Candy in the prayer covering. Love the background layout and the video pictures!
    Have a great weekend!:sunny:

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